Runway Bidder is an online auction platform for women accessories. Users need to register with the site in order to purchase product by placing bid. Once the user registered with the site, he can decide which auction accessories he wants to purchase. The products are categorized into different categories according to the product type. Users can select the product and place a bid by clicking on bid button. The price of every product start from zero. Every time user bid, the bid will be deducted from user’s account and the price of the product will increase. When the time reaches to zero, the last bidder win the auction. The bidder proceed to make payment for the won auction using payment gateways available on the site.

Awesome Feature
  • Product categories.
  • Product Selection.
  • Place bid on selected product.
  • Make payment via online payment gateways.
  • To deal with bidding for several users at the same time.
  • Database tuning.
  • Time synchronization between users device and server.

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