While striding towards success, every ecommerce business wishes to rule the market and their customers’ hearts. To make this wish come true, your brand must move towards adopting Mobile Commerce App.   

You ask why? Well, the very first reason is the substantial increase in mobile phone users in the past few years. Stats say that the business value of m-commerce will reach 700 billion in 2019 and has no intention to slow down. Below-provided is the image that highlights the same. 

With this, you might have guessed that reaching the desired result is not any exception. Provided you do it the right way.  

Needless to say, it is just a beginning. If you are still looking for the reasons why mobile app development is gaining people’s interest and is the future of ecommerce, then the below points will put the light on it: 

  • Users prefer mobile 
  • Mobiles are more convenient to purchase 
  • Mobiles are more convenient to use 
  • It provide better user engagements 
  • Mobiles offer more functionalities 

You would also like to glance at the stat suggesting the escalation in the US’s retail mCommerce sales. 

Moving on, we would like to drive your attention to the fact that many businesses have a well-designed ecommerce website but not a mobile commerce app. If you are one of those, then this is the time to get one.   

Developing a mobile app from scratch can cost you a lot, but you have the option to leverage your existing ecommerce websites. The best part is that ecommerce mobile apps derived from the functional website take lesser time to market.  

In this blog, you will explore reasons to convert your eCommerce store into a mobile commerce app. So, let’s get started.  

Here’s why you should switch from eCommerce store to mobile commerce app  

To get confidence in making this switch, you need you to know the features of mCommerce apps. We assure you that after perusing the pointers, your mind will favor taking this winning step.  

  • Features of mCommerce apps  

It is a known fact that mobile features hold an important place in improving buyers’ purchase experience. The following features will come with the mCommerce apps that will lead to business growth. 


  • Users’ Authorization  

To use the available features, users need to authorize themselves on the app. Once the deed is done, he/she is allowed to make a purchase. At every point of time, the authorization is acquired by direct interaction by the API.  

  • Push notifications  

One of the significant advantages that mobile apps offer is Google Cloud Messaging and Apple Push Notification for Android and iOS, respectively. App publishers can timely push notifications. It is a proven way to reach the users who have already installed your app on their devices. Push notifications help in enhancing user retention, experience, engagement, and acquisition.  

  • Catalogue with categories  

All the products listed on an m-commerce app has a unique ID in the database. In addition to that, users can read the product detail, title, and price. Also, every category has an individual ID.  

  • Varieties of payment methods  

The mCommerce app provides different payment methods to ease customers’ payment procedures. Your customers have the freedom to use different types of credit cards like Mastercard, Visa, etc. Also, you can allow different modes of payments like mobile wallets, net banking, etc.  

  • Tracking purchase  

It allows buyers to have a look at the status of their orders. Additionally, it gives the option of withdrawal at an early stage. The SMS functionality provides every detail of the shipped and delivered products.  

  • Customer support  

Customer support is provided via online chat, phone, or email. Some of the popular ecommerce apps let their customers receive a call back from a service representative.  

The call is yours 

We hope the above pointers must have grabbed your attention, and now you know the importance of converting your eCommerce store into a mobile commerce app.  

If you wish to take this winning step, then Panacea Infotech is one of the best companies to provide this service. Together we can find solutions to your queries.  

Let’s discuss your business’s profit. 


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