06 Jun

Analysis of Different Phases of Mobile App Development

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There has been a dramatic rise in the application development market in past decade. Android and iOS app development are dominating the market and you will find millions of apps in these two prominent application stores. However, in meantime, you might have thought what are the basic concepts of developing an application for a smartphone? What are the different mobile app development phases?


Mobile app development life-cycle is a mirror image of conventional SDLC (Software Development Life-cycle) but from the prospect of smartphone devices. It involves five basic phases such as planning- designing- coding- testing and deployment.


When looking for developing a new mobile app, one should make a foolproof strategy to make the app development life-cycle proficient and develop a popular mobile app. From identifying unique app concept to its successful implementation, a mobile app development company requires comprehending the recent trends, tools and technology to market an app using winning strategy.


Developers have to really make application unique in function, in its design and in its use to grab the attention of as many consumers as possible. And to achieve this benchmark, you have to be adapted right from the beginning of development process. As it is imperative for an app to be spot-on first time, developers must follow step by step procedure of application development. So, in this article, we will discuss in more details about the mobile app development life-cycle.

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