Risk Manger

Risk Manger

This is a unique online risk management platform that helps users to keep a vigilant eye over the operations and documentation involved in media advertisement business. In the simplistic term, the site works as a risk management system for advertisers, advertising agencies and production houses to help them avoid the risks involved in the production of an advertisement.

The site allows production houses or advertisement agencies to invite various stakeholders (participants) who are involved in the lawful advertisement creation. These stakeholders can add their documents to the site or even create new documents with already existing templates. These documents needs are verified and approved by each participant to start the production process. For auditing purpose, the admin assigns auditors to evaluate the authenticity of the submitted documents.

Basically, this system has been developed for the members in advertising jobs to come together and comply with their legitimate risk management obligations.

Awesome Feature

    Core features front side:

    • Create jobs.
    • Invite participants for adding documents.
    • Create a new document from the provided HTML template, or upload documents (all sort like image, pdf, doc, excel, video etc.).
    • Update document using already created HTML template or replace uploaded documents.
    • Approve/disapprove jobs created by participants.
    • Pay the payment by self or through the participant (PayPal or offline).
    • Re-signing off (approval) if documents have been replaced or edited.

    Core features admin side:

    • User management
    • Job management
    • Job Participant management
    • Action log display
    • Auditing management
    • Finance management
  • Creation of a payment system that allows one user to make the payment of another user.
  • Developing a unique signing-off mechanism as per client's requirement.

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