Online Wine & Spirits Shopping

Online Wine & Spirits Shopping

Call bottles offers an amazing wine & spirit shopping experience to its users. Basically, the site targets two types of users that includes visitors and registered users. It enables visitors to see its entire functionality. Visitors can find many beer, wine and spirit bottles on the site. But in order to purchase the product, they need to register with the site. Registered users can perform online shopping on the site by selecting country, type and rating. These users can perform spirit shopping by selecting a brand and type. The website features various categories that comprise different products with their descriptions.It also provides users with the information about top most clubs.

Awesome Feature
  • Product search.
  • Product categories.
  • Search product by country, type and brand.
  • Filter functionality.
  • Customer notification system.
  • All data management from the backend.
  • Social media integration.

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