News Website

News Website

This is an online news portal that enables people to find various news in the form of news summaries at the tip of their fingers. The portal features unbiased and concise summaries of the world’s most discussed topics (current and past). Every news available on the portal is described in 100 words or less, hence reader can absorb them easily and quickly. The website provides a quick overview on a topic. It also provides links to outside news sources, so the reader can dive into the topics for in-depth information. The site offers an opportunity to authors to submit and publish their articles. Authors can create their account on the site and submit their stories. Once the author submit a story, the website verifies the story.  If the story is appropriate as per the verification norm, then it is published on the website.

Awesome Feature
  • Search your desired news with easy search.
  • Find succinct summaries of recent and featured news.
  • Sign up via social media (Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter).
  • Authors can create account and submit stories.

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