Website4bids is an auction site where sellers can create auction sell listing of the websites that they want to sell, while buyers can search websites from the sell listings and place bids on the sites that they want to purchase. Bid winners can pay agreed amount via PayPal and get the ownership of the websites. Sellers can also use this website to list projects for direct selling. The website offers general and featured categories for sellers to list their projects. Sellers have to purchase subscription package in order to access this functionality. Furthermore, sellers can share project on social media for the purpose of promotion. Apart from selling and buying functionality, this website provides sellers with the classified section to post the ads regarding their projects.

Awesome Feature
  • Project listing.
  • Search functionality for buyers.
  • Make payment directly from the website via PayPal.
  • Post project in featured or general category using subscription packages.
  • Classified section.
  • Design: As the client's requirement regarding the design was dynamic, it was a challenge to develop a design that meets client's expectations.

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