COVID-19 Coronavirus has made people’s lives gruesome. People are trapped in their homes, even without the necessary items. Governments of major countries have strictly adhered to social distinctions. Lockdowns are strictly imposed in various sectors, which include work areas, schools, colleges, and so on. This has severely impacted school and college students and is preventing them from taking regular education. Students are getting boredom without understanding what can be done in the period of lockdown. Parents are also worried about their children, as their education is deprived, which they used to receive. To address these issues, modern technology is transforming the entire way students used to get an education through elearning mobile app development where students can learn their syllabus online from their home. Online elearning apps like Udemy, Rosh Review, and elearning force have already started making their mark in the market.  Moreover, Amazon’s laptop donation is going to be the game changer as it can critically fill the gap for thousands of Seattle students and also offers them the resources for rapid transition to elearning at the time when COVID-19 pandemic is at its peak in USA.

If the market is sufficiently competent, then we must consider some facts and figures before making a decision. According to Absolute Market Insights, Global Online Soft Skills Training Market was valued at US$ 6,947.0 million in 2018 and is expected to reach US$ 22,689.4 million by 2027, growing at an estimated CAGR of 14.12% over the forecast period. This clearly says that consumers are looking for tech-driven ways and this is the reason why ondemand elearning apps are getting higher traction.

Below are the effect of Coronavirus on Colleges, Schools, and other institutions and steps involved in the development of eLearning app is discussed below:

Coronavirus impact on Educational Institutions: 

The closure of schools and colleges has led to various complications in the educational industry. Online tutor apps the rise of online tutoring apps have been in the news for a long time. Students are enrolling for various courses and opting for multiple tutors worldwide. These online tutor apps will be in high demand, with the quarantine period expected to extend further. If you are an entrepreneur who wants to capitalize during this time frame, this can be an ideal market to enter the online tuition app market.  Well, Organizations like Trivantis are offering free eLearning Course Creation Software to Educators Impacted by COVID-19 in USA.


Development of on-demand tutor apps:

Now that we know the market demand and capacity, the development phase begins. On-demand elearning app development includes an app, app functionality, and features to be involved in the app launch. There are app solutions such as Udemy Clone Apps that can speed the development of tutor apps.

The steps include,

  • App development script preparation: Script of App development is the core of how an app should work. This essentially provides for the functionality of the app, the workflow, the views that can be incorporated into the app, and so on.
  • App Features: The feature of the app showcase the app scalability. The functionalities are classified as core facilities, and they are discussed in more detail below.
  • App Launch: Once the app is tested and fully developed, it is launched. App deployment on various platforms such as android, iOS, and others takes place at this level.

Essential features of the app:

The vital functions determine the working of the app. To develop an on-demand tutor app, essential features include,

Registration: Students register in the app by giving details of their education. Students can sign-up with the help of different social media platforms.

Search Filters: Students can use various search filters based on their syllabus lessons, duration, price categories, etc. Moreover, a personalized suggestion based on the interest of the students is also possible in-app.

Course Booking / Registration: Students can register for the course and can book a live session with the instructor. They can also set a syllabus to inform the tutor in advance.

Price Estimate: Students can check out the payment details and show their interest in a particular course with the tutor in this facility.

Payment: Students can pay through multiple payment gateways, which includes debit cards, credit cards, and digital wallets, etc.

Rating and review: Students can rate the course and review it on a 1-5 scale. He can share his thoughts on the course and instructor available in the app.

Advanced features of the app:

These advanced and latest functionalities make your app stand tall in the competitors. Some latest features that can be incorporated into the on-demand eLearning app,

Premium Benefits: With these features, students can get access to contact their tutor 24×7. To get this facility, students will have to pay the premium amount set by the app owner.

Download Session: With these facilities, students can get syllabus access and download options as per the course content and access them according to their requirements. This increases the users’ commitment to the app.

AI Personal Recommendations: This feature includes the use of AI to make personalized suggestions to students. Suggestions can be made based on the history of students, their interests, etc.

How can revenue be generated from the app?

These on-demand tutor apps can generate revenue in various ways. They rise like this,

In-App Advertising: Revenue is generated by displaying advertisements in the app. The collaboration of multiple companies in relation to ads can generate a valuable source of revenue through the app.

Commission from payment: The owner of the business works as a bridge between the tutor and the students. Information passage is possible only through the application. Therefore, whenever a student enrolls in a course, the app pays a fixed amount as commission.

Membership Fee: Revenue can be generated by offering students a premium membership. Once membership fees are paid, students get access to premium benefits, including downloading videos, access to 24×7 tutors, and more. It can add substantial revenue options through the app. These are features that are accessible to students to pay membership fees.

Summing up:

The lockdown has deprived education to the students they are about to meet. While technology has provided them this opportunity, they will hold it with their hands. Hence the demand for on-demand eLearning mobile apps in the market will continue to increase during this quarantine season. This is the best time to develop an on-demand e-learning app and attract students with its advanced features. Approaching an app development company can make your app development in the shortest time. Therefore, think, react, and enter into this potential business venture.

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