Plankai is easy to use website that helps users to find various entertaining events in your locality. The site wonderfully displays locations of the events with map with address and time. Event organizers can use this website to create profile and add various events such as party, music, cinema or any other plan to enable people find events easily and book them online.  Event lovers can use this site to find events with details such as date, place and time.

Awesome Feature
  • Attractive and user-friendly design.
  • Create profile and add events.
  • Find events in your locality easily with the necessary information.
  • Single platform for multiple users.
  • Client’s Changing Requirements - It is the challenge that most IT firms come across. Though it was challenging to manage all request made by the client, we happily tried to manage them in the best way possible.
  • Design issues - Design was the most crucial part of this site as it was required to create perfect small design tags. Our team had a hard time of integrating design as a whole and creating a perfect flow.

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