Betting Shed

Betting Shed
About, an online sports betting website which allows the user to place the bet for bookmakers. After placing the bet, a slip will be generated automatically which will redirect the user to bookmakers site so that they can order a bookie according to the odds and click on ‘place bet’. It’s a platform which is contemporary, efficient and social media friendly

Awesome Feature
  • The user can place the bet for their favorite bookies
  • Allows the users to sign-up to leading bookmakers with exclusive offers
  • Built with multi bet feature which calculates the best odds among all the bookmakers
  • The user can view the best response to sports data from different websites
  • The user can view the number of comments and responses on the blog
  • Automatic generation of slip after the user place bet
  • API integration for fetching all the information of sports betting
  • Generating Slip and merge in third party website
  • Social sharing functionality of slip
  • Understanding and implementing the concept of betting

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