Common Mistakes to Avoid Before Launching an Application in Market


You have strategized, planned, designed, developed, tested, and now it is finally time to launch your shiny new application. However, as anybody who is ever promoted an application can confirm, it can be incredibly exciting and equally challenging as well. Almost around 20% applications fail as they don’t even see or searched by the users. It does not mean that those failed applications are bad but due to failing into a pit they just could not pull themselves out. You worked hard building your application, but that is only half the battle. Getting people to utilize it is the other half. You owe it to yourself to be just as committed to getting people to use it as you were building it.

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How Mobile Application Offers Benefits to Different Industries


Today, mobile application development has revolutionized the market as different businesses are opting for this service to acquire a maximum number of benefits. Across the world, you can find different industries that are looking to boost their brand name and profit easily. With the increase in a number of robust applications, there are many organizations and businesses that are trying to up the originality proportion. With lots of

mobile app development companies

 businesses can get services related to hand-held devices such as smartphones, tablets, iPad, etc. and digital assistants. Mobile developers are suing various mobile development technologies such as JAVA ME, QT Framework, BlackBerry, Symbian and more to develop highly interactive mobile apps. No matter whether you are running a small, medium or big sized enterprise, you need to promote your business so that visitors easily get information about you, your brand and your company. You also need to remember that without advertising, it is not easily possible for you to survive in the market, so you can also stay connected with your customers and give them complete information.

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Why it’s Time to Prioritize Your Mobile Application Security Knowledge?


The increased use of smartphones across the globe has created demands of high-end functionality, an uncompromising handiness and extra ease with less effort by its users which has boosted demand of more innovative mobile apps. On the other hand, it becomes an important necessity for mobile users to secure their valuable data getting hacked by hackers. Based on many surveys, hackers have unfortunately managed to hack many popular and advanced applications on the App Store as well as Play Store. Lately, Ransomware attack also affected many organizations worldwide and put the security concern once again into perspective.

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Goodbye 32-bit Apps!! How will it Impact on iOS App Development?


Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) is always exciting as every iPhone user around the world is eager to know about new software and technologies introduced by Apple. At WWDC 2017 held in June, Apple introduced HomePod speaker along with the new iMac Pro. On the software side, iOS 11 was also announced with addictive features such as Augmented Reality (AR), improvements to iMessage, Apple Pay, and more. But, there was also one introduction had potential to affect users more than anything else announced at a keynote. Apple announced that from iOS 11 onwards, iOS would cease to support 32-bit apps on its mobile platforms. You can say it a shocking or surprising news for the iOS app development field. Moreover, Apple is also looking to phase out 32-bit applications from MacOS to High Sierra. This means many legacy iOS applications will no longer function at all. It has created a great chaos in developer’s community and everyone is asking why is Apple dropping 32-bit app support? The answer to this question is quite simple- to enhance the performance of iPhone.

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A Professional Guide for Apple App Store Submissions


Is your app is quite ready to emerge in App Store? When Apple’s App Store was initially released in 2008, there were only 800 apps available for download. As of January 2017, there are 2.2 million apps available to download for various iOS devices. Since then the scope of iOS app development has increased dramatically.

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MVP- A New Way to Think About Mobile App Development


Are you looking for small businesses that bring a new product to market? Well, the concept of Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is an excellent way to test your idea with your customers. It is an adaptation of the new product which allows you to collect the maximum amount of definitive understanding about users with the minimum effort. In

mobile app development

, your application includes few features necessary to solve the main problem for a group of users and be released to market. The core principle of MVP development follows a build-measure-learn process with an objective to offer immediate value quickly by minimizing the development cost and using data to learn what users expect. MVP methods benefit you to release a product that can be constantly improved as you validate or invalidate the hypothesis.

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How the Trends Affect Mobile App Development?


Where is mobile app development going in future? Right now, we can not say anything at this moment. Because mobile industry has seen an immense changeover in past recent years and we expect more in future. The revenue of mobile app industry is growing equally along with their users. Obviously, Android and iOS applications have dominated the market and haven’t left any chance for competitors to break down their legacy. Though Android users are outnumbered than iOS users, Apple is generating greater revenue than other

mobile app development companies

. However, both Android and iOS are flapping their wings hardly to rise higher in the market.

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7 UX Mistakes You Can Easily Avoid in Mobile App Development


In today’s competitive application market, it is necessary to stand out and create a unique brand identity. It is known fact that application should get developed according to the expectation of users. Otherwise, it will face bad defeat in the market. It is great that

mobile app development companies

design apps furnished with amazing features. But what if those applications really bad at User Experience (UX)? Imagine a racing game with attractive graphics and animation but control placement is so bad that users are unable to perform different actions properly.

There are several ways that you can make application successful and rich user experience is one of them. Most of the companies overlook UI/UX requisite and solely concentrate on features and functions of an application. There are more than 3 million apps in application market and you can outshine all of them by achieving user experience standards in your app. Therefore here are common pitfalls that every app design company should avoid.

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Analysis of Different Phases of Mobile App Development


There has been a dramatic rise in the application development market in past decade. Android and iOS app development are dominating the market and you will find millions of apps in these two prominent application stores. However, in meantime, you might have thought what are the basic concepts of developing an application for a smartphone? What are the different mobile app development phases?


Mobile app development life-cycle is a mirror image of conventional SDLC (Software Development Life-cycle) but from the prospect of smartphone devices. It involves five basic phases such as planning- designing- coding- testing and deployment.


When looking for developing a new mobile app, one should make a foolproof strategy to make the app development life-cycle proficient and develop a popular mobile app. From identifying unique app concept to its successful implementation, a mobile app development company requires comprehending the recent trends, tools and technology to market an app using winning strategy.


Developers have to really make application unique in function, in its design and in its use to grab the attention of as many consumers as possible. And to achieve this benchmark, you have to be adapted right from the beginning of development process. As it is imperative for an app to be spot-on first time, developers must follow step by step procedure of application development. So, in this article, we will discuss in more details about the mobile app development life-cycle.

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Simple Tips to Create a Robust Mobile App Content Strategy


Are you planning to develop a mobile app that helps you achieve your business goals? The successful mobile apps have the ability to attract and engage users that enable them to establish a long lasting relationship. They have something useful and valuable for their target audience that helps them turn visitors into loyal users. If you want to make your app successful and reap all the benefits of mobile app development, you need to build a mobile app that features an impeccable usability.

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