The Leader E-Mall is the largest mega-store in Jordan, with over twelve thousand products under various categories such as entertainment, IT, mobile and accessories, home appliances, health and beauty. The main objective of this portal is to make the brand available to its customers worldwide and to create secure payment gateways and secure online shopping for Jordan, Dubai and Gulf countries. This storefront is built with Magento 2.0 with user-friendly design and new and advanced e-commerce technology.

Awesome Feature
  • A platform with standard e-commerce functionality where users can be a customer, admin/sub-admin, vendors, staff management, and marketing
  • Built with Magento 2.0 which has enhanced and user-friendly design
  • Customer can search for different products using search bar option
  • A storefront with twelve thousands products of most famous and elite brands
  • Admin has the privilege to create different users from backend
  • Implementing the vendor functionality
  • Internal staff management where staff user will manage the chat option and marketing user will send emails to the subscribed users
  • Creating a multi-lingual website
  • To make a user-friendly design, rich features and data-backup functionality using Magento 2.0

Solution Category

  • Website Store