Phone repair auction

Phone repair auction

An online phone repairing auction website, where the user can create and customize an auction in order to receive phone repairers bid. Moreover, it depends on user how long they want to run an auction so that repairers can ask question or message the user for any query related to the task. It’s basically a marketplace where customers and phone repairers meet so that customer can post his requirement and get the quotations from different phone repairers. After the completion of repairing work, the customer can pay for the same and can write a feedback or leave a review for the repairer.

Awesome Feature
  • Bids are placed automatically when the auction is within repairer area.
  • Repairer can place bid on auction depending upon the kilometer limit set by the customer.
  • A website where repairer wallet starts at $0 in the beginning of monthly automatic billing cycle.
  • Auto debit membership plans in each monthly billing cycle.
  • Auto billing option for the repairer, hence no need to deposit security amount.
  • Reverse auction website where the role of customer and repairers get reversed.
  • Auto billing option for the repairers from their card.
  • Developing a recurring payment option was a complexity as this is the most important revenue generating factor.
  • Auto delivering notifications to the repairers who are within customers’ specified area.

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