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24 Mar

Top 6 Must-Haves for a Successful Mobile App

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The app revolution seems rapidly growing with no sign of ending soon. Businesses across the world have realized the value of mobile app development in terms of serving customers and gaining a competitive edge. A good mobile app interacts effectively with end-users and helps achieve business goals. But what makes it the best from the rest? If you are planning to develop a mobile app for your business then you need to know the aspects that help you produce a successful mobile app. Let’s check out them here.

Mobile App Development Companies
1. Define the Purpose

You must be clear with the purpose that your app is going to serve. You should know what exactly you want to achieve with your app before beginning the app development. Whether it is a portal for your end-users to shop on their smartphones or it is for providing extra information to your customers. Think about how your app will work and how it will benefit your audience. Until your app has a real purpose, it will not be getting downloaded by people. Why would anyone download your app, it if doesn’t add any value to their life? Ensure your end-users will get something when they download your app.

2. Audience and Market Research

The ideas that seem great on paper, many a time fails to make great apps in the practice. A product backed by research certainly succeed in delivering to its potential. Understanding your target audience deeply help you acknowledge their pain points which is extremely important during the process of product discovery. It ultimately, save you from spending money and time on a product that unwanted in the market.


Apart from audience needs, research helps you understand the market trends which help you build product relevant to the time. You can also evaluate your product during research in different ways such as soft launching, user feedback, and focus groups. These ways enable you to know the drawbacks of your app, so you can redefine your idea by acknowledging the audience in greater details. Moreover, it helps you analyze the performance of your product in the market.

3. Plan for Marketing and User Acquisition

No matter how you look at it, but marketing is an essential part of a successful business app. It is important to spread awareness about your app before and after its launch. It helps you create a buzz in the market and draw users attention to your product.


Though your strategy of user acquisition varies based on your target audience, nature of your app and many other factors, you must consider few key aspects while creating your marketing plan that includes product website, app store optimization, advertisement, etc. Today, some professional mobile app development companies help clients to market their app along with app development. Thus, ensure to choose the app development partner who can help you create and implement your app marketing strategy.

4. Integrate Unique Utility

A successful mobile app has something that doesn’t exist in the apps of similar category. It is not enough to provide customers with an alternative way to find products and make a purchase. Though such elements are the intrinsic part of your overall application experience, you must focus on adding unique value to your app to make it valuable for your target audience. In this regards, you must focus on utility, convenience, and entertainment aspects.

5. High-Quality User Experience

Mobile app development has become challenging than ever for both the developers and managers alike due to technology advancement and evolving market trends. What is more difficult is to offer quality user experience. A great app delivers delightful user-experience. There are many elements involve in developing such an app, but at the fundamental stage, your app should be intuitive. Your end-user must effortlessly figure out core functionality of your app and operate its functions. Some other factors that you should consider in order to offer best user experience are loading time, registration process, features access and issues related to performance.

6. Personalization

According to the research, the app that offers personalization or personalized user experience has greater success rate than the ordinary apps. Allowing customers to customize experience or information on mobile certainly give you an edge. It also provides you with the opportunity to enhance user engagement and drive conversions.


This principle of app marketing is vital when you drive your target audience to your app through a message and the user experience you offer in your app. Get insight into in-app user behavior and develop marketing plan personalized to your audience.


There are key factors such as competition and level of marketing determine the performance of your app. However, research and execution play a primary role in making your app successful. Considering the above-mentioned elements during your mobile app development mission will surely help you push out a better product.


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22 Mar

Key Challenges in Customer-Facing Enterprise App Development

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In the world of the internet and mobile, customer-facing enterprise mobile apps work as a wonder for small to large businesses across the world. Thus, the mobile app development is in a great demand. However, the competition and evolving technology have made it challenging for app developers to build the app that meets both business and customers requirements. They have to overcome certain hurdles in order to become successful. These obstacles are related to the whole development procedure – From choosing right developers to implement practical development methods, to incorporate best functionalities/features to the end-product.
Mobile App Development Companies
Working with the finest talents

Finding right people who can build your app is a crucial step in mobile app development. After all, you need an app that helps you interact effectively with your customers and help achieve your business goals. This can be achieved only if you have the right talent to build your app.
You need to make a heavy investment in customer facing enterprise mobile app development. From manager who handles your project to developers who create code, to marketing professional who brands your product and pulls maximum eyeballs towards it – You require all these people to invest themselves in your app.
UI and UX play a key role in creating a positive impact on your target users. You can choose a generic UI/UX for employee facing app, but when it comes to the customer-facing app, you must embrace another approach. In this regards, custom mobile app development considered to be the best choice. It can help you build an app that reflects the true essence of your business and keep the weight of design and functionality similar.
The organization that employs an in-house team to implement their customer-facing enterprise mobile app find it difficult to fill the talent gap for different technical roles such as architectures and engineers who can successfully create and maintain the app.

The ideal solution to this situation is to hire external team where you get access to the talent pool which is capable of fulfilling your demands with their unmatched expertise and experience. Outsourcing can also help you reduce your cost and time.
Show Green Flag to the Native Development

Your app needs to be fast, dynamic and accurate if you are developing it for your customers. Only native development can cover all these attributes and help you produce a great app. It can provide your app with the edge necessary to attract and retain users.
The native app uses exclusive features of the certain platform. You can also add new features if they are available. Most importantly, native app interacts seamlessly with device hardware.
Creating Services Ready for Mobile

If you want your customer-facing app functions as you expected, you need to have a powerful API strategy in place. If your existing service range is not adequate to power your mobile app, then you must take help from a reliable mobile app development company that can identify your requirements in detail and create API from scratch.

Embrace the continuously deliver approach

The organization that cares for its customers continuously succeed in keeping end-users happy all the time. When it comes to the mobile app, customers expect continuous delivery in terms of updates, new versions, bugs fixing, etc. By following continuous delivery approach mobile app developers can learn many things from reviews and feedback, and implement them to improve the product and deliver better user experience.

The customer-facing mobile app brings plenty of challenges. Employing right talent is even far challenging as skills set needed to build, deploy and maintain a perfect customer-centric product is hard to find. Furthermore, the enterprise must focus on native approach for the app development in order to meet customers demand and provide best possible user-experience. The challenges do not end here. A professional mobile app development company like Panacea Infotech can help you tackle all these challenges and deploy your app successfully.

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11 Mar

How to Recognize Whether Your Business App Needs a Major Update?

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Consumers are on the mobile. Thus, mobile app development has become a necessity for many companies to drive more traffic and sales. The apps those are updated regularly, certainly keep up your business with the current time and deliver quality user-experience.

Mobile App Development

The majority of mobile apps focus on minor updates such as bug fixation, feature addition, and polishing. However, they rarely go through the major updates and fail to maintain their success for a longer time. Major updates have a drastic impact on the user experience of your mobile app. These updates can be anything like new UX design, feature or functionality change. But the question is how to recognize when your business app needs a major update?


Fortunately, there are few methods and techniques that can help you identify whether your app needs a major update. Let’s figure out few of them below.

New Design

If your app is going through the design makeover, whether it’s visual design or UX, it’s time to get ready for releasing the major update. It is important to redesign your app timely in order to keep it fresh and relevant. Whenever you realize such need, it also brings the need of releasing a major update. Technology advancement makes impact on the user interaction, thus entrepreneurs need to modify their app design accordingly. To conduct such design modification, the best way to go around with major updates. The best example in this regards is the recent update rolled out to Gmail for iOS.

New Features

When you decide to upgrade features of your app in order to improve its user experience, you must require a major update.


By adding new features, you can release a new version of your app. Furthermore, you can take help from your mobile app development partner to add few more significant feature to release a new update. It is observed as a finest practice to pair some related features and present them as a major update.

Adopting Latest Design Trends

If the design of your business app is not in the harmony with the on-going design trends, then you may need a major update. Many apps ignore some significant trends such as Google’s Material Design or Apple’s Human Interface Guidelines. Such apps soon become unwanted because of their lack of ability to engage users due to outdated UI. If you want to fix such issues, releasing major updates can be the best approach.

Old codebase

With technology evolving steadily, need for updating old codebase emerge which also pushes you to release a major update. Even a year ago created codebase is considered as obsolete. In such scenario, no one can resist changing the aging codebase. If you have decided to do so, then ensure to rewrite the entire code, because major update means a complete overhaul.

Expanding app to other devices or platforms.

Customers use various mobile devices that having different operating systems. If you want to cater customers then you need to be flexible. Moving your app to the new platform or expanding its features justify the major update. Here, you need to work deeply on its coding aspect as you adapt to different design sizes.


Embracing mobile app development and taking your business on mobile certainly help you to add more value to your business. But if you want to keep shining, you must pursue major updates. Whenever you go for the updates, ensure to take a time to inform everyone about your hard work, it will surely help you in making more out of your marketing efforts.


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08 Mar

Interesting Facts that You Might Not Know About Google Algorithms?

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Google is always in the endeavor to delight its users by showing the right results for their search queries. In this regards, it has employed certain algorithms that ensure to return the results which are relevant, fresh and high quality.


Till date, some of the vital algorithms launched by Google includes Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird. Webmasters ensure to keep their eyes on these algorithms updates to understand the norms set by Google in order to deliver quality SEO services that boost the ranking of web pages.

SEO Services

Here we have outlined few interesting fact about Google’s algorithms that you might not know:

1. Google makes 500-600 changes in its algorithms per year.

You might find it’s surprising because you come to know about few major updates every year. But according to the statement made by the most popular SEO community MOZ, Google makes changes to its algorithm 500 to 600 times in a year which includes several minor changes that remain unheard.


So what encourage Google to make such a huge number of changes in its algorithm? The most expected reason is rapidly growing user base of Google. To fulfill this vast user base, Google has to make frequent changes to its algorithm.

2. Have you heard about “Google Dance”?

If not, then don’t consider it as a physical dance move. It is the term that was assigned to the sudden changes in the ranking. You will hardly find a digital marketer or SEO service provider who knows about this concept because it was known several years back when Google used to change it’s algorithm every month.

3. Page-Rank was named after Larry Page, Co-founder of Google.

Google’s founders invented the famously known Page-Rank in order to determine the importance of a particular web page based on the quantity and quality of links to it. In SEO, the sites having high Page-Rank are chosen by webmasters for the purpose of link building. This technology of Google which is used to rank the web pages was named after the Co-founder of Google i.e. Larry Page.

4. Since 2013, Google’s overall algorithm has had one name, Hummingbird!

It has been seen that the changes in Google algorithm are introduced with some colorful names such as Panda, Penguin, and Pigeon. Google assigns these names to the updates made to the overall algorithm itself – which is known as Hummingbird.

5. There is no solid reason behind the names given to the algorithm updates.

If you are trying to find out the reason behind the names given to the updates, then stop putting pressure on your brain, because there is no story behind assigning the name Panda, Penguin or Hummingbird.

6. Google employs human beings to examine the quality of search results.

If you are thinking that the Google use only technology to determine the quality of search result, then you are wrong. There is a human aspect which is unknown to us. Google employs human beings as it’s search evaluators to determine the quality of results for various searches.


These search evaluators follow certain guidelines defined by Google to perform their task properly. Exploring these guidelines digital marketing experts and search engine optimization services can discover elements necessary to maintain search quality which in turn help them provide clients with better results.

7. The primary aim was to stop advertisers from publishing spammy content.

In 1998, Google’s founder published a thesis named “The Anatomy of a Large-scale Hyper-textual Web Search Engine” at Stanford university in which they mentioned, the predominant business model for commercial search engines is advertising. The goals of the advertising business model do not always correspond to providing quality search to users.” All the algorithm updates indicate the Google’s loyalty towards what has mentioned in that thesis.


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03 Mar

Why Most Businesses Prefer to Embrace Custom Mobile App Instead Off-the-Shelf Product ?

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Considering the adoption of mobile across the world and incredible rise in the number of mobile internet users, it has become imperative for businesses to make mobility as a vital part of their business strategy. Today, from shopping to booking and learning to entertainment, people use mobile apps to perform these and more activities. Therefore, businesses those who use mobile apps for addressing their customers’ need certainly reaping its rewards in terms of greater customer reach, retention, loyalty and revenue.


custom mobile app development company


If you have realized the importance of mobile apps and planning to invest in mobile app development, then this article will help you get started with the right approach.


When it comes to developing a mobile app, many entrepreneurs feel uncertain about making a choice between custom app development and off the shelf produce. Though the latter option seems economically viable, it’s always better to choose the former one to provide your business with all the major benefits of app development.


Custom mobile apps are developed based on the unique requirements of a particular business. Rather fulfilling the large community having varied needs, they address the needs of your target audience. Hence, help you yield the right results. This is the reason why custom mobile app development has greater demand than off the shelf product. Let’s check out few key characteristics of custom mobile apps, so you can embrace it without any hesitation.

No limitation

Every business has it’s unique requirements and audience base. Off the shelf, apps are built considering the common or standard requirements such as inventory, asset tracking, and sales. They can’t meet the unique needs of the business. App developers have to follow certain accepted methods of app development in this case. Also, the app can’t be scaled further in case your business grows.


Unlike off the shelf solutions, custom apps are scalable. They can be adapted easily to changing behavior and demands of users. Therefore, they survive longer and contribute to your business success for many years.

Personalized User Experience

Personalized user experience has become a key factor in terms of driving customers engagement. Custom apps fulfill the unique requirements of the business as well as customers. Thus, provide users with a personalized user experience which is highly necessary for converting visitors into buyers.


For delivering personalized user experience, the user interface (UI) of your app needs to be tailored to your business needs. Most of the ready to use apps offer generic UI, thus fail to attract users. Custom apps are built keeping particular needs of business and users in mind, thus they feature unique UI which reflect the essence of your business and help to grab more eyeballs.

Better Security

Ready to use mobile apps have generic security features which are known by everyone. This is what make the security of your app highly vulnerable, thus put your data to risk. Having a custom mobile application built uniquely for your business strengthen the data security, as necessary security measures are taken care based on your business requirements.

Fewer complications and issues related compatibility

As you build your mobile app according to end-users’ needs, users find it easy to adopt. Also, the application includes only relevant features, a little training needs to be provided to the users.


You encounter fewer complications when you operate your app with your business software and the application that you are already using. With the off-the-shelf product, it is normal to deal with constant issues and errors while using it with other applications.

Reliable Technical Support

The greatest advantage you get while having custom app is a robust technical support offered by the custom mobile app development company. Whenever you face any issue regarding performance or scalability, you get a reliable and dedicated support from the team of experienced app developers. Ultimately, it helps you keep your mobile app running without any obstacle.


Competition in the mobile market is rising rapidly. As a result, companies are looking for innovative ways to engage customers. Custom mobile apps offer many advantages that help you meet your business goals.


At Panacea Infotech, we help businesses to build innovative custom apps to achieve their business missions. If you are planning to build a mobile app for your business and looking for the help, then you can feel free to contact our mobile app developers. We will be happier than you to provide you with the best suggestion.


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28 Feb

The 5 Critical Attention for Accepting Mobile Payments

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Mobile Payments, a broad era in this advance technological world through which merchants can set-up and accept transactions using mobile devices. So, even if you are running a small scale business and don’t accept card payments then you are taking a risk of loosing your valuable customers.

Mobile App Development Companies

The important element which mobile app developers must consider while coding mobile payments is solid security protocols that will help out both buyers and sellers. A consumer will not trust any of the merchants whose payment gateway is not secured and trustable. For mobile app development companies, here listed the 5 critical security protocols that must be implemented for accepting the secured mobile payments.


Fraud Detection Software – A fake name, email address to perform fraud actions is as simple as candy. So, to make transaction secure every single merchant should integrate a fraud detection software into their storefront so that it can identify and track every device which has to commence the payment request from the app or website. Further, this software shows the complete data of how many requests have been made, figuring out both secured and suspicious request.


Maintain Application ProbityApplication probility checks out if the authorization request is generated from the official or bogus app. Probity also grabs the deep information about the operating system and mischievous app installed on the device. Therefore, mobile app development company must guide their developers to build a payment system which is out of vulnerabilities and can be automatically updated whenever the new feature come in the market.


Geolocation of DeviceMobile payments companies like Mastercard and Paypal are growing at the top by fixating on the geo location. It’s a feature which helps in identifying fraud transactions, chiefly if the information provided by the user is vulnerable. For the case, if the user home address and billing address is Illinois but the device location is showing California. So, to search for a scammer many mobile devices are launched with an internal GPS chip, which allows the user to enable Geo-location option.


True Connection Detection – The device status is also the other major aspect of securing mobile payments. It’s important to check whether the connection between storefront and mobile device is true or fraud. A malicious phone or PC, loaded with full of viruses can also hack, attack and manipulate the customer payment information. So, to build a true connection VPN or TOR network detection is working great to check the connection detection.


Digital Identity Network – The merchants have a huge transaction data in order to do research and find out the fraud risk. Every new day billions of mobile payments details got registered in merchants database, which help the merchants to find out the new fraud or vulnerabilities. Below are the two solutions which helps merchants to fight with cyber-crime


1. Digital Identity Graph – A graph which is created between people and their devices, location, and behavior to form a network to search for a fraud and fight the cyber-crime


2. Real Time Network – A unique layered solution which has the capability to find out the vulnerable and trusted user in a real time.

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24 Feb

Ideas for developing a sustainable Mobile App

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The mobile world is overflowing with apps. Every year thousands of mobile apps make their entry into the app market, but very few succeed in surviving for a longer time. Those who do not offer something unique, soon become unwanted. For developers, developing a mobile app while considering longevity is a major challenge. Increasing competition, OS updates, and evolving market conditions drive irrelevancy to the app.


Mobile App Development Companies


Though there is no guarantee of success, there are certain mobile app development ideas that can help you produce an evergreen mobile app which ensures to contribute to your business success for a longer time.


Focus on delivering a quality user experience

To ensure the success of your mobile application, it is important that your end-users feel delighted while interacting with your app. The business owners who decide to develop an app always seek a mobile app development company who can build a mobile application that is a perfect blend of user-centric UX and engaging UI. Such a combination can help you attract more customers and inspire them to take action in your favor.


If your audience finds it comfortable interacting with your app and get captivated by its visual appeal, they certainly enjoy using again and again.

Keep some room

While designing your mobile app, it’s a good idea to offer key features along with the ability to add more features. Consider the other tools that your audience might use in the future to perform certain functions of your app.


This is the best technique to convey usefulness of your app to your app users. It also helps you to earn more revenue in the future by allowing users to add features through subscription.

Keep it real to solve real world problems

You build a mobile app for human beings who are real and not imaginary creatures. They use mobile apps to solve their real life issues. If their problem is boredom, then they go for gaming app. Identify who are your end-users, what they want and how your app solves their problems before hitting the mobile app development.


Most of the apps just make extraordinary promises to draw attention, but unable to solve the real problems of the users, thus become superfluous. The uniqueness of your app depends on the complexity of the problem that you are solving. Therefore, if you want to build a unique app, make sure it will solve the complex problem.

Give it a social touch

Even a simple app can drive engagement and achieve long-term success with social interaction. Allowing users to share or connect via social channels can make their experience with your app more interesting. For example, if you are developing an eCommerce app, then letting your users log in via social account or allowing them to share their favorite products through social media can add more fun to their buying experience which also helps you in product promotion.

Ensure to update your app and release new versions timely.

Mobile apps are dynamic. They keep evolving with advancement in app technology, OS updates, and newly emerging app development trends. To maintain your app’s success, it is vital to keep it relevant with the time. Updating your app and releasing its new versions can help you keep your app trendy and compatible with users’ needs.

Go far with the content

Content plays a key role in encouraging your audience to buy your products or services. Using content, you can add more value to your app and make it more useful for your audience. People want to learn more about what they are interested in. By adding content to your app, you can provide your audience with useful information that enhances their knowledge and increase engagement.


Providing quality content to your audience continuously can be a great way of keeping your end-users coming to your app frequently.

Embrace Scalable Approach

A scalable design looks promising on the paper, but when it comes to the implementation, app developers need to put sheer efforts. It is created keeping future in mind because it allows further extension of features. Therefore, building a scalable architecture from the start, you lay the foundation for future growth and address the issue of falling behind the competition.


Leveraging its potential, you can expand the features of your apps without disturbing actual design version of your app or making changes in coding. The scalable approach helps you keep your app relevant to the on-going demands, thus it lives longer.


Although the relevancy of your app can be affected by some external factors, considering the above-mentioned ideas during your mobile app development process can help you produce a highly sustainable product.


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25 Jan

Why PHP Web Development is Popular in the Market?

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Advent of the internet and its growing use among people made it necessary for the businesses to build websites for establishing an online presence. Initially, websites were simple and static. Today is the era of dynamic websites that deliver powerful user experience. When it comes to building such websites, PHP web development is considered as a front runner. PHP helps web developers create attractive websites integrated with superior features and functionality. According to the available statistic, in terms of popularity, PHP ranks first among several programming languages including Java and for web development.

PHP Web Development

PHP basically use for building custom web solutions. Its ability to merge easily with HTML make it a highly demanding programming language among developers to create dynamic web pages. There are many renowned websites including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Wikipedia have been built using PHP. These names are enough to convey the value of PHP development in the market. Let’s find out few more reasons why PHP web development is so popular.

1. It is an open source technology

PHP is an open source programming language which is supported by a large community of developers across the globe. As it is open source, it is completely free to use. This is what make PHP web development a cost-effective options for companies to develop advanced websites.
2. Highly Capable

Creators of PHP have made it capable of designing any type of website and dealing with a large amount of traffic. The best examples in this regards are Facebook and twitter. These sites are known as the most trafficked sites in the world.
3. It is user-friendly

Unlike other web development frameworks such as Java and .Net, PHP is far easier to understand for developers. Even if you only have the knowledge of HTML, you can grasp PHP easily.
4. Easy to find and fix bugs

When you develop a website, you can not expect flawless web development. Errors and issues are the part of web development process. PHP make it easier for developers to find out minor as well as major bugs and fix them instantly.
5. It is scalable

Scalability has become a buzz word in the IT industry. PHP is a highly scalable web development framework that can help you expand your site or other aspects related to it effortlessly.
6. It is platform independent and support all famous browsers

PHP runs smoothly across all major operating systems including Windows, Unix, and Linux. Also, it supports many popular browsers such as Netscape and Apache.
7. It is trusted

PHP is there in the market since 1995. Thousands of brand around the world trust PHP for running their websites.
8. It is secure

Security is one of the key aspects of PHP web development. It not only offer security but also ensure to avert malicious threats and attacks with its several security layers.
9. Rapid development

PHP runs without using much system resource. Thus, it performs faster than other programming languages. Also, it uses its own memory so the server loading time and workload get reduced. Ultimately, it helps reduce development time while developing different types of applications such as eCommerce, CMS, forums, and CRM.

10. Tools and Plugins

Using PHP, you can easily access other third party plugins and tools such as Google Analytics, Google Maps etc.


All the above-mentioned characteristics of PHP contributes to its popularity. If you are thinking about developing your business website, then PHP web development certainly the best choice. In this regards, if you have any query, then you can ask our experts without any hesitation. Our web development experts have achieved great expertise in developing a variety of dynamic websites using PHP. You can get in touch with them anytime and get the best possible suggestion for your next project.

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07 Jan

How to Create an eCommerce Product Page that Converts Visitors into Buyers

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Are you running an eCommerce business? Unhappy with your conversion rate and sales? The majority of eCommerce sites fails to impress visitors due to certain flaws in their product pages. By making some small but effective changes you can eliminate those flaws and enhance chances of attaining your business goals.

eCommerce Design Company

As a leading eCommerce development company, we have built numerous eCommerce websites for our clients across various industries. Our experience has helped us to learn what works in the online market. Furthermore, our team recently has conducted a research on few successful eCommerce site to find out elements that inspire visitors to take action. Based on this knowledge and information here we are providing you with some best tips to create an eCommerce product page that help you reap great rewards. Let’s check them out further.

1. Responsive design/Mobile optimization

You call it responsive website design or mobile optimized page, it is highly essential to deliver a quality user experience to your visitors. Today, a majority of buyers visit your website through their mobile devices. Thus it is imperative to make each element on your website perform well on mobile devices. According to the research, a huge number of mobile shopper abandon transaction or leave your site if the site is not optimized for mobile devices.

E-commerce is shifting rapidly to smartphones. Turning your product page into responsive or optimizing it for mobile, certainly, helps you to hold visitors on your site.

2. Highlight your product name clearly

It’s common sense, but it is crucial for keeping visitors stick to your page. As soon as your target audience land on your product page, the first thing that they must see is your product name. Therefore, make sure your product name is easily seen. Furthermore, if you have something essential to show such as your product code or key features, you can mention it along with your product name.

3. Effective product description

Product pages on your eCommerce site not only play a key role in turning your visitors into buyers but also help you rank well on the Google. The web pages having fresh and quality content likely to get a good position in search engine results. Also, a unique product description helps you to impress the audience and persuade them to buy your product.

While writing description apart from mentioning the key features of your product ensure to integrate keywords. Keep it brief and show it in a professional manner.

4. Integrate high-quality product images and videos

E-commerce development has gone beyond just creating pages with a product name, description, and a single image. Today, customers want realistic shopping experience. They want to view your products from multiple angles. Therefore, make sure to add different images with higher quality and resolution. It is your image quality that makes audience feel positive about your products.

To make your page more effective, you can further add videos that present and describe your products in a powerful manner.

5. Compelling Call-to-Actions

The attention span of visitors is getting shorter and shorter. You just get few seconds to influence the buying decision of audience. Call to actions also known as CTAs help you catch the attention of buyers and simplify their journey on your site.

When implement call to actions on your product page ensure to use attractive and relevant. For example, if you are selling a product then you can use Buy now, Grab your product, or something unique. Also, make sure to highlight your CTAs with color, font, and effect that enhance the beauty of your page and compel visitors to click it.

6. Add live chat functionality and secure payment gateway

Live chat functionality and payment gateway on the eCommerce site has become an intrinsic part of eCommerce development. If your business offering product to multiple countries then adding live chat software that supports various languages can help you build a good relationship with your customers. Secure payment gateways help you build trust that eventually help you achieve customer loyalty.

Creating a powerful eCommerce product page is really a challenging stuff in today’s competitive business world. The above-mentioned point surely helps you start well and add more quality to your page that increase your chances of generating great results. If you have further queries or need help with your website, you can feel free to contact our experts. We will be happier than you to provide you with the best suggestions.

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23 Sep

The Ultimate Trendy Checklist for Successful Mobile App Marketing Strategy

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Mobile App Marketing Strategy can Give You : Get more downloads, ratting & reviews, revenue & better brand reputation. In simple word, Optimize your mobile app content according to end-user requirements which can give you the better result as per your expectation.

Mobile App Development

read more

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