Value Staffing

Value Staffing

Value Staffing is an employment portal that offers commercial, medical, technical, professional, industrial recruiting and staffing services to its users. The website provides its users with customized recruitment and placement solutions that outlast the traditional recruiting strategy by seeking and placing candidates of all the levels of skill and expertise. The website targets 3 types of users.
1. Employers – The site allows employers to post jobs, browse candidates’ resumes and invite them for interviews.
2. Recruiters – Recruiters can use this site to send resumes to employers and interview invitations to candidates. The site also enables recruiters to arrange interviews.
3. Candidates/job seekers– The site enables job seekers to search jobs, edit  timesheets, contact companies and apply for the respective jobs according to their job profiles. It offers various service plans for foreign candidates to search jobs and apply for the same.

Awesome Feature
  • Registration for every type of user.
  • Job posting.
  • Invite candidates for interview.
  • Browse candidates' resumes.
  • Send interview invitations.
  • Job searching.
  • Arrange interviews.
  • Service plans for foreign candidates.
  • Implementation of registration functionality as it has three types of account registration. (employer, recruiter and candidate)
  • Visa processing facility integration.
  • Accommodation search functionality integration.
  • PayPal integration.
  • Resume preparation functionality integration.

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