The project goal was to develop a non-E-commerce website and integrate the shoe design software. The user will view the available shoes on the site or can customize the shoe style as per their choice and saved it by entering the name and email address. The design software will have 20 styles of shoes for personalization. Shoe design software will have the features like Change color (Single or multicolor), Add text, change font, size, rotate and curve, and Add clipart

Awesome Feature:
  • Select shoe style- The customer can select different shoe type from the available 20 options
  • Save design- Save the design of customized shoes.
  • Share design- Share the shoes on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram
  • Download the PDF of the customized shoe with its details.
  • Personalize- The user can customize the shoe by selecting a color, add image, add text, and add clipart
  • Visualize- The user can preview the product after the customization process


  • Managing the UI/UX design of Shoe customization tool
  • Making shoe customization tool smooth using image rendering technology
  • Implement a wide range of customization features such as color, add clipart, and add text

Solution Category

  • Customization Software