World Filming Resources

World Filming Resources

This is a reverse auction platform where the clients will be able to post their film related projects over the website and freelancers [Actors, production support, choreographer etc.] will be able to post their bids in the respective categories to get the jobs from the clients.
The freelancers [individuals] can find the projects by searching through different categories and post the bids on the whole project requirements posted by the clients. Clients can take various instruments on the rent by posting the project in this regards. The re-enters can offer their equipment on the rent as per the procedure. The clients and freelancers can communicate with each other using the chat functionality integrated with this platform.

Awesome Feature
  • Sign In
  • Sign up
  • Search functionality
  • Post a Project functionality
  • Bid on the projects
  • Payment gateway integration
  • Chat functionality
  • Testimonials
  • Social media integration
  • Reviews and Ratings
  • Dispute Management
  • Client was very peculiar in terms of design, so to manage the designing aspects was the biggest challenge.
  • Implementation of post a project functionality as per different project categories.
  • Project category management.

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