18 Apr

Unique Features to Integrate into Taxi Booking App

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If you are a taxi entrepreneur who is looking to develop a ride-hailing app or driving apps like Uber, ensure that your application has some unique features which can make your taxi booking app stands-out from other apps. This blog will highlight five unique features that one can incorporate to your taxi app to develop an app as successful as Uber, Grab and Lyft.

Create An App Like Uber

Outstation Module


Recently, the Uber, a well-known taxi booking app secured the second position in the maximum downloaded travel apps in Europe. While designing a taxi app, giving an option for outstation booking is the most important feature which will facilitate you to offer your service between multiple cities. With this feature, you allow your passengers to book a cab/taxi from one city to another city through their smartphone. With just a few steps, the passengers can book a cab for traveling to a different city, either at a fixed rate or at a rate as per kilometers cover and time taken to complete the journey. You can also allow them to have multiple stops to explore the different areas of another place and travel at their own convenience and pace.


To deliver a better experience, you can facilitate your passengers to book a taxi in advance with options to select the vehicle and driver. By integrating this option to your taxi app, you can serve your travelers with rich riding experience. With the option of outstation riding, you can expand your business to other cities and extend your customer base with flexible outstation service.


Day Packages


Another feature that one must include while designing apps like Uber is Day Packages. With this exclusive feature, you can allow passengers to hire a car with a driver on rent for a specific time period and kilometers. Irrespective of from where passengers have booked a car, it will assist them in availing a car with a driver for a particular time according to their convenience. You can ask your Taxi Booking App Development Company to give you an option in the admin panel to define multiple packages. This feature will give your passengers a feel that they are driving in their personal car and will make your app stands-out from other cab booking apps available in the market.


Membership for Riders


Offering a prime membership for your passengers can be another unique feature that you can consider while planning to create an app like Uber. Incorporating this exclusive feature (which even Uber, Lyft and Grab haven’t provided to their users) can fetch you the attention of more customers. With the membership plan, you can facilitate your riders to select a plan according to their requirements and enjoy rides up to allocated kilometers. Your taxi app development team can give an option in the admin panel for you to create multiple membership plans.


Car Pooling


Nowadays, the carpooling has become popular and many taxi booking apps offer this feature. It is one of the essential features that you should include in your taxi booking mobile app. With this feature, you can allow the passengers to select carpooling if they wish to share a ride with other people going to the same destination to split the cost. By providing a carpooling feature, you can improve the success rate of your mobile application.


To know the other common yet important features that you must include in your taxi booking app, read Important Features for Taxi Booking App.


Customize Trip Parameter


Nowadays, people look for this feature in taxi app and it plays a crucial part in the success of any travel application. This feature facilitates rider to make some special request at the time of generating a ride request. For instance, they can request for a baby seat for riders who are traveling with their toddlers, a wheelchair for the handicapped individual, and any such request. By fulfilling these special requests by your passengers, you can offer them a rich traveling experience and grab more and more riders towards your business. This feature will help you to build your customers’ trust in your company so that they will prefer your service over other service providers.


These are some advanced features that you can include in your app, but you can also consider reading another blog that will guide you on how to Develop Next Game-Changing Taxi Booking App.


So if you are a taxi business owner and planning to develop a taxi booking app similar to Uber, Grab or Lyft, you should create an app with easy navigation. Also, make sure that your application includes minimum steps while booking a cab through smartphones as in the fast-paced life, people don’t like a lengthy process. In case, you are confused about which features to be included in your app; you can contact the experts from Panacea who have experience of developing numerous on-demand app development.


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15 Apr

Top advanced features to launch in Taxi Service App

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The idea of building apps similar to Uber has widespread all around. Indeed, Uber is a massive success in the U.S market, where an organization has changed the whole concept of taxi industry with its customer-centric service. If we see Uber, they have recently launched a new service which is known as Uber health. There, the service delivers a taxi hailing platform which is primarily available for the healthcare service provider such as clinics, hospitals, and rehab centres and so on. Even the rider does not need the Uber app features or a smartphone for accessing the service. So if you want to develop your own ride-hailing app or uber like app, then make sure that your app should serve some of the unique features which can help your app to stand out from the crowd.

Create An App Like Uber
So, addressing the unique features for your taxi app below is the given major listed features to make your app as successful as Uber:-

Outstation Service


To build a successful taxi booking app similar to Uber, this has recently secured the second position in the most downloaded travel app. Therefore, the most important feature which you can include is an outstation service’ that allows you to provide a service between two different cities. With just a few taps user can book a taxi for traveling one place to another, which can be on a flat rate or a rate per kilo meter where you can allow your customers to have multiple stopovers, explore the city and travel as per the convenience. So, by using this feature, a user can book a taxi from one town to another and can travel at their own convenience.


With this option, you can serve your customers with rich riding experience for their outstation need. So by incorporating this feature, you can think of extending your business with flexible outstation service.


Day Packages


This feature can facilitate the user to hire a car with their personal driver for a particular time and kilo meter. So no matter whether passengers book a cab for outstation or any other place, it will help your user to get a car with a personal driver.


You can incorporate different types of packages that allows kilometer and time in your Taxi Booking App and then charge accordingly to your customers. This feature can also help you to make your app stand out from other booking apps as you will give your rider a feel of driving their car.


Pooling Option


In this fast-moving era, cab pooling options has gained massive popularity in the market. It is helping passengers to share their rides with other riders and can save an immense amount of money. Cab pooling is an essential feature which you can also consider in your taxi booking app.


This feature can help a rider to opt for car-pooling where they can share their ride with other riders those who are going on the same place and can split the cost with them. So, you can incorporate this feature in your app to bring office goers together and commuters to share their rides. It can also help you to increase the success rate of your app and allow them to ride with other riders.


Advance Fare System


Advance fare system plays a role in cab business. This feature enables admin to set a specific fare for a particular area and time. So, when it comes to set a fare in a system, then there are three different parameters which include time-based, distance, and area wise. For instance, you can set a particular fare when there is a surge like 9 to 11 am, and the second is particular area wise where the high demand of taxi and then the third one is distance wise you can charge X amount up to a specific kilo meter. For example: GoSpAXI taxi’ they allow you to set fare and price based on the particular area time and distance.


Trip Parameter


Trip Parameter enables a rider to book a ride with a special request. For instance, if anyone wants to travel with a baby, he/she can schedule a trip with the baby seat. Apart from the baby seat, riders can also book a ride from one destination to another. Henceforth, taxi parameter is one of the most important features which you can include and provide to your riders.


So, if you are running a cab business or planning for the one, then you can provide above-given features in your Cab Booking App by enabling them to book a ride with just a few tabs using their smartphone.


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07 Feb

Develop Next Game-Changing Taxi Booking App Similar to Uber

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When every start-up or business owner was seeking for the solution, Uber brought the revolutionized changes in the service market on a large scale and made on-demand services the new trend, which eventually transferred into cleaning, design, food, and numerous other industries.


Are you also looking to create apps like Uber? Here are the features that you need to focus on while developing a taxi booking app:


The first and the most important thing, while it comes to developing cab booking app, is that you actually need to create two different apps and both would be connected to the admin portal: one for the drivers and the other one would be for the passengers.


Design best cab booking app by incorporating uber's features


Important Features of Passenger App


  • Login/ Registration Page: There are various ways to allow registration, but the best way is to facilitate registration through social media; email option also one of the options.


  • Booking Interface: One of the most important screens which facilitates passenger to enter travel data and book a cab.


  • Fare Calculator: This feature allows an application to calculate the estimated cost of the ride before booking a ride.


  • Reviews and Rating: Feedback from real-time users is very important; hence an app should have a feedback system where the user can leave feedback about the vehicle, the driver and the trip.


  • Contact Details: Another important feature which facilitates passenger and driver to communicate directly.


  • Payment: There should be an in-app facility for payment. Also, the user should receive a bill or quote for every trip. Allowing saving card details for one-click checkout is common and one should include it in order to build an impactful app.


  • Push Notifications: Updating passenger with the booking progress and other important information related to their ride is important.


  • Ride History: Showing details of the earlier rides and receipts and facilitating to re-booking the same ride.


Features of Driver App


There are some features that will be common for both passengers and drivers; such features include login, support, push notifications, and messaging. Apart from common features, here is a list of unique features for driver application:


    • Profile and Status: Before allowing any driver to enroll on the app, proper verification is very important. Drivers should need to submit their tax number and license at the time of registration. The status functionality should assist them in adjusting their schedule and availability.


    • Order Alert: Along with push notification, the driver should receive notification on the new booking, route details, payment, etc. There should be a facility to accept and decline the ride requests.


    • Navigation: This feature will suggest the best route to reach the passenger and onwards.

    • Reports: Driver should able to get a quick glance on trip earnings, stats, and payroll.


The above are common features, here are some additional and high in demand features to consider while creating a taxi booking app:


    • Bill Splitting: This feature allows passengers to split the bill and pay only their share of the bill. In the recent time, Uber has introduced this feature of splitting the ride fare with friends.


    • Updating Pick or Drop Location: With this feature, the passenger can update details; accordingly, the fare will also change. Uber already have this feature.


    • Voice Commands: Nowadays, almost every app support voice command so why not cab booking app? The fact is that many users look for this feature.


    • Waitlist: Another important feature for any taxi booking app, especially during peak hours. This feature allows users to add themselves on a waiting list rather than searching for a ride on a regular interval.


    • Option to Select Driver: People who use cab on a daily basis, they might have a driver preference and this feature can help them to travel with their preferred driver.


    Admin Panel


    The admin panel is the most important part of any mobile application. This helps to manage, store, and review all the in-app activity. The admin panel should give you a quick overview of all the progressions; recommend the best navigation for trips and drivers; manage payroll and revenue and collect information on your clientele for further development. Though the taxi booking app can survive without admin panel initially; as your customer base will increase it may become quite a hassle. Hence, you should invest in the admin panel.


    If you are planning to Uber Clone App, these are the three segments with their important features. Incorporate all these features to build an effective application.


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01 Jun

Developing a Taxi Booking Mobile App? Factors You Should Always Consider

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Have you built a taxi booking app? What factors should you consider while building your app? Planning a taxi app isn’t an easy task. You must take into account several factors starting from competition, local fares, essential paperwork, and going all the way to designing interface and integrating payment methods.

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20 Feb

 How to Develop a Taxi Booking App

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Are you trying to develop a new taxi booking app? Are you on the vogue to initiate something that will create a boom in the industry and trigger the folks to rate your app as the top one? Well, then you have come to the right page. This post is going to discuss how to make an Uber like app solution for your business. When it’s going to give you an end-to-end guide about the same, it will also steer you on the right track.

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29 Jan

Ways You Can Buck up Your Taxi Booking App

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Trying to improve your taxi business? Looking for unique ways to make your venture reach the top level of excellence? Then, the first thing you should start with is enrich your taxi booking app to a significant extent. We, in this post, are going to discuss a number of ways how you can boost your app like never before!

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29 Sep

The Current Situation of On-demand Taxi Booking App Services in India

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The growing competition is helping- with new businesses entering the Indian market, it is helping the category to get the long due attention. The industry “taxi business” which moves passengers across India is emerging at a fast speed with new technologies, on-demand services, urging customers, new marketing trends, and dedicated service providers are all helping it to fortify amongst organized industries and build Indian brands which can expand beyond the borders of India. Consequently, it is the greatest opportunity for mobile app development companies to give a rise to taxi app development to make car rental industry outshine again.


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