Bidyatra is a penny auction site where user can buy products online using the penny auction concept. Users can search/browse for auction from the available categories or enter a keyword in the search bar. User can place bid on a running auction. Every time user places a bid, auction time & price will increase by specific count set by admin. Admin also has a facility to set token value for high cost auction. Last bidder will win the auction product. After winning the auction, user need to pay the amount which will be displayed on “Pay Now” button. After a successful payment, admin will ship the auction winning product to the winner via courier.
The prime feature of this website is its auction functionality where user can bid as a normal bidder as well as bid agent. The website also allows users to post blogs and invite friends. User is rewarded with bids/tokens for certain activities like registration, share site on Facebook or add Facebook page likes etc. For more credit, the site allows users to purchase bids/tokens from the available packages.

Awesome Feature
  • Bidding functionality.
  • Bid agent functionality.
  • User-friendly design.
  • Integrated online payment gateways.

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