Rent Space, a perfect space trading platform where shopping malls, shops, villa, guest house and much more are provided for rent. Here the landlords provide a list of spaces along with their rent price and time period so that buyer can browse through the website and select the best and suitable space out of all. This platform is designed with a friendly payment gateway where the buyers can pay for the space which they have availed.

Awesome Feature
  • A platform for renting spaces, shops, bars, restaurants, event area and so on.
  • Quick response to the query received from the client.
  • A separate discussion board where the seller and buyer discuss their requirement and can confirm the deal.
  • Space price and time period can be changed according to the seller.
  • For Landlords, a proper managing system for featuring spaces, locations and types.
  • Rent Price according to the different format of time.
  • Rendering the client expectation into designs and user experience development.
  • Developing a perfect discussion board and make it attractive.

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