Marmore is a research subsidiary of Kuwait Financial Centre “Markaz”, an investment bank and asset management firm with a track record of 45 years of business. Marmore caters to the growing research and information needs of organizations in the MENA region. The company publishes reports and conducts research on demand. The primary aim of the project is to develop the website using open source WordPress CMS to publish reports online under six major categories.

Awesome Feature:
  • The registered user will read the full blog and other pages
  • The registered user will make an inquiry of the report to purchase
  • The user can search the report by keyword and can sort the reports by topic, country, & year, last updated, and most used.
  • The user can preview/download executive summary before they download it and can share the reports on social media.
  • Creation and integration of subdomain for Chartbank, Newsletter, and Consulting
  • The users will receive email alerts.
  • The user can also view Bulletin, Webinar, Research Library, Marmore Channel, Marmore News, & Infographics
  • The user can create an account, select the report, add it to the cart and purchase it making an online payment.


  • Integrating of HDFC payment gateway
  • Integration & management of Arabic language in the website
  • Had to play with much customization as every section is dynamic
  • Creation of sub domains