25 Mar

Features of Google’s Latest Android Q Beta First

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Last week Google officially announced the beta 1 of Android 10 Q, which is available for Google’s Pixel devices. The release of the final version of Android Q is scheduled in Q33 of this year, before that there are six beta versions will be released. This version of Android brings some major changes in UI and quite a few innovations under the hood. Android Q also has a dark mode whose activation is quite complicated in Beta 1, for some specific reason.

Android App Development

The beta version of Android Q is available to install for all Google Pixel devices (Pixel 1, 2, and 3) and includes a number of features from improved security to the support for foldable devices. The Android app development companies can download the beta version and start using it.


Here is a list of newly added features of Android Q:


UI Changes: The UI changes consist of options to set-up accent fonts and colors in developer settings. This is one of the common features that most of the devices have for ages; with the Q update, this will be natively supported. In this version of Android Q, the theming option is in developer sections, which is quite confusing. Another change in the UI is the visual improvement in the sharing menu and the estimated battery life is shown in the status bar. Next major change is in the screenshot, they have included the rounded and notch corners on screenshots for devices that have the rounded and notch corners.


Privacy Protection: With the Android Q, users can now have control over various apps and their access to the distributed files. Also, the user will be able to track on an app’s access to the videos and images. Apart from this, a user can also control the access of files to apps. Few other privacy features offered by Android Q have limited access to device identifiers like IMEI, serial numbers, etc.


Foldable Screen Support: With Android Q, the android application development team will be capable of controlling the way their apps should look on the large and foldable screens. To allow users to make the most of these features, Android Q comes with a few improvements like modifications to onPause and onResume to allow multi-resume, etc. To assist users in managing how her/his app is being displayed on a foldable and large screen, Android Q has also made some changes the way the resizable Activity manifests attribute works. Also, the Android Emulator has been updated to support the multiple-display type switching.


Control over Locations: The upgraded OS of Android Q Beta First facilitates a user to manage an app in searching his/her desired locations. For example, when an app is searching for a user’s location to deliver a product, it makes sense and the user might allow the app to access the location.


Setting Panels: The incorporation of Setting Panel API has made it possible to display the system settings in an app’s context. This is taking the benefits of the Slices features from the Android Pie. The Setting Panel is a floating UI that can be evoked from an app to display toggles as well as system settings.


Mode of Wi-Fi Performance: Android Q Beta First ensures a low-latency mode and a very high performance for several wireless connections. The enhanced real-time gaming and voice calls can get benefited by this.


Improved Network Connection: The Android Q can bring a distinct improvement in the privacy and performance by refactoring Wi-Fi stack. It can also boost the performance in common scenarios such as IoT devices management and suggestion of various Internet connections needing location permission.


Better (Android Run-Time) Performance: Improved run-time helps apps perform quickly without consuming much memory. By improving the Zygote process, Android Q Beta First can initiate the app’s process and transfer it to a security container.


Camera, Graphics and Media: In an Android Q Beta first, apps will have the ability to request the dynamic images, which includes JPEG or XMP metadata as well as the maps in the same file. This version of Android also supports a bunch of new audio and video codecs. Also, it allows audio encoding with open source video codec AV1, Opus, HDR 10+, etc.


These are just some of the features that Android Q’s first version incorporates; there are five more beta versions to go before releasing the final version of Android Q. It’s high time for android mobile app development companies to start working on the latest updates. At Panacea, our team of Android developers has started researching about the updates and learning to incorporate the same in our upcoming projects to deliver the most compatible apps to every customer.


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22 Nov

Top 10 Video Calling Apps

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Have you ever wonder that we all are living in the era where sci-fi films are predicted to an extent? Just a decade ago, video calling used to be laggy, having dropped frames, with incomprehensible sound. Video calling application developers that use various efficient compression algorithms along with high-speed internet connectivity have changed in this digital and technological driven world. Nowadays, we can interact with any of the person face to face with just a few clicks on the smartphones. This is the reason why app development companies in USA and across the globe are at its peak as everyone is looking to take smart mover advantage by developing the app for their services.







After being popular as a robust messaging app, WhatsApp came with its video calling feature. It is a cross-platform app that has huge active users who make tons and tons of video calls daily across the globe on Android, iOS, and Windows devices.




  • It is free to have a Video call or voice call,
  • The user can share images, videos, documents and much more with its multimedia feature.
  • Simply download WhatsApp on end user system, verify the number and start receiving messages.
  • Set custom wallpapers, notification ringtones, easily, etc.






Developed and designed especially for Apple devices, FaceTime makes it very easy to connect the people no matter which country they belong to or at which corner of the world they are in. End user are simply one click away from making an HD video call on any iPhone, iPad, or Mac device.


Features :


  • High Definition video calls upto 720p
  • User can receive incoming calls on MAC too that makes it easy to answer.
  • Even if FaceTime is not running end user can receive the incoming call on iOS devices.






Skype does not need an introduction as it is one of the most popular video calling app for individuals and working professionals. With its new and latest design, features and vast active user base, Skype helps in staying connected with people across the globe. Skype works on a huge number of devices and is one of the most trustworthy video calling apps.


  • Send text, videos, photos, voice messages, and many more.
  • With skype end user can call on any device, mobile, or landline.
  • A low rate of calling to landlines and phones around the globe


Facebook Messenger:-


Facebook Messenger


As popular as Facebook, this video calling app is very trustworthy among its user. Facebook Messenger is free for both iOS, and Android users with the help of any web browser logged into end user Facebook account.




  • Users can easily find end user friends, with names or phone numbers,
  • Connect with people immediately.
  • Compatible various operating systems and devices.
  • Add effects to end user pictures, fun art, and videos. Share them immediately with end user connections.

Google Duo:-
Google Duo

Launched in 2016, Google Duo is one of the best video calling apps in 2018. The app is very easy to use. Just Log in, verify end user number, and start quick video calls like normal phone calls. Its simple app’s interface brings its video calling feature to the forefront.




  • An end user can make calls across Android and iOS devices due to its cross-device compatibility.
  • A user can check the person identity before picking the call.
  • Faster and reliable video calls regardless of Wi-Fi or mobile connection.
  • Very fast and trustworthy video call even though the Wi-Fi or mobile data connection is slow.
  • The simple interface helps in making video calls easier.




A hangout is one of the best video calling app if end user are brand specific, backed up by Google. A hangout helps end user in connecting with up to 9 people at a once. It is not mandatory to sign up with a new account if end user have one. Hangouts can be installed on iOS devices as well as on Android-powered smartphones and tablets.




  • Group chats for up to 150 people include all end user contacts.
  • It can change any of the group conversations in a video call up to 10 people.
  • App can syncs chats across all end user devices and can be initiated with Android and iOS devices.
  • Easily connect end user Google voice account for SMS voicemail integration and phone calls,




It’s a simple, trustworthy, fun to use and free, high-quality voice, video, and a group calling app and is highly secured for the users. This application can be used both in Android and iOS and is perfect for family and friends.




  • Make the group or individual calls with High definition video quality along with clear voice.
  • End user can share the end number of doodles, stickers, and photos in real-time while calling.





This video calling application drives users crazy for using video chats for real-time communication. Users can communicate by seeing a friend’s facial expressions.




  • ALLO PEN helps in better communication at the time of video chatting.
  • End user can connect faster to other users with direct call feature.
  • Thumbnail screen feature is integrated with the video chat feature.
  • A vast range of stickers for fun chats.




This is the most preferred chat app for most teenagers and as per the study; it was shown that Snapchat has left behind Facebook and Instagram due to its popularity among active users.




  • Users can share small video clips.
  • Snapchat stories that are news feeds can be made up of photos or videos
  • A user can see the visual parties on snap chat.





It is a simple and easy video calling app for Android users that allows the end users for making free voice and video calls over both Wi-Fi and mobile data and is accessible to both iOS and Android users.




  • Gives a fully secured end to end encryption for all messages, video and voice calls.
  • Supports cross-platform calling.
  • Send images, stickers and group call easily, etc.
  • Less data consumption for video and voice calls.


The above-mentioned video calling app offers best in class features from which customers feel amazed. These video calling apps are continuously improving regarding features, functions, and optimization due to super competition and new business entering in this market. If end user are looking forward for developing such type of video calling app it is high time to collaborate with Mobile Application Development Company in USA and across the globe.


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13 Apr

Android App Development Booms Mobile Technology. !!

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Android App Development - Panacea Infotech

No doubt , mobile technology has helped individual and businessmen to manage their work in a quick succession of time. Before the launch of mobile apps, individuals were dependent of mobile and desktop websites for any notifications or messages. With the launch of mobile apps it has become convenient for businessmen as they get notified immediately regarding any information or message. With the increase in use of mobile apps, mobile technology has gained popularity.


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