School Days App

School Days App

School Days App is a school app that comes under education app category. It comprises everything necessary for teachers, parents, and school community. It enables parents to view grades of their children, message teachers and stay informed with latest school events and news. It removes the communication barriers among parents, teachers, and school administration. It allows teachers to post grades while school officials can use this app to post latest events and news.

Awesome Feature
  • Teachers able to enter the grades for students in their respective profiles with respect to class, section and subject.
  • Teachers and parents can communicate with each other using this application.
  • Teachers able to post events and news for their students and respective parents.
  • Create communities for the common discussion platform among either teachers, parents or teachers and parents.
  • Make application compatible for multiple schools and hence to facilitate app owner to create personalized admin panel for each school.
  • Chat functionality for a vast user base.
  • Multiple design iterations.

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