In today’s mobile generation helpmarket, a local marketplace app proves to be the best platform where people can search for local helpers, who can be neighbors, skilled workers and professionals. Users can compare assistants based on their availability, skills and work experience. A separate profile page has been created for each assistant including their qualifications, skills and total work experience. If we talk about professionals, they can set an inexpensive and competitive workday and weekend rates to be chosen by the user. Here the user can select the best quote provided by all the assistants. Direct communication between user and assistant. In addition, the user can write a response or leave a review for the local service provider after the help is complete.

Awesome Feature
  • The User can select the best local helper out of the list.
  • Quote request and receive help functionality.
  • A separate local dashboard where you can check for latest activities and News feed.
  • Availability management for helpers.
  • Social media sharing option.
  • Integration of base CRM to maintain the huge database, float bulk messages and notifications.
  • Split payment through Stripe payment gateway is the toughest task to accomplish when it comes to secure online payment system.
  • It was crucial to synchronize the connection between the Mobile Application and website.

Solution Category

  • Mobile Application