Features of Google’s Latest Android Q Beta First

Last week Google officially announced the beta 1 of Android 10 Q, which is available for Google’s Pixel devices. The release of the final version of Android Q is scheduled in Q33 of this year, before that there are six beta versions will be released. This version of Android brings some major changes in UI and quite a few innovations under the hood. Continue reading “Features of Google’s Latest Android Q Beta First”

Top 10 Video Calling Apps


Have you ever wonder that we all are living in the era where sci-fi films are predicted to an extent? Just a decade ago, video calling used to be laggy, having dropped frames, with incomprehensible sound. Video calling application developers that use various efficient compression algorithms along with high-speed internet connectivity have Continue reading “Top 10 Video Calling Apps”

Android App Development Booms Mobile Technology. !!

Android App Development - Panacea Infotech

No doubt , mobile technology has helped individual and businessmen to manage their work in a quick succession of time. Before the launch of mobile apps, individuals were dependent of mobile and desktop websites for any notifications or messages. With the launch of mobile apps it has become convenient for businessmen as they get notified immediately regarding any information or message. With the increase in use of mobile apps, mobile technology has gained popularity.


Continue reading “Android App Development Booms Mobile Technology. !!”