This website is a city encyclopedia that helps users to discover everything from the best restaurants to the best shopping places in the city. It is a bilingual, completely responsive website with vast categories such as shopping, health, medicines, restaurants, home, local services, mobile, computers, automotive, etc. It has CMS pages like about us, connect with us, help, private policy etc. with social media links. Also, review and rating facility for the users.

Awesome Feature
  • User-friendly design and navigation.
  • Many categories to find information about various things.
  • Secure payment gateways.
  • Various CMS pages.
  • Review and rating.
  • Easy-to-use admin panel.
  • Manage Server, Storage, Database, Data transfer, Support plan & Offer Cost from admin side.
  • Database indexing for faster search.
  • Developing an unique design with encyclopedic theme.
  • Functionality integration as per client's unique requirements.

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