Xanadu Real Estate App

Xanadu Real Estate App

Xanadu is a real estate search app that helps users to find plenty of promising real estate investment opportunity available across the globe. Users can easily find investment opportunities in the various parts of the world at their fingertips. They can see properties with description, address details and prices. Users can also add their favorite properties to “Add to Favorite” list, see the info and coupons when they are offline.

Awesome Feature
  • Easy to search most promising investment opportunities.
  • Find properties with address and contact details.
  • "Add to favorite" option to view property details in offline mode.
  • Get alerts to know about new properties.
  • Search property via map.
  • Find real estate with description and price.
  • Share property info with friends.
  • Meeting client's exact requirements.
  • Creating functionality to view information in offline mode.

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