Esclusivome project includes integration of men suit, shirt, jacket, trouser and tuxedo design software to an existing WordPress site which will allow the customer to design the apparels online by choosing from a wide range of styles, accents, & fabrics and get a real-time perspective of how the fabric will look on it. The project was based on the image generation so needed to create the images of individual layers and to apply fabric on each and every layer.

Awesome Feature:
  • Select the fabric for the apparel.
  • Apply fabric on the individual image as it was based on image generation of individual layers.
  • Select different style attributes available for the Shirt, Suit, Jacket, Trouser, and Tuxedo.
  • Applied styles can be viewed in three angular views (Front, back and inside).
  • For the Suit tool, there is an additional view of complete Suit (Jacket and Trouser) and for Tuxedo there is an additional view of complete Tuxedo (Jacket and Trouser).
  • Full control of the backend features for controlling all the colors.
  • Bulk upload functionality to upload the images at a glance.


  • The project based on image generation.
  • To develop Preset product customization functionality in the admin panel/back end.
  • Website were not ready while the development was going on for the tools so need to manage the compatibility changes.
  • To develop the functionality for the inside view of Jacket, Suit and Tuxedo as client was having certain specifications and rules for the inside view.
  • The client were design specific, expected uniqueness in each and every attributes of the styles.
  • Explain every technical things to the client as she was completely non-technical.