The Challenges


  • Property management from back end: Defining field for different attributes of property while updating from back end.
  • Gallery management from back end: Creating provision for adding multiple images in an image gallery of a particular property from back end
  • Property Specification: Covering all possible property specification while adding property from back end
  • Referral: Providing provision for referring customer for any suitable property by user by giving contact details of that referral.
  • Newsletter: Giving provision for notification subscription by accepting users email-id’s and after subscription sending them property update notifications.

The Panacea Infotech – Our Approach


Design team constantly worked on design aspect of project throughout the changes, suggestion and numerous logical changes. Also put effort to achieve best possible gallery view for property details.


Agile model is used for development. Concept needed more effort to get the property details with displaying all possible attributes of that property and Integration with various trials for perfect functionality also provided provision for Newsletter subscription and Referral functionality.

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