Massimo Roma is the home of Italian bespoke menswear in Miami, Florida. Suits, sports jackets, blazers, dress shirts, and trousers have been created in Italy with perfection in mind. The project focuses on installing men’s 3D shirt and suit design software on existing WordPress based on websites and create purchase placement of orders to buy the products. Design software will allow the user to design the garment online by applying various styles, accents and fabrics, gaining a real-time perspective of what the fabric will look like on it and paying for it to be purchased online.

Awesome Feature:
  • Select style attributes- Personalize the apparel by applying design attributes like Fit, Style, Lapel, Pockets, Sleeve Buttons, Vents, Buttons, and more
  • Manage fabrics- Manage unlimited fabrics from admin panel
  • Choose fabric type- Variety of fabric types and materials, select the fabric of your choice
  • Attributes Pricing- Manage Pricing of attributes from admin panel
  • Apply Accents- Apply buttons, thread, lining, pocket square and back collar parameters for designing
  • Responsive design software – Fully responsive to smartphones and tablets
  • Integration of default payment gateway.


  • Implementing 3D Shirt and Suit with real and fairly similar to the actual objects.
  • Faced difficulties to create a 3D object as per the new changes

Solution Category

  • Customization Software