Rent Website

Rent Website

RENTARIST is a website where users can add items available for the rent purpose. The borrower who needs these items can request renter for borrowing the item. The site also enables IMS between these users. Renter can post the items on the website for free. Borrowers can use search functionality to find items and location of renters.

Awesome Feature
  • Registration and login for both the users.
  • Advanced search functionality.
  • Find items with renter's location.
  • Instant messaging system for online communication.
  • Design: Design phase gone through many ups and downs as client’s requirement for the design was dynamic. Eventually, it was finalized with some awesome changes.
  • Payment gateway integration was another challenge. The idea behind it was to create a virtual account where user will first escrow the amount. As the virtual money was also made available for withdrawal into the cash, we had to pay more attention on this functionality.

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