Benefits of selecting iOS as a platform for mobile app development

In this digital era of flourishing technology, a professional app is one of the essential aspects of growth. Smartphones are not just personal but one of the most used gadgets for commercial use. Two important platforms running on smartphones are Android and iOS. Typically, an enterprise owner gets confused when choosing a platform for Continue reading “Benefits of selecting iOS as a platform for mobile app development”

Why You Should Choose Flutter for iOS Development

In the digital era, businesses have to make critical choices in their selection of technologies to build mobile apps. Businesses have to constantly evaluate technologies to offer powerful digital experience on all operating systems and mobile devices. Enterprises that fail to offer products or services that are easy to use, regardless of device or channel, Continue reading “Why You Should Choose Flutter for iOS Development”

Android or iOS – Which Platform Fits Best with Limited Marketing Budget

Nowadays, the business app became an integral part of every business. Are you also running a business and looking to develop an app for your business? There are two operating systems to opt from; one is the open-source contender, Android and the second we have the proprietary champion, iOS. Continue reading “Android or iOS – Which Platform Fits Best with Limited Marketing Budget”

Top Features of iOS 12 you should know


Feeling left behind, about not having the latest iPhone or iPad. Apple has brought for you its latest iOS 12. This new operating seems robust with the promises of apple to increase performance, especially for the old devices like 5s and iPad Air.

iOS 12

iOS 12 not only offers a speed boost to devices but various latest features are being added like new animoji, camera effects and text effects in Messages and Face time. IOS 12 will help you out in less usage of your device. That’s significantly very crucial because with the increase in the use of smartphones the people get addicted to social media apps, cat videos and games.


Screen Time:

New marquee feature helps you control device usage is screen time. Screen time shows the time you spend on various apps and how certainly you pick up the device along with the notifications that interrupted you. With the help of the weekly reports generated by the app, you can reduce the usage. Moreover, screen time has two crucial options, app limits and downtown. App limits let you about your use of specific categories of apps. You can also ignore the limit and can extend it up to 15 minutes, but it’s obvious, that you are harming yourself.


Moreover, you can enable the downtime for the kid’s iPhone or iPad so that can play games at the time of sleep or text their friends while making dinner.


Notifications Management:

It’s anything but painful to end up overpowered with notifications, particularly on the off chance that you have chatty friends on chatting applications. iOS 12 can diminish the impact of nonstop notifications. On the Lock screen, iOS 12 presently shows group message threads, and multiple application on the same app. tapping on the groups can expand so that you can see the detail message.


Additionally, with the feature named Instant Tuning, you can change notification settings for an application ideal from panel notification. Swipe left on panel notification and tap Manage. Instant Tuning additionally gives you a chance to send Notification Center quietly, so they don’t interfere with you yet are available later.


DND feature:

In the “it’s about time” dept., iOS 12 amplifies Do Not Disturb, so it works increasingly the manner in which individuals do. When you raise Control Center and force touch the Do Not Disturb button, it extends to give you a chance to turn on Do Not Disturb for 60 minutes, for whatever is left of the day, or until the point when you leave your current location. The magnificence of these new alternatives is that they cripple Do Not Disturb automatically, so you don’t need to recall—and possibly miss important notifications. Also, another Bedtime alternative in Settings > Do Not Disturb dim the display and silent the medium-term notifications until the point that you open your gadget early in the morning.


Siri Shortcuts:

Another new component, Siri Shortcuts, means to enable you to utilize your gadget all the more adequately. As Siri takes in your schedules, it will begin proposing alternate ways for essential activities, either on the Lock screen or when you pull down on the Home screen to look. You can see its recommendations in Settings > Siri and Search > All Shortcuts, and for those that appear to be helpful, record a custom expression that will summon the alternate way. Besides, another Shortcuts application gives you a chance to make more intricate alternate routes that can run different strides without a moment’s delay.


Minor Changes:

Those might be the most massive changes in iOS 12, yet they’re a long way from the main ones. Here’s inspecting of different refinements you’ll take note:


Apple has upgraded the iPad’s application and renamed it pads.


The News, Stocks, and Voice Memos applications likewise got upgrades, Stocks and Voice Memos are currently accessible on the iPad, and every one of the three has made the bounce to the Mac in Mojave, with their information matched up through iCloud.


Another Measure application utilizes enlarged reality to enable you to gauge protests in reality.


In Settings > Battery, iOS 12 demonstrates charts of battery utilization and action throughout the previous 24 hours or the most recent 10 days.


Let’s hope that iOS 12 will prove to be a milestone for

iOS app development



Some Innovative Features to Arrive in iOS 12


Are you trying to develop some exclusive iOS application? In search of top

iOS app development

companies in USA? Before you opt for one, it’s important for you to stay updated with the latest additions that are taking place. iOS 12 now introduces new features to reduce interruptions and manage screen time. Continue reading “Some Innovative Features to Arrive in iOS 12”

A Relative Study on iOS Vs Android


With the smartphone segment witnessing a familiar battle on a year-on-year basis, a tug of war between Apple Vs Android is quite common though! iOS application development Vs Android app development has rather been vying each other for a leading market share and supremacy ever since they have secured their place in the market. Continue reading “A Relative Study on iOS Vs Android”

Few Exclusive iOS Application Development Trends to Aim for in 2018


Do you belong to the list of people who always like to be updated with the current technological vogue? Well, if yes, then you would certainly like to know about the top

iOS application development

trends in 2018. According to a number of surveys done lately, it’s revealed that Whatsapp and Facebook are not the only two apps downloaded from Google play store. Instead, there are an array of different applications that many Android users might not have heard of. So, it’s quite obvious for many new app developers to come up with several groundbreaking features in this year. While making an app, it’s always important that the developed facets stand out in the crowd and this can only be possible if a set of right techniques are adopted for the same. Continue reading “Few Exclusive iOS Application Development Trends to Aim for in 2018”

Major Challenges that Developers Face With Latest iOS App Development Trends


Apple’s operating system iOS brings new capabilities and challenges for developers with each new version. Since 2007, Apple is changing the face of mobile app development companies by constantly bringing new technology to the market. iPhones are their most successful invention and they have revolutionized the lives of gadget savvies significantly. With a new release of iOS expected almost every year, there are a few challenges that developers are having to contend with.

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iPhone X, iPhone 8 & 8 Plus: Hands on With Apple’s Stunning New Devices


Something’s coming!! It’s harvest time in Apple Park, and Apple’s latest products are ripe, glistening, and ready to fall from the tree. Apple CEO Tim Cook unveiled the next crop of iPhones today at the new Steve Jobs Theater on Apple’s new headquarters in Cupertino. With the introduction of three new phones, Cook made clear that Apple’s premiere product is very much still evolving. The iPhone X, he said, represents “the future of smartphones.”


This is easily one of Apple’s most important and eagerly anticipated product launches. It marks the 10th anniversary of the first iPhone, so people expect something special from Apple’s flagship product. The new iPhone X may be the darling of Apple’s big fall event, but you shouldn’t overlook the new iPhone 8 and 8 Plus because there are plenty of serious updates that make them worth considering.


However, it is not all about the iPhones. The event also brought with it a latest Apple Watch, upgrades to Apple TV, and a host of other features coming to the Apple ecosystem this fall. And it has opened up a great opportunity for iOS mobile app development. Missed the big show? Check out our coverage of Apple’s big bash, and read all the highlights below.


iPhone X (It’s pronounced Ten)


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What are the Different Consequences of App Store Updates on Development?


App Store is the home of millions of iOS applications. Apple frequently makes changes and redesign App Store to enhance the overall experience and making it less complicated for users to find what they are looking for. Lately, Apple has included a few new features, ranging from Today tab that displays curated feed, to a new Product Page

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