22 Apr

Magento Web Developer – Ultimate Platform for Fashion Industry

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In the digital era where we can see a new technology every other day and the increase in the number of internet users give have turned many individuals towards the web. Having an ecommerce store is a must for the organization that is looking to enhance the sale of their products and services.

Magento Developer

But having an estore is enough to run a business successfully? Nope, it should have an attractive design and user-friendly features to improve user engagement and run the business successfully. And to achieve the best customer-centric website, you need the platform which is designed for businesses to grow at a faster speed. Developing a website or web-store for your ecommerce business incorporate two major factors; selecting the best-suited ecommerce platform and the second factor is selecting the accurate ecommerce development partner to develop and set up your e-store in the best possible way.


Irrespective of your business size, whether you are a well-established enterprise or a funded startup in your industry, Magento is the ultimate choices to design your web-store. It is one of the best web development platforms that will fulfill all your ecommerce needs. By integrating Magento development services, you can serve your customers with the best in class services.


If you are an organization in the fashion industry and confused what benefits Magento can offer for you, don’t worry. Keep reading to know what you should expect from Magento eCommerce development services?

• Magento offers responsive designs. Nowadays people use their handheld device to do almost everything. With the latest Magento services and its responsive admin panel, it offers the easiest way for businesses to handle their website from anywhere by using a mobile phone.
• It provides the most secure, stable and flexible open source platform to build an ecommerce store
• SEO is an important part of the success of any ecommerce website and Magento offers the most effective way for SEO. It has inbuilt SEO features that make it easy to set up your ecommerce store in the best way to rank better on various search engines.
• It has a huge range of templates and plug-ins, which help you to build a unique ecommerce store and help to incorporate the latest features to your website. You can find a library of hundreds of third-party extensions for your website on Magento market place.
• The payment integration becomes easy with Magento development, which is the most crucial part of any fashion website.
• Easy and improved checkout process to create an effortless user experience which results in high conversions rate.
• With the help of expert Magento developers, you can integrate third-party order management application or shipping system to your ecommerce store.
• With its full page caching technology, Magento enhances the performance of the ecommerce website. Building a website on the latest version of Magento will improve the overall performance of your website.

Though it seems simple and easy to design, develop and manage e-store using Magento, but it is not. You require expert skills to design an effective system, hence, hiring professional Magento experts to create a website for flawless user experience.


Finding a Magento development company to meet your business requirements and to design your ecommerce website is not simple. There are many factors that matter while searching for a development service provider such as time, budget, etc. But you should always look for a company that offers expert services within your budget as both are equally important. Look for a company who can offer Magento development services at affordable prices and provide post-release maintenance support.


Below are some points that will help you to select Magento partner for your ecommerce website development:

• Look for a company with certified Magento Developers in their team
• Search for a Magento development company with good experience in Magento store Development
• Have a look at their past work and the best way to do so have a look into the company’s portfolio
• Read reviews from their past clients. You can also ask the company to arrange a call with one or two of their previous clients to have a better understanding of their work.

If you are a fashion retailer or manufacturer and looking to develop your ecommerce website, you can contact Panacea, is a leading software and application development company and is recognized as the best Magento Development Company in USA. To know more about our business and the services , contact us today.


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11 Apr

Common Pitfalls to Overcome in Magento Store Development

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Around 13% of ecommerce websites are developed using the Magento framework, which makes it the world’s second widely used platform for eCommerce businesses. Magento is considered as one of the ideal platforms that come with foolproof customizing and intensified functioning. Over the years, it becomes the best choice for execution of essential eCommerce functions such as customer services, store management, improving sales, rewards, feedback, and other functions.
Magento Website Development


In the competitive global industry, you cannot commit fundamental development mistakes while developing a Magento store for your business. To achieve the top class functionalities and the best customer services, it is important to prioritize customer and visitor needs along with accepting the modern requirements of the web to increase sales of your website. Organizations should avoid following pitfalls during Magento eCommerce development to improve customer loyalty, visitors and revenue:


Problem with Layered Navigation

The layered navigation can be described as multiple options available on a single page. In layered navigation, several categories are ranged on one page and allow users to choose their desired options from the menu. Different problems may occur in layered navigation, including overlapped categories, obscured images and slow page loading. Nowadays, page load speed matters a lot; if the website is slow, the users will immediately leave such website resulting in an increased bounce rate and decreased sales.


To overcome such problems, here are some solutions:
• Utilize Ajax navigation to facilitate customers to filter the products.
• Restrict search engine crawlers from crawling your pages.


You can consider adding a premium extension available in the Magento Ecommerce extension library such as Layered Navigation Pro to overcome this error.


Keeping Default Settings
Default Home Page: There are many Magento stores, who don’t make basic SEO changes which is a major drawback. According to standard practice, every website should have meta content such as title, meta keywords etc. which will consist of keywords.
Default Descriptions: Another problem is keeping default descriptions. Skipping or using duplicate product description not only minimizes your SERPs, but also impacts your customer services. For any ecommerce website, product descriptions are the most viewed and read section on a product page. This reduces your ranking on search engines. The way to overcome this problem is to create sales-oriented, unique, and plagiarism-free content for all products on your e-store.
Default XML Sitemap: Sitemap is the most important for search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and other. While developing a Magento website, many Magento developers forgot to add a sitemap. Hence, while hiring a company to develop your eCommerce store, make sure they include sitemap creation and updating in their Magento Development services.


Shared Server and Resources


Generally, Magento powered e-stores can be joint with other websites and online stores, which decreases the loading speed. Shared resourcing is the major factor that has a direct impact on your store’s sales. Not only this, but it also affects the reputation of your online store. You can customize your Magento web-store and configuration to another server like MySQL and PHP5.


Poor Choice of Themes


Remember the first impression is the last impression. Magento offers a huge range of themes to personalize your store. While selecting a theme for your store, you should consider customers’ preferences and make sure you does not use heavy theme as it will directly impact your page load speed.


Unresponsive Site


With the revolution in the smartphone industry, people look for websites that offer the same experience as a desktop. Hence, making your website responsive is very important. It not only improves your customer base, but it also prepares your online store to serve all types of visitors.


The above-mentioned mistakes are some of the common mistakes that many Magento websites have. If you are looking for Magento Development Company in Chicago or anywhere in the USA to design your store, you should contact Panacea.


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03 Apr

Why Choose Magento for B2B E-Commerce Platform Development?

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B2B ecommerce has a very complex way as most businesses deal with complicated and large ordering processes. To keep business working, a strong and well-constructed front-end and the back-end system is a must. According to the statistics, 93% of B2B buyers are opting for online purchasing and look for an intuitive and seamless online shopping experience. Magento is considered as a full-fledged platform for B2B e-commerce that can help to meet the requirements of any B2B store.

Why Choose Magento for B2B E-Commerce Platform Development
Let’s find out why you should choose Magento to develop your B2B E-Commerce store or website:

  • User Segmentation


Generally, the similar online buying experience may not appeal to all and you have to deliver the services considering different user group. The offering changes according to business size and industry. With Magento development services, you can do user segmentation and offer a customized experience to a specific group of individuals or companies based on their purchases or browsing history.


  • Everything at One Place


Magento B2B e-commerce comes with everything require to any online store. It allows you to offer multiple brands via key accounts and channel partners and effortlessly manage all accounts. You can integrate the Magento B2B e-commerce website with your existing CRM or ERP system. You can also utilize the self-service facility for viewing detailed order histories, tracking quotes and managing credit online.


  • Responsive Design


Developing a responsive website that offers the same experience on all devices has the ultimate advantages and it became a breeze for you with Magento’s responsive design. Similar to end-users, B2B users also expect mobile-optimized experiences while shopping online. With Magento eCommerce development toolkit, you can allow your B2B customers to place orders from any device easily and effortlessly.


  • Latest Inventory Management System


The smart inventory management of the Magento framework allows you to improve your operations and provides you an effective way to manage orders across all sales channels. As you can have real-time inventory details across the supply chain, it is easy for you to calculate the delivery costs as well as time. It also gives insights of your inventory to your distributors to deliver a better experience.


  • Content Staging


Content Staging facilitates your team to easily draft, preview, and schedule a vast range of content enhancement from the Admin of your website. You can utilize Magento’s Content Staging feature to design a page that modifies automatically throughout the year according to the schedule. For instance, it allows you to create a page with a collection of various elements which can be turned “off” or “on” according to need.


  • Fast Ordering Option


The Magento platform comes with multiple purchasing options; you can integrate convenient and fast ordering and eventually boosting the sales. Magento also facilitates you to assist consumers by creating orders, calculating discounts and tracking quotes. The quick order option is useful for individuals who know what they are looking to buy; with this, they can save browsing time and directly place an order of the items they seek. This feature facilitates quick reordering for common purchases, accelerates the purchase process, and drive frequent revenue with effortless ordering.


  • Credit Limit


Credit is the most crucial factor of any B2B e-commerce business. By facilitating your customers to check their credit balance, you can boost the customer trust in your brand. You can save all purchase, payment and credit related information in the credible buyers section.


  • Technical Support


Magento has very strong, highly-skilled technical support team to offer end-to-end services to keep your website up and running. You can get solutions to any queries easily; whether it is related to server overload, error messages, shopping cart issues, product integration issues or general troubleshooting.


  • Effective Quotation System


As bulk orders are an integral part of B2B selling, an advanced quotation system helps you to grab the attention of more buyers and increase conversion rates. B2B selling includes negotiations and Magento provide a robust quote system which allows customers to generate a quote request. With Magento, you can handle quote requests and negotiate costs by utilizing a streamlined workflow, which will build your image as a trusted vendor.


With the growing e-commerce industry, the dynamic of B2B business is also changing and businesses are looking for a similar experience as B2C throughout the supply chain. If you are looking to serve both B2B and B2C customers and don’t want to compromise on any of the segment, then Magento is an ultimate choice for your business. If you are looking for Magento Development Company in Chicago or any other part of the USA, you can contact Panacea.


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02 Apr

Safeguard Magento based eCommerce website through Security Audit

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In addition to Magento migration, one of the essential parts about Magento website is its security. More people are already asking how they can keep their websites safe. Many experts recommend that scanning or doing a Magento Security Audit.

Magento 2 Security audit 2019

There are numerous tools and services which can initiate in helping you perform Magento Security Audit, and one can save both time and money by making sure that precautions should be taken care to keep your website safe and secure.


Here we have discussed numerous ways which can help in making your Magento based website safe from cyber-attacks:


Develop your security scan:

While it requires a lot of work to keep the website secure, here are the tips one can figure out to see while doing a Magento security audit and making website safe.


1. Migrating to the latest version: As the support for Magento1 will get over by June 2020, there will be no update’ Magento will release for security and website owners have to secure their website by own. This will lead to potential problems for Magento 1 website owners as their websites will be more prone to cyber-attacks. The sites developed on magento1 will be outdated as Magento will no longer update its magento1 websites.


Meanwhile, Magento 2.0.x support stopped in March 2018. This means that if one is in a variation of Magento 2.0.x the website has no got any update based on security patches, quality fixes, and documentation updates.


The most favored way to protect the website from a potential threat is to migrate from Magento 1 website to its latest version 2.3. This will make sure that the website will maintain security, performance and PCI compliance. Some people can say that this process is expensive and requires a specialist for it, but it is possible to do it by you. It is essential to understand that Magento will stop providing updates and tech-support to website owners for Magento 1 after June 2020. This means that if your site becomes a cyber-attack target, then it will be your responsibility to fix the website.


2. Secure environment and SSL certificates: It is crucial to have a trustworthy Magento hosting provider. There is no other path to choose from. Magento does not run smoothly with a cheap hosting plan as the cheap hosting plans bring very little space for both your website and your traffic. For a wide range of space that requires a Magento site, the best part is that you invest in a premium sharing plan or consider the VPS network. The virtual private server initiates with server space giving control over the size of the website. Having VPS will give you greater freedom on a website, and the best advantage is that VPS does not require utilizing a strict number of software programs. In this way, one can easily integrate the software and can set up the server.


3. Security patches: Magento security Patch was designed to fix threats in Magento. The platform recommends that you upgrade all available security patches. There are numerous ways to host the website and access a server; the platform developed three important methods for installing a patch.


Let’s see this below:

Using SSH:

With the help of a secure shell (SSH), to install the patch is what is recommended by Magento. Contact the hosting provider, for setting SSH.

• Upload patch files to the installation folder.
• Ensure that store compiler gets disabled.
• Run the commands in SSH console
• .sh extension:
• sh patch_file_name.patch
• Download the file to ensure that the patch was smoothly installed.
• Upload pre-patched files.
• Download Magento installation
• Apply the patch
• Upload files to a server

4. Analyze website activity: To keep track of what occurs on the website is crucial to prevent cyber-attacks. Magento has easy techniques to monitor website activity.

If you owe Magento eCommerce website, you can see backend action log. Just do the following to get it done:

• Master Admin→ Store→ Settings→ Configuration
• Go for “Advanced”→Admin
• Expand “Admin Action Logging”
• Mark the checkbox for enabling admin logging
• Clear the checkbox for disabling admin logging

5. CSRF Protection: The CSRF (cross-site request forge) attacks on Magento were quite common in 2017. Due to this, Magento comes up with secret CSRF tokens on forms in Magento website. It is impossible to hack for the hacker to enter the site without the token number.


The vital part of keeping your Magento website secure need not want you to become full-blown hacker; rather it wants you to understand the simple things which help in making your Magento based website secure.


Are you looking forward to knowing more about Magento website security? We, at panacea, will assist you and help you in making your Magento eCommerce site secure. For more details drop us a mail at info@panaceatek.com.


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26 Feb

Integrating ERP with Magento: A smart move for Enterprises

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In this fast-moving world, everyone is very busy and do not have time. Everyone wants things immediately and easy. People love to shop through eCommerce sites because this is a convenient and easy alternative these days and avails more options than traditional brick and mortar store. ECommerce store should have a large product list and to manage them is certainly a daunting task.


why ecommerce store owneres love erp integration with magento


Do you have your online store having numerous products under various categories? Are you looking forward to simple management of your inventory? ERP installed with Magento websites change the entire criteria and can manage entire information like inventory, shipping, orders, and order-delivery. Stay updated with us, if you want to upgrade your current Magento store through of Magento developers.


ERP makes business operation easy: Integrating Magento ERP is best for eCommerce business, and it is gaining popularity day by day. Business management becomes easy due to Magento ERP installation. It is important to integrate app data and user data with enhanced enterprise activities.

There are numerous ERP systems available. A well-integrated ERP system helps automate manual tasks and customer service. ECommerce business owners use ERP integration to save time, costs and errors on their Magento stores. It initiates marketing, selling and customer satisfaction with ease. Get an edge over competitors by integrating ERP with a Magento store. This also helps in faster delivery of the products.


Advantages of Magento-ERP Installation:-


  • Secured: If Magento installation is currently running on https / SSL, then information between Magento and ERP system cancels this association, and then the information transition is completely anonymous and safe.


  • Synchronized data: Options prices, stock, product, order, etc. among Magento and ERP systems are synchronous.


  • Stock/Price: Any change made in the price or stock in the updated ERP is automatically transferred to Magento.


  • Flexibility: A lot of ERP systems are available for less manual process integration. Decrease manual entries of client, products, stock, orders and shipping inventory and enhance the productivity.



Integration Magento-ERP Solutions: They are end number of techniques of the Magento ERP integration, but we have made three standard techniques to club both the platforms together. Let’s discuss those three techniques.


  • P2P Solution technique: Magento and ERP are “pointed” to each other for data synchronization. However, the data cannot be managed directly due to lacking operational data between the two. The additional system will require managing the data. Point to Point solution is not advisable to the small or medium business owner as it’s full fledge integration costs high and can afford by enterprise level of companies.



Point-to-point integration does not produce maximum flexibility by adding to the sales channels. Every time you add a new channel, you will need to reconfigure your integration. If you need to manage a huge online store, then it is useless, and you can get stuck in the middle.


  • Customized Magento-ERP Installation: Custom integration is the best way to integrate the Magento with ERP. This means, one can develop their custom integration, which can initiate through Application Programming Interface (API’s) for required data synchronization. No matter you are looking to integrate shipping data, stocks, clients, product data, invoice data, credit memos, tax rules or something else, it is possible to initiate through custom integration.



No doubt, custom integration is costly and complicated. This is the reason that there are companies that offer these services as primary service. Panacea Infotech has high-end expertise in offering Magento ERP integration and magento ecommerce development. We understand the requirements of exact customers and provide solutions with Magento 2. We help the enterprise to achieve its desired goals through ERP Magento solutions.


  • Multichannel platform integration: Multichannel solutions required especially to design for integrating the system like Magento and ERP solutions. This option comes with an operational hub to an online store, and it requires knowledge for integration. The type of data like order, customer, item, shipping, and inventory gets synchronized automatically through this platform.



This platform utilizes pre-developed connectors and integration gets smoother as well as easier with it. Although this is a pricier approach, it is highly recommended for an SMB or enterprise vendors. Enterprise can upscale their business through this approach.


Summing up:-


It is essential to select the right Magento Development Company, who can initiate you in integrating Magento eCommerce store with the right ERP system. We have the team of certified Magento developers who are experienced and think out of the box and help the customers to achieve their business goals by delivering end to end solutions. We at Panacea, initiate in selecting right ERP solutions and making integration smoother. For more details drop us a mail at info@panaceatek.com.


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15 Feb

Why to Hire Magento Developers?

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As Magento is one of the latest eCommerce platforms across an online market, numerous eCommerce business owners are looking forward to moving their website on it. The design was always a tough task, with every eStore’ that has launched. And even though setting magneto is not tricky, but once you finish, a learning curve may be required. Of all these, here are five reasons why you should appoint a professional Magento developer: –

Hire Certified Magento Developer

1. Creating Unique Magento eStore-

Enterprise level firms who look forward to opening the online store to offer various products’ face intense competition as there is numerous online store already on the leading edge to boost themselves in initiating best services to the customers. So, if you want to stand tall among the competitors, you have to offer something unique, responsive and highly-quality services as well as the website to the visitors. It will be surely a consuming task to achieve all such things, and that’s the reason why Magento developer can prove to be a one-stop solution for all these.


2. Not engaging the time in basics learning:-

One who wants to migrate their website on the Magento from other platform or to look forward to developing their website on Magento will find that the latest Magento version is little advanced. You need to Hire Certified Magento developer who can assist you in giving a considerable amount of information and can suggest some better ideas to design the store and for adding the products to it. It is essential to install Magento extensions if you want to open a large store to make sure that everything can run seamlessly from the start.


3. You want the store to work as soon as possible:-

Every single minute that you invest in setting and designing counts as a lost opportunity to attract customers. If you select to integrate Magento store and customize it with the one who lacks experience or have the low technical knowledge to help, then the entire process will be very awkward, and output will lack a mature and professional touch. Under other conditions, if you select Magento developer you are guaranteed to own store fastly in days and will every business owner looks for.


4. No need to worry about bugs:-
Magento is the most secured and stable platforms in the online market. Still, some errors or issues get encountered when the time comes. This is common for those who want their store to launch fastly and do not focus on small things that create the difference to an end user. Magento developer can give mental peace on this issue, as output is guaranteed by his experience and portfolios.


5. Staying ahead of the competition:-

Let’s face it, not everyone knows the trick to attract online visitors and how to maintain their interest in their entire time. If the visitor won’t get satisfied or didn’t find the product which they are looking for, they will leave your website and will visit competitor’s websites. By hiring a Magento developer, one can guarantee the execution of the plan as per your strategy, something that competitors won’t be able to achieve.


We at Panacea Infotech had highly skilled and experienced certified Magento developer was having a vast knowledge of Magento. Our developers are highly trained to deliver the project on time and meet the expectations of clients if you are looking forward to hiring Magento developer to feel free to reach us by dropping us a mail at info@panaceatek.com.


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21 Jan

Why hiring a Magento developer is good option for developing robust ecommerce website?

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Magento has evolved into the prominent e-commerce platform for businesses as well as for Magento developer because of its flexibility, development architecture and scalability and other security feature. It is entirely customizable also allowing developers to personalize an online store according to the customer’s requirement which helps to lead better user experience and ensure customers to revisit the website. Official websites of Magento states that it nearly host about 25000 websites. Other survey shows that Magneto’s downloads have scaled up incredibly.

Magento Development Services


Magento e-commerce development platform has a large number of features like add on features which are helpful to build right into its framework which also offers sites that can help to create active online stores by the help latest techniques.

• It help to enhance the visibility and boost online sales
• Customer involvement by offering seamless UX
• Customer shopping experience in real time


When it comes to Magento development, you will see developers to create great websites or remarkable online store for your businesses. Below given pointers will help you pick the properly skilled developers for your website.


Factors to consider while hiring certified Magento developer:


• Know your requirements – Before you start inquiring for Magento developers you should do some homework like to jot down your requirement, functionality needs for your Magento store and how they might profit your business. The best way speak with Magento Development Companies and explain the requirements to the experts who will help your category of website.


• Search certifies Magento developers – While hiring the Magento developer few things to keep in mind such as he must have cleared all the Magento certification exams like front end developer certified, social learning certified, Magento certified developer, modification kit and developer plus. These certifications will not only help to scale up the developer but also make them more proficient.


When hiring Magento certifies developer while creating your website they should know more than how to code, the best practice is of building a site and in the process, help you save the costs as well as time.


• Experience – Before appointing any Magento development company, check all the previous experience of the company which they have worked on, an experienced or skilled Magento developer is capable of handling all the issues and technical challenges which are faced by developers or clients during the development process. They will thoroughly understand your needs and can complete the projects in given time-frame without any delay.


• Portfolio – Check the portfolio of the development company you are deciding to select just by looking at their portfolio; one should get an idea about their skills and their developers working style. You can also get to know about the projects delivered by the company and their commitment towards the work. You can also refer to testimonials of the clients which can help you decide the company’s capability of executing and delivering the projects to client’s satisfaction or not.


• Online reviews – Now in this internet era, online reviews play’s a significant role. There are many platforms where companies are audited such as yelp, clutch. Co where you will get to read their reviews and their rating from those who developed their website with those companies. It can help you choose the best Magento development company.


• Costing – Well, everyone knows that the costing play’s an essential factor as far hiring of the Magento developers are concerned. Maximum clients will look for the developers who will agree to work on their project without misbalancing the finance. Therefore, it’s good to negotiate every detail for the project cost while interacting with the developer for the first time, while doing so do not compromise on the quality of the work because it will have an impact on the long term period of the business.


• Communication – Assure that the company has a proper communication path with you. From the starting of the project till the completion phase, one needs to be in constant touch with Magento development team. The project manager who is handling your Magento store should be capable of understanding your needs also listens to your suggestions for making improvements. The company should be following best communication channels for continuous flow.


• Post-deployment support – Post-deployment support is vital to ensure you the proper functioning of your online Magento store after making it live. Keep note of one thing that your customer should not get affected because of any technical and functional issue — post-deployment support help to improve the performance of any Magento site.




In this highly competitive tech industry, Magento is the key to e-commerce business success. It is to be the most popular, robust and easily accessible option in internet technology, where choosing a Magento e-commerce solution for your Magento project is a challenging task. Your project plays a crucial role where costing limitation and quality of work matters. Magento developer offers detailed technical support and expertise to transform your e-commerce idea into an online running business. If you want your store to offer a great shopping experience, then you should consider all the given factors while choosing a Magento development company.


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05 Nov

Tips to get success by setting an online eCommerce store on Magento

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In the last few years, eCommerce has taken up the giant leap and move on very popular among the market. Nowadays, it is in trend to have ecommerce website for business, strategize by merchants and retailers for the business. This is due to high potential growth among the users in near the years. Moreover, we can see the absolute growth in active users who are using the internet from the mobile devices rapidly. This is the reason why entrepreneurs have initiated in developing an online store for better proficiency in the business. The best look upon the ecommerce is, numerous platforms are offering development in the market starting with Shopify, Magento and woo commerce etc., from which one can leniently develop a robust online ecommerce store. Taking the entire aspect in mind, we must say that Magento seems to be one of the best platforms available for creating an online ecommerce store. You can take suggestions from Magento Developer for building up development strategies.

Best tips to get success by setting an online ecommerce store on Magento


So, we will discuss about Magento in this blog:-


The sudden growth looking in online shopping is making the physical business owners worries, across the globe. ECommerce is the easiest way of shopping nowadays, and each and everyone in this world has accepted this and is getting attracted towards this. No matter you are running the manual business or looking forward to starting the new business, developing a robust ecommerce site is one of the best thing entrepreneurs can do for making their business’ a brand in this digital era. Various small and big players in the ecommerce market are on the edge of domination like Amazon, Alibaba, eBay and Flipkart etc. So it is very much essential for the one to look upon the competitors, before taking up the decision for starting ecommerce website development.


Let us discuss the crucial points to initiate before starting your online eCommerce store:-


1. Check the target audience and market: – If you hire a certified Magento developer and make him develop an ecommerce web store, it will be your task to research the target audience and market. This is the first step to do analyzing the targeted audience and market. Just look upon the buying habits and preferences of these audiences. Look whether they are looking forward to purchasing the products you are offering and which social media they use mostly. By initiating the targeted online market, one can research the consumption behaviors of customers of online eCommerce stores.


2. Research about the competitors: – With the help of keywords, one can find out best about their competitors of the products you are offering in an online ecommerce store. One needs to make the place of your store with the best strategies for your online ecommerce store. One can avail discounts, coupons and offers for attracting online customers. To move ahead of the competitors it is crucial to offer the best price for products. Moreover, it is important to include best in class latest features for online store products with secured and online payment, fast shopping and custom searches etc.


3. Opt best domain name & eCommerce software: – As discussed above in this article to hire Magento developer is one of the best options one can do for developing an online ecommerce stores. Moreover, there is various other software that is available in the market. But, Magento is best when it comes to features. It can fulfil all the requirements as one desires to be there in an online ecommerce store. Numerous ecommerce comes with paid versions, and some are free. Magento offers two versions in its platform segments, i.e. Magento community edition and Magento enterprise versions.


4. Best strategies for marketing with implementation: – Even if you develop an ecommerce store with best in class design, it is essential to opt best of the marketing plan to attract the customer towards the store. You have to strategies best marketing plan in such a way that right consumers can be targeted for purchasing the products. You can also utilize social networks, blogs adv. and email campaigns etc. for boosting visibility and awareness.


5. SEO strategy: – SEO is one of the most important parts of the ecommerce store marketing as it helps in getting better and higher ranking in the search results. You can do it by self or can hire SEO experts who can initiate in making and implementing the best digital marketing strategy. Opting up the paid adv. for boosting the business can initiate you in creating more eStore visibility and traffic.


6. Set up shipping options: – The online market is all hit because of its delivery and shipping strategies. It is essential for your ecommerce store for providing various options and independence for selecting the purchases to deliver as per the need and requirement of the customers. So, you can also go ahead with the partnership with various national and multinational shipping along with local delivery options for required locations.


Wrapping up:-


As we discussed the crucial aspects about the things should be considered before initiating your ecommerce website development. If the foundation is strong, then it can help in setting best in class ecommerce store for the future. Focused and well-planned marketing strategy is very important to attract more customers. One can also go for paid Digital marketing like PPC along with search engine optimization (SEO) for creating the best impression of your online ecommerce store and initiate the sales process. If you firmly implemented the time and money for creating a robust strategy for an ecommerce store, then your store will going to be successful in this dynamic competitive market.


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08 Oct

How to hire certified Magento developers?

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It is a fact that Magento is the most popular e-commerce platform among all the existing platforms having good user engagement, smooth navigation of the website that boost the conversion rate ultimately increase the revenue. All these features make the Magento desirable platform to use for development of e-commerce site, and Magento developers are highly in demand due to this reason. No matter you already owe a website or looking forward to the development of the website, you should hire Magento developer for speeding up the development time and boosting the productivity.

Magento Developer


Magento comes in different editions having various features as per business needs and requirements. It is all about the work that you are looking to make it done by the developer. The task becomes simpler when one needs to develop core files or extend the functions of the modules. However, when you need more features and functions you must go ahead for technical expertise and knowledge. Editions require no software installations in Magento. These are pretty much useful in a small level of the business.


One can hire certified Magento developers for both full time and part-time. The project that you need to outsource decides the type of developer you are required to hire. For the long-term development and maintenance project, full-time Magento developer will be more suitable to work on and for short term, you can go ahead with weekly, monthly and hourly hiring.


Consider the background and work experience of developers along with portfolio before going for hire. It can give you an exact idea about the candidate work. This is essential for the one if you are hiring freelancers for the work.


To be in touch with the clients for better understand about how developers works and ability to understand the projects and deliver it on time along with an ability to communicate and interact with the teams.


Be sure about the hiring of Magento developer having sound technical knowledge for the job at hand. Else it will suffer your work if you hire such, those who are learning the technicalities on the job. Your hire must handle the issues and problems very well. Glitches and hitches will come as the project will move ahead and the work will progress and it will be challenging for them to deal with it quickly and more efficiently in less time.


Magento developer must be very adaptable and flexible, as the Magento itself is an open source platform. You should look for the qualities while going for hire. The hired one must have good communication channels so that one can work smoothly and seamlessly on the project. The developer must be having technical support and backup for implementing this work.


Various competitive rates are there into the market, so it is essential to have market research and then find the one who can fit in your bill. So, the decision should be based on all criteria keeping in mind about all factors. Well, Magento developer working for the companies have slightly high cost but are skilled and experienced along with expertizing for delivering the desired projects. For any kind of major jobs, they are the primary choice. But for the smaller or low budgets projects, you should go for hiring individual developers with care and unlock the success and profitability.


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03 Oct

Benefits of using Magento for eCommerce website development

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Magento as a platform is flying high when in the digital and e-commerce industry. It is all because of the increasing interest of the business owners across the globe for developing their website for the business. They are getting more aware and seeking towards branding and goodwill of the business nowadays.


Rising demand of the Magento development: For reaching the more and more desired target audience in every corner of the world making the demand higher for the websites. Magento caters the need of the entrepreneurs’ up to an optimum extent when it comes to demand of dynamic demands.

Hire Certified Magento Developer

Magento placed as one of the most popular platforms for the development of best in a class website for e-commerce and business. Undoubtedly, people are attracting more towards Magento because of its stunning and feature-rich interface for the e-commerce website in the world and making them fond of this e-commerce platform.


Growth in the ROI of business with Magento platform: It is a straight and simple concept that if the target audience purchases more of the products from the website, one can see the increase into the ROI of the business. Thus, it is essential to know that one should invest in Magento website development and hire certified Magento developer for better output and productive outcomes in the business.


Magento development and its benefits for business:


Before we move ahead about the merits of choosing the Magento over rest of the development platforms, let’s go through what Magento development is?


Magento is a free and open source e-commerce development platform having some cool features for letting Magento developers creating a unique and feature-rich website for the consumers as per the need and requirement of the business.


Moreover, community version comes free of cost; one can purchase enterprise version for developing a lot of websites for the clients having great unique features.


Features of Magento development for developing Magento website:


Multiple store panel:


One can’t require opening and log in the various dashboards for checking the website status and analytics if master admin panel is the same for all. It relaxes the work of business owners as they can secure the time by the various logins of different admin panels again and again for checking up the details of their website.


Open source and free:


Magento is a free and open source platform for the development of an e-commerce website for selling the extraordinary features. The community version is free when it comes to cost and to create the website of the client by hiring Magento developer as per their desire. If the developer is looking forward to developing too many websites, then they must opt the enterprise edition of the Magento.


Latest and responsive themes:


It gives the best benefit if Magento is used for developing the platform as it comes with responsive and dynamic themes for Magento website development. Readymade themes are always attractive to use for a website. Moreover, customizations of the themes are also available along with a high level of uniqueness and creativity if you go ahead by hiring the expert.


Extension development:


For adding the dynamic and unique features set of Magento that it has in-built ones, then developers can implement unique functionalities for the websites of the clients so that the website can look unique and can never look exact as the competitors. So, going ahead with Magento Development Company in USA or across the globe can help in making web development process more smooth and accurate.


More Scalability:


If you are aware of the merits of WordPress, then Magento looks same and with the power of great functions for the online eCommerce website. Higher scalability refers to higher business gains and attention from people, and more traffic can be driven out due to the best website experience. It is crucial to be ready with the website systems that cater the need as per the wants. Magento development is the same as per your desire if you are looking forward to an expansion of a business.


Good for SME and Large enterprise:


Magento is best when it comes to the development of the website for the startups or the medium level of the entrepreneurs for the expansion of the business. It comes with all the amazing features with big enterprise would require to go ahead with business for making it reach on the high level. Entrepreneurs need not worry about the website development as per their business as Magento comes with power-packed features which can counter the needs of big business.


Latest promotion and marketing tools:


Let’s come straight to the most promising feature of Magento development that offers best in class full-fledged promotion tools for making the use of Magento in full. Business owners can simply go on and make use of the promotion tools by giving coupon codes and offers for customers as well as providing access to an individual user to sort out the user dashboard for tracking the history of orders, tracking’s and payments.




If you are looking ahead for the website for reaching the customers base from the initial days, then you can go ahead and can select the Magento without thinking much. It comes with SEO features for the website too that helps in getting higher ranking and enlarged audience.


Wrapping Up:


As we discussed above the features, in a nutshell it is all about how you hire Magento developer and how experienced they are. Their knowledge and passion for the development of the website as per the needs and requirements of the business help the business to grow more regarding revenue and performance.


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