Wolf in Wool project includes integration of men suit design software to existing WordPress based website https://awolfinwool2.digitalmediacenter.eu/. This is an Ecommerce site for online selling of readymade suit products. With the help of design software, the users of the site can choose the fabric of the suit as per their choice and can apply a wide range of style and accents attributes and get a real-time perspective of how the fabric will look on the suit. The suit is a 3 piece suite which comprises of Jacket, Trouser, and Vest.

Awesome Feature:
  • Select the styles individually for the Jacket, Pant and the Vest.
  • Select the fabric for the Jacket or Pant and Vest.
  • Select the inner lining for jacket, buttons, and threads for the jacket buttons.
  • Add a customized design to the profile (Lookbook) and view all the products in the Lookbook
  • Download pdf from the Lookbook.


  • The client very designed specific
  • To develop the mannequin Hide/Show functionality
  • The client was unable to crop the fabric swatches in the correct dimensions, needed to guide and provide complete demo videos
  • Lookbook management to attract customers.

Solution Category

  • Customization Software