Gen Z is about taking advantage of instantaneous services from taxi hoardings to order food at his door. The mobile application has given an organized platform for the entire consumer-centric style. One such style is travel and tourism with lifestyle changes; People are no longer with travel agents or pulling a large piece of paper on the dash of their car.

Various industries have been disrupted by rapidly transforming technology, but some have undergone a complete transformation like the travel industry. Now, smartphones are agents of travel for this new generation. According to Statista, the number of smartphones users is expected to reach 275.66 million in USA. This shows that you have great opportunity to cater the users online through travel planning app.

Why aim for travel app development?

Well, there were over 200billion mobile app users in 2019. When we talk about travel app, it ranked 7th among most famous app category on Apple App Store in 2019.

Still looking for a reason, we have three:

As per the travelport:

  • In 2019, 61% of passengers use the smartphone app to book ‘almost always’ or ‘sometimes’ flights, while 62% of travelers say that booking a hotel on the Travel mobile app is important.
  • 52% of travelers expect to have words with a travel brand with the help of text or messaging.
  • 92% of travel brands surveyed believe that mobile strategy is critical to their organization’s future success.


Now, let’s look at some elements that you should look upon, developing a travel planning app for your tourism business.

Three best travel planner app development aspects to consider: 

Provide AI-based travel assistant to users:

Assume that a passenger is stuck in a very new destination and is unable to find where food is, or local transport cannot be found. Through an AI-based voice or message assistant, you can quickly guide him.

You should integrate this kind of feature for a better user experience. Provide hassle-free travel and 24/7 support to your users at their disposal. This particular aspect will help your online travel business manage the series of tourism requests and overcome the direct flaws in the system. Through chatbots, you can help users make last-minute bookings by knowing their needs via in-app text or voice messages.

Installing personalized suggestions for flight, stay and other amenities

Provide great deals to your users through personalized suggestions:

This aspect will serve as a perk for users to download the app. They will maintain the app to know the best flight, stay, hotel prices, and can work on it as per the deal. Your suggestions will act as a price comparison tool.

If you are looking forward to the best road trip planner app development, then you have to keep such niche aspects in mind. This approach will create a trusting relationship with online users, as you are advising them real value and saving their time, energy, money, surfing endlessly on an app through the internet.

Add destination videos for better engagement: 

This element will help users’ holiday trip planners engage more audiences. By adding this feature to the travel app, you will attract users who are eager to learn about locations for more destination-based knowledge.

If a passenger is already on a trip, you can send personal recommendations about the place straight-forwardly to the user. This will save users a lot of time searching for places on Google Maps or the Internet.

Summing up: 

So, these are some critical elements that you can look upon while creating the best on-demand travel planner app, which makes it easier for the users to send plans of travel to a calendar and never forget about it.

Still, puzzled and confused about the best travel planning app development cost and how to make money with a travel app or develop a free travel planner app?

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