This is a real estate website where buyers meet sellers. Users of this site are able to post their advertisements with location and other details. The site includes many options such as purchase, sale and auction. Users can use the site without registration, but if they require the contact details of the owner / agent or if they wish to post advertisements, they must register with the site. Users can use the site’s features based on their membership plan. Users can search using various parameters such as location, property type, price range etc. and can also use Google Maps for search.

Awesome Feature
  • Sellers can sell or rent properties and list their details with images, property description, cost and map.
  • Buyers can search and view properties with the necessary details.
  • Buyers can contact property owner or agent.
  • Online payment facility.
  • View site in English, Chinese and Malay languages.
  • Provision to set up google location for the location and address of the property.
  • Maintaining the similar functionality in the website and mobile app.