Phone Repair Quotes

Phone Repair Quotes

Phone Repair Quotes is a platform where the customer can search for the best suited phone repairer by providing the following inputs : phone manufacturing company, model, phone issue and address. It’s a portal where phone repairers can become a top and recommended repairer by paying the nominal charges. After the completion of repairing task, admin drops a review or feedback for the task completed by phone repairer.

Awesome Feature
  • A platform which includes the directory of phone repairers thus helping customer to resolve their phone issue
  • Integrated with Braintree payment gateway for receiving payments online
  • The user can search for the repairer which is nearby to their location
  • The repairers can rank at the top in the list by paying nominal charges
  • Implementing the auto-search functionality
  • Integrating Google Map API for calculating the distance between customer and phone repairer
  • Integrating the payment gateway

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