03 Apr

Why Choose Magento for B2B E-Commerce Platform Development?

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B2B ecommerce has a very complex way as most businesses deal with complicated and large ordering processes. To keep business working, a strong and well-constructed front-end and the back-end system is a must. According to the statistics, 93% of B2B buyers are opting for online purchasing and look for an intuitive and seamless online shopping experience. Magento is considered as a full-fledged platform for B2B e-commerce that can help to meet the requirements of any B2B store.

Why Choose Magento for B2B E-Commerce Platform Development
Let’s find out why you should choose Magento to develop your B2B E-Commerce store or website:

  • User Segmentation


Generally, the similar online buying experience may not appeal to all and you have to deliver the services considering different user group. The offering changes according to business size and industry. With Magento development services, you can do user segmentation and offer a customized experience to a specific group of individuals or companies based on their purchases or browsing history.


  • Everything at One Place


Magento B2B e-commerce comes with everything require to any online store. It allows you to offer multiple brands via key accounts and channel partners and effortlessly manage all accounts. You can integrate the Magento B2B e-commerce website with your existing CRM or ERP system. You can also utilize the self-service facility for viewing detailed order histories, tracking quotes and managing credit online.


  • Responsive Design


Developing a responsive website that offers the same experience on all devices has the ultimate advantages and it became a breeze for you with Magento’s responsive design. Similar to end-users, B2B users also expect mobile-optimized experiences while shopping online. With Magento eCommerce development toolkit, you can allow your B2B customers to place orders from any device easily and effortlessly.


  • Latest Inventory Management System


The smart inventory management of the Magento framework allows you to improve your operations and provides you an effective way to manage orders across all sales channels. As you can have real-time inventory details across the supply chain, it is easy for you to calculate the delivery costs as well as time. It also gives insights of your inventory to your distributors to deliver a better experience.


  • Content Staging


Content Staging facilitates your team to easily draft, preview, and schedule a vast range of content enhancement from the Admin of your website. You can utilize Magento’s Content Staging feature to design a page that modifies automatically throughout the year according to the schedule. For instance, it allows you to create a page with a collection of various elements which can be turned “off” or “on” according to need.


  • Fast Ordering Option


The Magento platform comes with multiple purchasing options; you can integrate convenient and fast ordering and eventually boosting the sales. Magento also facilitates you to assist consumers by creating orders, calculating discounts and tracking quotes. The quick order option is useful for individuals who know what they are looking to buy; with this, they can save browsing time and directly place an order of the items they seek. This feature facilitates quick reordering for common purchases, accelerates the purchase process, and drive frequent revenue with effortless ordering.


  • Credit Limit


Credit is the most crucial factor of any B2B e-commerce business. By facilitating your customers to check their credit balance, you can boost the customer trust in your brand. You can save all purchase, payment and credit related information in the credible buyers section.


  • Technical Support


Magento has very strong, highly-skilled technical support team to offer end-to-end services to keep your website up and running. You can get solutions to any queries easily; whether it is related to server overload, error messages, shopping cart issues, product integration issues or general troubleshooting.


  • Effective Quotation System


As bulk orders are an integral part of B2B selling, an advanced quotation system helps you to grab the attention of more buyers and increase conversion rates. B2B selling includes negotiations and Magento provide a robust quote system which allows customers to generate a quote request. With Magento, you can handle quote requests and negotiate costs by utilizing a streamlined workflow, which will build your image as a trusted vendor.


With the growing e-commerce industry, the dynamic of B2B business is also changing and businesses are looking for a similar experience as B2C throughout the supply chain. If you are looking to serve both B2B and B2C customers and don’t want to compromise on any of the segment, then Magento is an ultimate choice for your business. If you are looking for Magento Development Company in Chicago or any other part of the USA, you can contact Panacea.


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11 Dec

How business are empowering with Magento2 ecommerce website development?

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The way internet surfing is rising on mobile devices every day; various companies are looking optimistic and investing hugely in the mobile commerce industry. If you are heading towards expanding your business into a mCommerce industry, multiple platforms are available like WooCommerce, Magento, Joomla, etc. that can be used for developing an eCommerce store. When it comes to ecommerce website development, most of the ecommerce business owners prefer Magento2 for various good reasons. You can hire certified magento developer for better proficiency in business.

Hire Certified Magento Developer
How the facts stands on:

• 19,336 business websites are using Magento2 as per the eCommerce stats.


• 42% of total mobile revenue comes from retail apps of top 500 retailers.


• As per the statistics, “58% of all the retail ecommerce is expected to be generated through mCommerce in 2021.


Global mobile commerce revenues were 98 billion dollars in 2015 and will surpass 700 billion dollars in 2019.


Below are some reasons why retailers must consider Magento2 for developing their mobile store:


Great and highly enhanced M2 admin panel:
UI and UX are considered as one of the essential aspects when it is a matter of admin panel. No one messes up with the things that are highly complicated for getting accustomed. People usually like those UI that is simple to use, and magento2 comes with enhanced admin panel having integration for admins to manage the ecommerce site.


Maximize the sales:

Most of the sales are coming from mobile phones these days. As per the research, purchasers are 51% more likely to purchase the things from online store owner having fully optimized and user-friendly mobile sites. Gone are the days when people used to open the desktop or laptop for shopping and purchasing online. The first thing people look upon for help is mobile phones.


Simultaneously, to boost the conversions, website ecommerce owners must update their website from various mobile screens to ensure undisturbed browsing and best purchasing experience and Magento 2 is the one-stop solution for developing a mobile app that will help in boosting the conversions and maximizing the sales.


Full control from mobile:
Magento2 is packed with all the amazing features that helped in running the ecommerce business efficiently. It is an open source platform that has everything that you look for while starting an online ecommerce venture. Here are the features you expect from magento2:


• SEO enhanced functions

• Catalog management feature

• Site management

• Marketing/promotion feature

• Order management

So, while developing a website with magento2, one can manage the entire Magento based website, and it functions simply from mobile with the help of admin extensions of your ecommerce store. This means that a business owner can manage the entire website single-handedly from mobile. Magento developer can better assist for implementing Omni-channel model for your website.


Google Friendly:

As Google announced an algorithm in April 2015, Google started giving high priority to mobile-friendly websites in their search engine result page, and it also penalized and lowered down the ranking of those sites which are not mobile friendly.


So, when it comes to magento2, one need not get worried about developing a version of the website that is mobile friendly. A website thus created with magento2, is highly responsive for any devices giving Omni-channel experiences. It used to be a matter of old days when one needs to create different versions of websites for diversified devices. If you develop the website for Magento2, you can target for eCommerce and mCommerce both at the once.


Easy Checkout:

This is the essential step as an ecommerce mobile app. No one likes the cart abandonment. It’s not a good experience for customers, nor business owners. If the checkout process of the store will be complex, you will see high abandoned carts on your ecommerce store. This process becomes so complicated and time-consuming if it is happening through desktops. Magento2 platform initiates easy and secured checkout for an ecommerce site. This ultimately helps in boosting the traffic on eStore, when people buy your products on their fingerprints in a short time.


Latest and trustworthy caching ability:

Caching is the crucial factor that serves as a trustworthy parameter for the sites, especially for mobile sites due to its aspect of the unpredicted ability of mobile connectivity. Magento2 has the trustworthiness of caching ability and supports full varnish cache that is easy to configure and initiates the developers for enhancing the performance of the website no matter how much connectivity issues they come upon.


Magento2 comes with best in class marketing features:


• Drag and drop functions

• Sharing an email

• Visual Merchandising

• Creating the wish list

• Customer segmentation

• Optimizing product category page


These features help in taking your Magento store on next level. It also enhances the overall visibility of the site.


User-Friendliness: No one loves to work on the stuff that is complex. Magento2 helps in initiating simple and user-friendly website. With Magento2 things gets simpler. Magento2 comes with its pre-default themes, that one can install external third party themes or all themes developed as per your requirement. This overall structure will be such that customers can easily search the products, add it to cart and checkout with ease.


Summing Up:


To create a focus on mCommerce is essential for the eCommerce business. And magento2 is undoubtedly the best choice for mobile commerce for all reasons as it has leverage over the magento1. Moreover, it is user-friendly, fully optimized, highly scalable, flexible and extremely productive. With the full functioning of the eCommerce website development for the desktop and mobile devices, Magento helps in inviting more customers and boost overall revenue of the business.


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16 Nov

Essential Elements to Increase Your E-Commerce Sales

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In the past two decades, we have seen a great transformation in ways of conducting business. Many commercial organizations have set up an ecommerce website where they can sell their products and services. Businesses have changed from being physical to online businesses and that are insisting the entrepreneurs for efficient and dynamic eCommerce website development.

Essential Elements to Increase Your eCommerce Sales

Below are some of the elements that assist you to develop a progressive online business.


  • Showcase Trending Products on Homepage: Just like any physical store or marketplace, users would prefer to check the trending products on the online store and by showcasing customer would first look for your bestseller products. Customers want to know what you are offering them, hence, showcasing trending and top selling products on your front page. It gives confidence to your customers to a purchase from your website.



  • Proper Categorization of Products: Proper categorization eases the buying process for customers as they can go to specific a category and seek for a product that they are looking for. You can also assemble products on the basis of new arrivals, sales discounts, festivals, season or anything similar to that. You should keep replacing or updating your assemblages at regular intervals to retain your potential customers. To offer a personalized experience to every individual, you can give a list of recommended products according to customer’s purchasing behavior.



  • Image Zooming Option: For any online store, images are the key to improve their sales, but many business owners forget to add zooming option that disappoints customers. People are very smart and don’t purchase anything without having a closer look into it. Even at a retail outlet, people examine the product before buying it. Giving a zooming option will build your customers trust and convenience them to purchase your offering. But you should be careful about the quality of images so that it won’t get blurred while zooming in and out.



  • Shipping Information: Generally, it is important that the cart should be accessible from everywhere on your website and adding it in the header is standard practice. Also, you should offer detailed information about shipping cost. Customer prefers to shop from a store that offers free shipping, so you consider offering free shipping to attract more customers to your site.



  • Price Filters: eCommerce standards suggest adding price filters to your online store. There are different factors that customers use to filter their search and price is the most popular one, so it is important to pay special attention to this. You need to add the relevant information if the price of product excludes the cost of shipping. The overall pricing details should be transparent and should not have hidden charges.



  • Wish Lists: A wish list is a feature that facilitates customers to bookmark any product for the future purchase. With wishlist, you give an option to your customers a chance to maintain a list of their potential purchase. People usually find it difficult to find a previously liked product, but it helps them recall what they would like to buy. You can use this wishlist item to send them personalized reminder. Make sure the UI of your wishlist is catchy and interesting so that consumers can want to use it.



  • Sharing Option: Nowadays, people prefer to share the product with their friends and family before making a decision on a purchase and adding a sharing feature on your eCommerce website is a big plus. Add tiny links with the share option, which won’t be having any direct impact on your website reputation but will allow your customers to share products with others. As many people use smartphones to browse website and shopping, your website should be responsive or mobile-friendly.



  • Giving Contact Information: Before purchasing from any website, users look for an option of customer support or contact information. It is a good practice to show contact information on the website, as it helps you gain the customers’ trust and build a long-term relationship.


  • Chat or Feedback Option: Many e-commerce websites follow the practice of adding a chat option. This way, customers can directly raise a query to you and if your website doesn’t have an option for a chat, you can give feedback form to which you can acknowledge as early as possible. If you are implementing feedback option, you need to monitor feedback on a regular basis and have to send satisfactory replies.



  • Reviews and Ratings: People believe in their co-customers; hence, they prefer reading reviews from your customers. Customers not only buy your products, but they also refer it to others. The positive words of mouth can help you to build a strong customer base.


In conclusion, you can boost your website by implementing website development by hiring ecommerce companies in Chicago and across the region. All industries are changing every day and online business is no exception. To run your online business successfully, it is very important for you to keep yourself updated about the latest trends and incorporate them in your website.


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05 Nov

Tips to get success by setting an online eCommerce store on Magento

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In the last few years, eCommerce has taken up the giant leap and move on very popular among the market. Nowadays, it is in trend to have ecommerce website for business, strategize by merchants and retailers for the business. This is due to high potential growth among the users in near the years. Moreover, we can see the absolute growth in active users who are using the internet from the mobile devices rapidly. This is the reason why entrepreneurs have initiated in developing an online store for better proficiency in the business. The best look upon the ecommerce is, numerous platforms are offering development in the market starting with Shopify, Magento and woo commerce etc., from which one can leniently develop a robust online ecommerce store. Taking the entire aspect in mind, we must say that Magento seems to be one of the best platforms available for creating an online ecommerce store. You can take suggestions from Magento Developer for building up development strategies.

Best tips to get success by setting an online ecommerce store on Magento


So, we will discuss about Magento in this blog:-


The sudden growth looking in online shopping is making the physical business owners worries, across the globe. ECommerce is the easiest way of shopping nowadays, and each and everyone in this world has accepted this and is getting attracted towards this. No matter you are running the manual business or looking forward to starting the new business, developing a robust ecommerce site is one of the best thing entrepreneurs can do for making their business’ a brand in this digital era. Various small and big players in the ecommerce market are on the edge of domination like Amazon, Alibaba, eBay and Flipkart etc. So it is very much essential for the one to look upon the competitors, before taking up the decision for starting ecommerce website development.


Let us discuss the crucial points to initiate before starting your online eCommerce store:-


1. Check the target audience and market: – If you hire a certified Magento developer and make him develop an ecommerce web store, it will be your task to research the target audience and market. This is the first step to do analyzing the targeted audience and market. Just look upon the buying habits and preferences of these audiences. Look whether they are looking forward to purchasing the products you are offering and which social media they use mostly. By initiating the targeted online market, one can research the consumption behaviors of customers of online eCommerce stores.


2. Research about the competitors: – With the help of keywords, one can find out best about their competitors of the products you are offering in an online ecommerce store. One needs to make the place of your store with the best strategies for your online ecommerce store. One can avail discounts, coupons and offers for attracting online customers. To move ahead of the competitors it is crucial to offer the best price for products. Moreover, it is important to include best in class latest features for online store products with secured and online payment, fast shopping and custom searches etc.


3. Opt best domain name & eCommerce software: – As discussed above in this article to hire Magento developer is one of the best options one can do for developing an online ecommerce stores. Moreover, there is various other software that is available in the market. But, Magento is best when it comes to features. It can fulfil all the requirements as one desires to be there in an online ecommerce store. Numerous ecommerce comes with paid versions, and some are free. Magento offers two versions in its platform segments, i.e. Magento community edition and Magento enterprise versions.


4. Best strategies for marketing with implementation: – Even if you develop an ecommerce store with best in class design, it is essential to opt best of the marketing plan to attract the customer towards the store. You have to strategies best marketing plan in such a way that right consumers can be targeted for purchasing the products. You can also utilize social networks, blogs adv. and email campaigns etc. for boosting visibility and awareness.


5. SEO strategy: – SEO is one of the most important parts of the ecommerce store marketing as it helps in getting better and higher ranking in the search results. You can do it by self or can hire SEO experts who can initiate in making and implementing the best digital marketing strategy. Opting up the paid adv. for boosting the business can initiate you in creating more eStore visibility and traffic.


6. Set up shipping options: – The online market is all hit because of its delivery and shipping strategies. It is essential for your ecommerce store for providing various options and independence for selecting the purchases to deliver as per the need and requirement of the customers. So, you can also go ahead with the partnership with various national and multinational shipping along with local delivery options for required locations.


Wrapping up:-


As we discussed the crucial aspects about the things should be considered before initiating your ecommerce website development. If the foundation is strong, then it can help in setting best in class ecommerce store for the future. Focused and well-planned marketing strategy is very important to attract more customers. One can also go for paid Digital marketing like PPC along with search engine optimization (SEO) for creating the best impression of your online ecommerce store and initiate the sales process. If you firmly implemented the time and money for creating a robust strategy for an ecommerce store, then your store will going to be successful in this dynamic competitive market.


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14 Jul

How to Choose the Best E-commerce Development Firm

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E-commerce development has made it simple for the companies to reach customers, promote business and sell products. Anticipating the benefits of selling and promoting products online, many organizations have started hiring professional web development companies to build powerful e-commerce portals that help to attract customers, sell products effectively and boost business.

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15 Apr

Why Your E-commerce site needs to load fast & Tips to Improve Website Loading Speed

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website loading speed optimization


Website loading speed is an essential factor of any website to succeed in the competition and get more customers. It plays a critical role in offering quality user experience. Whether you have an e-commerce site or any other website, no matter how beautiful and engaging is your website design, if your loading speed is slow, then everything is worthless.


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