It is hard to believe our life without videos. Video content in our daily routine plays a critical role in terms of content. So that might be for entertainment, educational, daily feed, and many others. However, getting a raw video uploaded doesn’t get appreciated at the start. It is video editing apps that add a finishing touch to your videos.

Cisco estimated that the majority share of global internet traffic would be dominated by video traffic by 79%. The viral videos and its popularity are all related to how effectively you edit your videos.

So if you plan to introduce a professional video editing app, consider some primary factors such as features, development guidelines, and how much it would cost you. The video content category deals with multiple types of video apps, such as video recording, video editing, screen recording, or all three functions in a single app.

What Features Should Your Video Editing App Have?

It isn’t a preferable way to create a video editing app without specifying its features. Before implementing your idea, you should write out a list of features you need in your app.

To make a video editing app, your must-have features may be:

  • Trimming and adding frames
  • Merging separate files into one (photos and videos)
  • Adding music or sound effects
  • transition settings and Color correction and
  • Sharing to social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok
  • Save/load video

However, these are still the most basic features. Suppose you have any out-of-the-box concept related to video content editing that none of the competitors have ever tried. In that case, you can also bundle it in a freemium or subscription-based monetization model.

Some of the premium features that are work aligned with the latest technologies are;

  • AI-based editing
  • Music-service integration
  • On-cloud storage
  • Reverse video
  • Slow-motion

Tech Stack For Video Editing App

The technology stack required for video editing app depends on operation systems, Android, and iOS. Every feature needs a dedicated plugin or tool to keep the functioning smooth. Below is a tech stack that can be used while developing a useful video editing app as per the features.

Login: Firebase Dynamic Links

Color correction: MetalAPI (iOS) and GPUVideo (Android)

Trimming: FFmpeg (Android, iOS), Transcoder (Android)

Social network sharing: TwitterKit SDK, TikTok SDK, Facebook SDK

Music and audio effects:  MPMediaPickerController

Platform and hardware resources play an essential role in determining what video recording and editing applications can do. But as we are also talking about product development, we must also consider the user’s approach.

Top Android And iOS Video Editing Apps 

It is always the best method to stay informed about your competition. There are thousands of video editing apps on app stores. To stand out, it is crucial to come up with mind-blowing concepts through your app.

Below is the list:

  • Boomerang
  • Quik
  • iMovie
  • Adobe Premiere Clip
  • Apple Clips
  • InShot
  • KineMaster
  • Magisto
  • WeVideo
  • Splice

Now coming on to the cost,

How Much Does It Cost To Build A Video Editing App?

The video editing app development budget depends on multiple factors such as,

  • Resource deployment based on hours
  • Geographic location
  • Complexities and features
  • Desire platform; Android, iOS, or Both

However, if we consider a single platform with necessary features, it cost around $10 000-$30,000 approximately. While if you wish to advance your app with flagship features, the range can also increase to $45,000.

To the point;

Editing videos and turning them into engaging content has always been the core objective. Although editing them on systems requires precise specifications, massive RAM, large storage capacity, and technical know-how, reproducing all of this on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets through video editing applications makes it a most effective and convenient solution. This is the reason why there is a consistent demand for video apps with new bundled features.

In short, it is critical to consider every parameter required to build an app. Also, prefer an expert app development company like Panacea Infotech.

Collaborate now to bring your concept into the real world!

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