Moppy is an online marketplace that caters the need of local service providers and service seekers. It allows service providers to list their businesses to reach a wider audience while service seekers can use this platform for booking local services.

The website provides local suppliers with the facility to set their availability in order to get service requests (notifications) from the service seekers. They can either accept or reject the requests. If the service provider accepts the requests, then he has to wait for the confirmation from the service seeker. Once the service seeker gives confirmation, the service provider can get ready to provide the requested service and get paid once the job is done.

Awesome Feature
  • Recurring Booking
  • Promo/Coupon Code Functionality
  • Export Booking Data
  • Rating And Reviews Functionality
  • Availability Management
  • Creating a dynamic service form that differ from category to category.
  • Improvising the level of UX view to display availability for suppliers.
  • Implementing recurring checkout payment along with the Auth & Capture facility

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