Custodian, a property application that helps a user manages their property investments, funds, returns and goals online. An app built with Intelligence Asset Search Assistant, which answers the quick success of user queries. In addition, this application provides user update news and alerts provided by the administrator.

Awesome Feature
  • User can add and manage their property
  • Can check rent and loan amount
  • Manage their land, returns, wealth and goal
  • Able to add and manage their land, house and existing through Core-Logic API
  • Users can add bulk users from backend
  • Set goals according to the net worth, assets, income and land
  • Able to see their liabilities and current valuation
  • Integration of Core-Logic API to get the values of the property
  • Synchronization of Admin panel with the Salesforce
  • Displaying the graph using various code libraries
  • Displaying suburb using Core-Logic with a graph

Solution Category

  • Mobile Application