Rolling Pear

Rolling Pear

This is the one stop place that guarantees to find enough opportunities to go free and stay rolling. It is an online marketplace website and a reverse auction platform that enables service providers to showcase their services while it allows service seekers/customers to find and hire various services that they required. The website features various categories ranging from household works to office works such as book-keeper, graphic designer etc. It provides a smart way in the form of the reverse auction to both the service providers and seekers to connect with each other and achieve their respective missions.

Awesome Feature
  • Create a self-profile and service profile.
  • Post a service.
  • Rating and Reviews.
  • Subscription Fee.
  • Pre-Payment.
  • Stripe payment gateway integration using plan and coupons code.
  • Invite friend using social media.
  • Endorsement module.
  • Point system module
  • Searching functionality using filter(miles, city, category)

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