My Insurance Book

My Insurance Book

My insurance book, an android application which is created for insurance agent & development officers to send greeting cards to their clients. It’s an app which is created with six categories of greetings namely LIC plans, personalized greetings, motivational quotes, development officers, daily marketing and customer services. Further agents & development officers have to subscribe in order to view and send paid greetings to their clients and can also update their profile and manage the leads.

Awesome Feature
  • LIC Agent and Development Officer can download the app by filling up the basic details
  • Quick & easy to use dashboard
  • Agents and development officers can send greetings to their clients on any occasion
  • Each category is further classified into various greeting subcategories
  • The user can download different form of this app
  • Most of the functionalities need to work in offline mode as well
  • Synchronizing forms & greetings in online and offline modes
  • Showing greetings as per premium plans

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