Digital transformation, or using technology to improve an enterprise’s performance or reach, is a fairly comprehensive strategic initiative for various enterprises today. High competition, fast growing technologies, and consumer pressures are forcing enterprises to initiate, promote and produce with higher level of agility and creativity than all before. Executives across all industries are going towards digitally innovation to get ahead. The rise of social media marketing is a powerful way that their companies are accelerating their digital transformation.

Social Media’s Business Value in Digital Transformation:

84% of executives rely on social media to make B2B buying decisions; an enterprise cannot ignore the benefits of incorporating social media into change initiatives. For businesses starting digital transformation projects or implementing whole new plan, social media can boost the success of digital progress in numerous ways.

Give new boom to customer service strategy:

If your company has multiple distribution channels, chances are you have seen a boosting pressure to make the experiences of these channels unparalleled and integrated. Through integrating the use of social media into transformation, you can ensure that your strategy remains aware of customer feedback with the help of touchpoints of customer’s journey. Digital initiatives can greatly enhance customer service.

With the help of social media, the company can now respond frequently to their customers, as they usually expect instant feedback. They are hiring digital marketing service providers to execute their social media strategy.

Let’s understand how social media marketing change the entire way of your branding strategy:

  • Enhance online brand credibility: 90% of B2C buyers decisions are made on reviews available online. If majority of friends are utilizing certain new app and online reviews are good in masses, they will definitely go with you as your bandwagon of liking is very high. Take benefit of social proof of the brand that you generate by leveraging social media with new and advance digital advancements, along with enhancing visibility of progress at the time of transition.
  • Humanize the company: Social media is not about advertising at all. TIME follows the 80/20 rule by posting 80% of social media posts about consumers and only 20% on business. It is a less sales-heavy approach that seems more authentic and acceptable. Including some photos of daily life in the office or intimidating interaction style with key stakeholders on industry topics is a great way to give your social media a human touch.
  • Be fit for competition and market changes: What better way to stay aware of your competition than by looking at your social media? Some platforms such as Twitter provide real-time updates on news, trending topics, and more, giving businesses incredible insights into the world perception of their brands, services and products. Understanding what is changing is also important, as competition increases and the need to be able to adapt quickly to the changing needs of the user is critical to success.
  • Increase sales growth: Social media vetting is prominent when weighing purchasing decisions from the C-suite. Platforms like the number one professional social media network LinkedIn gives opportunities to connect with essential influencers in industry. LinkedIn enhances content from reliable sources and provides the ability to send email protection in the same way through your company’s email software which is fully automated. Social media marketing can help capture qualified leads that can then be transformed into funnel sales by your sales teams.

As the company moves toward major digital change, SMM can be a robust strategy for improvement in many areas of the business.

Social media as an accelerator:

By enhancing the social media visibility and brand awareness is surely not a new concept. The businesses percentage with the help of social media to develop their business is around 90%, indicating that enterprises are well aware of its positive effects on business-to-consumer growth as per the adweek.

Although social media has been a widely used tool in marketing for some years, most enterprises do not see how social media can apply to their overall enterprise development. Traditionally created and managed by the department of marketing, social media is now used as a vehicle in digital strategy for transformation. Sprout Social explains that 90% of consumers use social media to communicate directly with their favorite brands, a powerful way of insight in the opportunity available to increase customer support via social media.

Invest in today for a better tomorrow:

In today’s market, it is very important to expand the possibilities of social media beyond the scope of marketing. The potential of social media is digitally vast to enhance the customer experience, inform new digital development strategies, and increase B2B and B2C audiences as well as prospects for future sales.

Digital transformation is not just the option to be competitive in current marketplace but it is the need of an hour. We, at Panacea Infotech offer social media marketing services that help clients in boosting their online presence socially and get an edge in the market. Email us at for more details.

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