We all have experienced the moment’ when the desire for something delicious take us to order whatever or wherever we want. Such an incredible luxury brought to us by food delivery apps, something to appreciate. Whereas the world of mobile application development for food delivery’ is as wide as the eating options available to us today and the category has their charm for all food lovers across the globe. Therefore, the food delivery app is starting to become a big deal’ because

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are folding up all over the world as their primary goal is to deliver the food from restaurants to your doorsteps.


Postmates is much more than the online food delivery app’ because the app can get you much more than the food. So, the Postmates app is basically delivery services, that pack anything to offer the delivery at your doorsteps or anywhere you want. Therefore, the app does not have any restaurants, but it is available in more than 90 cities throughout the United States. Besides, this app also provides, unlimited service for $10 for a month’ which will help you to get the facility of the free delivery from any selected stores and restaurants on orders of more than $25.




Delivery.com is another online service app which gets you everything right from lunch, alcohol, groceries laundry, and dry cleaning delivered right to your doorstep. Whereas you need to enter your address to see what’s around you, and then you can take benefits from your shorting feature to filter by reviews, cuisine choice or the shortest time it will take to arrive. Thus, this app available in numerous cities across the United States and the best thing about this application is that’ it does not charge for the delivery and earns from the small percentage of pre-tip or subtotal.



UberEATS is a stand-alone

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which is made by Uber’ where it uses its existing infrastructure to deliver the food. Therefore, it even supports dozens of cities around the world, including the U.S. So, the service which basically works like other food delivery app where you can place an order and an Uber driver delivers it to you.




DoorDash is the app which not only focuses on the food quality but also, focus on how the restaurants work well with DoorDash to get your food delivered on time and aim at complete customer satisfaction. Whereas the application includes features like DoorDash Delight, which uses multiple factors like delivery time, food quality, restaurant popularity, and customer satisfaction, to recommend to provides the best restaurants in your area.



Foodler is a food delivery app, available in many United States cities to be precise more than 4,000 U.S. cities. Whereas the most fascinating thing about the Food delivery app is that’ they do not demand cash transactions so, if you have PayPal, credit cards, or Apple pay, then you are ready to go. Additionally, Foodler is also unique in its own way because it accepts two additional forms of payments such as Bitcoin and Foodler bucks. Hence, Foodler is not only a service app’ but also provides a build rewards program which allows you to earn free meals.




GrubHub is one of the most leading

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’ for food ordering app with the complete network of restaurants partner where it has a large customer base and a market capitalization for more than $2bn. As well as it also helps to connect end users to the local restaurants and allow them to pick ordered food along with that, it also enables an end user to access the coupons, reviews, special deal. Their 24/7 customer care team tracks and makes sure you get exactly what you order. Hence, it also provides the facility of re-ordering convenient by their order history.

So, for wrapping up, above are the given list of popular delivery apps which are popular among the people, and there are many other apps which do not only offer food delivery service but, they also provide delivery services too. Henceforth, the market for food delivery application is getting wider as each day passing, which is why the number of apps is increasing at an excellent rate.


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