In-app interaction has been the key to success for the high satisfaction rate. Users nowadays don’t prefer to fill those long forms at the time of registration or application. As an instance, a popup window integrated at any corner of the web-page makes the whole journey of browsing live and interactive. It offers a superior customer-centric experience to the user with precise guidelines and directions towards the solution a user looks for. Startup and businesses are majorly focusing on the live chat integration before heading with mobile app development.

Now with copious design layout, smooth navigation, eye-catching CTAs, in-app chat conversation has turned out to be a key feature to hit the potential audience. A Hubspot survey suggests that around 80% of buyers expect a quick turnaround time from the vendors, and this can be achieved easily with the live chat app integration.

Whether you choose a mobile app development company for live chat integration or start on your own, below benefits of chat integration can turn out to be a convenient feature in business app.

Advantages of Live Chat Integration in Mobile App Development

Consistent Engagement

Emails, Social media, newsletters are some of the resources that we keep aligned to maintain the customer engagement parameter. However, the live chat feature can help fetch attention from the relevant audiences. With live interaction, the user gets an instant response from the team, which empowers the reliability factor of the mobile app.

Feature execution in the business app will aid in staying engaged with potential clients. Live chat application offers personalized customer service with one-to-one communication for every scenario.

Review Optimization

User experience helps brands improve their reputation by working on reviews. People usually talk about their experience with the brand when they are allowed to give their feedback through a conversation. Accepting the negative reviews and sustaining the positive ones makes the user aware of the fact that the brand is listening to the customer queries. Integration of live chat in your business app would probably chalk out the factors that are hindering your business growth. On the other side, if you manage to figure out the queries on live chat, trust is built between the users and the brand.

The experiences, opinions, or recommendations help to get more attention from the audiences. As a result, the live chat integration in the app will be more fruitful for the businesses that are more inclined towards B2C business form.

Enhanced Marketing

In-app live chat integration not only serves the purpose of real-time customer support offering but can also be used as a direct marketing channel. It enables information sharing and leads generation strategies. It helps businesses to stay informed about the market gap and demands.

Competitive Edge

Having a wide range of customer engagement is the key to a successful business. More target audience will generate more cases and scenarios to make your business strategies that can be profitable. Implementing live chat right from the stage of mobile app development will help the business app to stand out among its rivals.

Effectiveness Of Live Chat Integration In Mobile App Development Phase

According Forrester, major players from ecommerce and retail sector are considering live chat interaction for sales, service, and customer support.

  • Out of ten major retailers, only one is using chat for sales
  • Majority of the retailers offer service chat options
  • In terms of proactive chats, the number of integration is too low

High productivity and user engagement can lead the business towards the highest peak of success. Deploying top-notch technologies can help the app-based business owners to reach the highest customer engagement and accomplish a significant position in the tech-driven economy.

As assimilation of technology is highly demanded, integration of chatbot is a futuristic approach for in-app chat integration. A benefit that chatbot has over real-time texting is that it can access previous conversations and customer information without getting too deep in the data. Although, for now, the concern isn’t about choosing a chatbot or human to respond, it is the integration into the app which matters to have control over customer support activities.

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