With a radical change in the needs of consumers who value convenience, the taxi app development is the perfect solution for making a complete intercity commute available to smartphone users. It almost looks like users have access to taxis at their fingertips.

So what are the success factor that can help taxi booking app business to bloom like Uber and Lyft.

There are a few things to consider when developing a taxi application like.

  • The application must have a friendly ecosystem that offers benefits to passengers and drivers.
  • Ensure that all functionality are easily accessible to customers through a simple and efficient user interface. Consider a pleasing cab booking app design.
  • The application must be competent enough to calculate the price according to the selected route.
  • Whatever you choose, use the right tools to develop a taxi application. Including;

So let’s start with,

Tech Stack For Taxi App Development

Technology used for creating an app plays a major role in overall on-demand app-based services.

Don’t forget that Uber has already released its API to the public and developers and introduced the affiliate program Riders, you can also create your own personalized taxi app. Server, mapping and payments are the three giant bases for developing a taxi application. First, you need your own server to process hundreds of user requests, driver routes and other data.

  • Programming languages used ​​for the backend – Node.js, Python, Java, PHP, Ruby on Rails.
  • Another crucial element of any taxi booking app is GPS. The OpenStreetMap API for iOS / Android can be used. The platform-specific tools in this regard for Android may be Google Maps and the Google Location Services API. For iOS devices – MapKit or CoreLocation Framework.
  • Since Uber supports payments through PayPal’s credit card app, you can use the following gateway adapters to develop an app: Stripe, BrainTree, Paytm, and PayPal’s mobile SDK.
  • The stack of push notification technology is quite simple: Google Firebase for Android and Apple Push for iOS phones.
  • To send text messages, Uber made Twilio public, although other cloud communication platforms, such as Plivo, Nexmo, Tropo, deserve attention.

Advanced Functions For Taxi App Development

It is important to integrate the latest functionalities that make the ride for customers more convenient, affordable, and viable.

ETA and status

It is human to be a few minutes late for several reasons. However, it is very embarrassing that your loved ones are waiting for you.

Uber has integrated a feature that allows you to share your travel status with your friends and family so they have a safe trip.

Family and friends would receive a text message with details such as the driver’s name, vehicle number, location and estimated time of arrival.

Tariff classification

Users often travel in groups and have difficulty calculating the participation of each cyclist.

Uber introduced the split fare feature, which divides the fare and calculates the percentage of shares for each passenger. So, save the pilots to perform complex calculations!

Extra stops

The cyclist must make several stops during the lap. For example, someone goes to your friend’s house and unexpectedly realizes that he forgot to drink the wine.

You do not want to be a strict service that cannot meet these urgent needs! Therefore, you must ensure that your service is flexible enough that a cyclist can make several stops, if necessary.

Saved places

Most Uber passengers use the same routes on which the place of origin and destination is often repeated. This feature has significantly helped passengers, as they don’t have to search for their destination each time they book a taxi.

Concluding point,

Mordor Intelligence estimate that the global taxi market is set to attain a CAGR of 10.08% during the forecast period, 2020-2025. The estimated figures suggest opportunities it will bring in the global market, due to new entrants.

Mobile application development companies play a vital role in meeting the ever-changing technological needs of smartphone users in the new era. The on-demand taxi app is one of those areas of expertise that involves drivers and passengers who use the interactive platform of taxi applications for their needs.

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