The COVID-19 pandemic has raised several new challenges, especially for companies looking to reopen. While management and employees may feel an urge to get their business back to normal as quickly as possible, new guidelines and revised practices must be followed to ensure safe and steady returns. People are concerned about the security of shared spaces and ask for confirmation that a workspace has been cleaned and disinfected before entering.

This is precisely where ServiceNow Safe Workplace App Suite can offer disinfected and hygienically validated workplace.

ILO (International Labour Organization) study named ILO Employment and Decent Work for Peace and Resilience Recommendation, 2017 (No. 205) states that response to a crisis must promote safe and decent working conditions, including the provision of personal protective equipment and medical assistance to all workers.

What Does ServiceNow Safe Workplace App Suite Do?

Effective infection prevention and control measures need an established and well-managed environmental cleaning and disinfection program, implemented as a layer of protection as part of broader security efforts.


According to The Italian Joint Protocol, the protocol requires the adoption of several measures in the field of health and safety at work, including information on health and safety at work, procedures for access to facilities, cleaning and sanitation, hygiene measures, personal protective equipment, work organization, management of people in the company, health surveillance, and others.

ServiceNow, the premier digital workflow, now offers ServiceNow Safe Workplace apps, a suite of four applications and a dashboard intended to help companies manage critical steps in returning employees to the workplace and ensuring the health and everyone’s safety.

As it is a digital era and apps dominate every operation around, let’s get deep on how ServiceNow Workplace App Suite helps the organization in reopening, while curbing the risk of infection.

How Does Safe Workplace Apps Work?

The retort to the COVID-19 pandemic is continually budding as we learn more about the virus and the best techniques for dealing with the associated hazards.

Workplaces are more prone to the risk of spreading the deadly virus and contamination. As employees come from different locations and possibly become indirect carriers, organizations should look after every measure keenly before planning to reopen the workplaces.

ServiceNow Safe Workplace Suite comprises four apps and a single dashboard to assist companies and monitor and manage precautionary steps to ensure a safe workplace environment and employees’ health.

Below are apps focused for workforce and workplace safety,

  • Employee Readiness Survey
  • Employee Health Screening
  • Workplace Safety Management
  • Workplace PPE Inventory Management

Employee Readiness Surveys:

It helps organizations assess their employees’ readiness to return to the workplace by presenting and recording employees’ responses to a series of questions that reflect the status of employees’ will and interest level to return to the workplace. Employers can identify the necessary and appropriate steps to ensure smooth and safe reintegration for employees based on employee responses.

Employee Health Screening:

It allows companies to screen employees before entering the workplace to ensure that entry parameters, such as temperature control and personal protective equipment (PPE), are met, allowing employees to determine if it is safe for them to enter the workplace. The app also provides a reporting dashboard to view trends by site and capture employee comments at your facility.

Workplace Safety Management: 

It enables managers of workplace facilities and services to quickly establish clean, hygienic workplaces that are compatible with social distancing so that workers can safely return to the workplace. The application allows managers to assign shifts so that employees occupy workplaces for a defined period and set cleaning hours at the end of each shift. Ready-to-use reports and dashboards provide managers with a real-time view of workspace reserves and reserve limits on floors, buildings, and locations.

Workplace PPE Inventory Management: 

PPE inventory management in the workplace: Aids organizations monitor and manage their PPE inventory to confirm their employees’ physical safety. The application dashboard offers a comprehensive overview of stock based on facility and a holistic view of the entire workplace and historical data on changing equipment levels over time. Inventory levels can be updated daily for accurate, real-time management.

Further, the overall operational data can be monitored through a single

Safe Workplace Dashboard:

The ServiceNow Safe Workplace dashboard provides data visualization for all Safe Workplace applications. Covered with a map and infection data available to the public, it offers companies the ability to view the infection rate density geographically and explore specific locations. Workplace sites are marked to indicate that it can open and remain open, based on employee disposition and the workplace.

Coming to the point,

Further, with the support ServicNow apps make sure the facility is free of virus, disinfected and equipped with necessary guidelines to maintain workable conditions. Employees return back to workplaces would also require their mental agreement to work under the new conditions and challenges by the COVID-19 pandemic. Employee safety should be the top priority for every organization in these tough times.

Panacea Infotech is a pioneering tech company and a trusted ServiceNow partner assisting global businesses to restarting their workplaces through Safe Workplace Apps with full capacity, while adhering the safety guidelines.

Connect now, for healthy work and secured work environment.

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