Online Learning Website

Online Learning Website

This website is an e-learning that is integrated with e-commerce capabilities and well developed admin panel. It provides users with video lectures to learn about different technologies.  Users can get access to these video lectures by purchasing monthly subscription packages. Users can make payment directly from the site via integrated payment gateway. The site enables admin to upload videos. Users can watch the videos and even bookmark them. The website can be utilized by 3 types of users that include students, companies and resellers. Companies can open sub portal on the site and select the videos that they want to show on their sub portals. Students can find the list of courses along with technology name and video time limit under course section. Users can only watch videos to their full-length for that they are authorized. They can only see the preview of rest of the videos. The site also allows users to give a test and get the scorecard. Users can also get the certificate from the admin side.

Awesome Feature
  • List of courses.
  • Subscription packages.
  • Video preview.
  • Give test and get scorecard.
  • Upload video (Admin feature).
  • Online payment via payment gateway.
  • Implementing JW player.
  • Implementation of functionality for creating of Sub-portal for the clients or resellers.
  • Integrating for payment via credit card/debit card.

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