Shop owners are always in the endeavor of finding new ways to offer enhanced user experience and get more customers. Developing a Shop app is one of such ways that help shop owners to grow their business.
Quick Shop is a feature-rich shopping app which is developed to offer an accelerated shopping experience to customers. Using this app, users can order their desired products with just a few taps on their mobile devices. This app make it simple for customers to buy anything from malls and shops without standing in a queue. Once customers place an order, they get the delivery either by choosing pick up or home delivery option. The app offers various payment options to make payment effortlessly.
The admin panel of the website is highly user-friendly. It enables shop owner or a website admin to easily manage the products, add product descriptions, add prices and the product images. Furthermore, the store owner can receive the automatically generated bar-code for each product that he can stick on each product. The system has been loaded with order management functionality to handle in-cash purchases. Customer can increase or decrease the quantity of in-case product order, confirm it and get delivery.

Awesome Feature
    • View product details and availability.
      • Scan product bar-code.
        • Add the product into the cart.
          • Check out and payment facility either via payment gateway or Cash.
          • PDF invoice generation and facility of sending PDF via email.
          • Adding inventory of products with stock quantity (stock, description, price, image).
          • Auto generation of barcode while adding product for sale.
          • Order management.
          • Provision of changing the quantity of products via backend for in-cash orders, and then confirm it.
          • User management.
  • Admin manageable editing of orders value and thus corresponding amount.
  • Creating a functionality of updating bar-codes to already added products for Admin.

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