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15 Feb

Why to Hire Magento Developers?

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As Magento is one of the latest eCommerce platforms across an online market, numerous eCommerce business owners are looking forward to moving their website on it. The design was always a tough task, with every eStore’ that has launched. And even though setting magneto is not tricky, but once you finish, a learning curve may be required. Of all these, here are five reasons why you should appoint a professional Magento developer: –

Hire Certified Magento Developer

1. Creating Unique Magento eStore-

Enterprise level firms who look forward to opening the online store to offer various products’ face intense competition as there is numerous online store already on the leading edge to boost themselves in initiating best services to the customers. So, if you want to stand tall among the competitors, you have to offer something unique, responsive and highly-quality services as well as the website to the visitors. It will be surely a consuming task to achieve all such things, and that’s the reason why Magento developer can prove to be a one-stop solution for all these.


2. Not engaging the time in basics learning:-

One who wants to migrate their website on the Magento from other platform or to look forward to developing their website on Magento will find that the latest Magento version is little advanced. You need to Hire Certified Magento developer who can assist you in giving a considerable amount of information and can suggest some better ideas to design the store and for adding the products to it. It is essential to install Magento extensions if you want to open a large store to make sure that everything can run seamlessly from the start.


3. You want the store to work as soon as possible:-

Every single minute that you invest in setting and designing counts as a lost opportunity to attract customers. If you select to integrate Magento store and customize it with the one who lacks experience or have the low technical knowledge to help, then the entire process will be very awkward, and output will lack a mature and professional touch. Under other conditions, if you select Magento developer you are guaranteed to own store fastly in days and will every business owner looks for.


4. No need to worry about bugs:-
Magento is the most secured and stable platforms in the online market. Still, some errors or issues get encountered when the time comes. This is common for those who want their store to launch fastly and do not focus on small things that create the difference to an end user. Magento developer can give mental peace on this issue, as output is guaranteed by his experience and portfolios.


5. Staying ahead of the competition:-

Let’s face it, not everyone knows the trick to attract online visitors and how to maintain their interest in their entire time. If the visitor won’t get satisfied or didn’t find the product which they are looking for, they will leave your website and will visit competitor’s websites. By hiring a Magento developer, one can guarantee the execution of the plan as per your strategy, something that competitors won’t be able to achieve.


We at Panacea Infotech had highly skilled and experienced certified Magento developer was having a vast knowledge of Magento. Our developers are highly trained to deliver the project on time and meet the expectations of clients if you are looking forward to hiring Magento developer to feel free to reach us by dropping us a mail at


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12 Feb

Mobile App Trends For 2019

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The year 2018 has been a milestone in terms of the technology developments, which is going to continue in 2019 as well. The canvas of technology is huge and there are many colors that need to get on that canvas.

Mobile Application Development


Here are some of the mobile application development trends that you should look forward in 2019:


Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence


We all have seen Artificial Intelligence growing over the years and we know that it is here to stay for decades. The International Data Corporation estimated that the AI market would be over $40 billion by the end of the year 2020. So far, the manufacturing and medical sectors have made huge benefits by utilizing artificial intelligence. Affective machine learning and AI are only possible with accurately capture real-time data.


Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality


The list of the current trend in the app development world would be incomplete without AR and VR technology. This technology makes the user experience more interactive and expected to become more popular in 2019. Many mobile app development organizations are looking to invest in the ‘beyond the screen’ technology.


On-demand Mobile Apps


We have witnessed craze of on-demand services and the trend is expected to continue in 2019. Things are going to be more interesting as many other sectors are expected to get into the world of on-demand apps in 2019. In the recent years, some of the major on-demand apps like Taxify and Uber have gained huge popularity. According to one of the reports published recently, the on-demand platform to generate more revenue in coming years.


Blockchain Technology


Blockchain Technology has been launched a few years ago, but grabbed attention in 2018. Major financial investors and institutions have generated huge profits, especially in the case of assets. The blockchain technology market is expected to reach the $20 billion mark by 2024. You should also understand that app development companies will be looking to grab this opportunity. Hence, it is very important for you to follow this field.


Wearable Apps


In 2018, we witnessed the growth in the demand of wearable apps. For instance, in the healthcare sector, we have seen the use of apps to get the vitals including the blood sugar levels and heart rate in patients. Apart from the medical field, other businesses are also looking to try their luck in the wearable app. Smartwatch is one of the major reasons behind the evolution of the wearable app.


Internet of Things


If you look in the past few years, you will realize that the Internet of Things is making its way to the operations. The development of IoT is expected to go a notch higher in 2019 as many sectors including e-commerce and education are looking to invest in the internet of things.


Payment Services for Mobile


Nowadays, everyone carries their world on their phone. Banking platforms cannot spare from this development especially when we are talking about mobile application development. In 2019, you will come across many other mobile payment options. The development of e-commerce and other digital services force banks to offer convenient payment methods.


More Cloud Storage Platforms


The increase in the demand of various mobile applications eventually leads to increase in the requirement of cloud storage. The cloud services make it easy for you to store more data in your business. This will also provide high security and privacy of your data. It is estimated that the cloud-based companies will make more profits in this field.




Chatbots are trending in every industry and in 2019, chatbots are expected to take over various communication facets in the mobile app world. This technology minimizes the need of human-to-human interaction in different fields. Various companies are generating profit partly because of effective customer engagement.


Application Performance Management (APM)


The performance of any mobile application depends on different factor and varies across the board. To deliver the best services to users, search bots like Google and Bing enhance the excellence of these platforms, which gives you the ultimate experience while accessing apps.


Enterprise Mobile Management


As far as the business concern, mobile apps are expected to be at their best space, which highlights the existence of Enterprise Mobile Management (EMM) in the industry. In 2019, these EMM services will assist foster app security and management of assets among business owners.


It is very clear that 2019 is going to bring some major evolutions in the mobile app development and every mobile app development company is trying to adapt the latest changes. In 2019, we should expect the exponential development of on-demand and wearable apps. Along with this, we will see AI expanding in different industries and making its impact. Let the technology set the new milestone in 2019.


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07 Feb

Develop Next Game-Changing Taxi Booking App Similar to Uber

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When every start-up or business owner was seeking for the solution, Uber brought the revolutionized changes in the service market on a large scale and made on-demand services the new trend, which eventually transferred into cleaning, design, food, and numerous other industries.


Are you also looking to create apps like Uber? Here are the features that you need to focus on while developing a taxi booking app:


The first and the most important thing, while it comes to developing cab booking app, is that you actually need to create two different apps and both would be connected to the admin portal: one for the drivers and the other one would be for the passengers.


Design best cab booking app by incorporating uber's features


Important Features of Passenger App


  • Login/ Registration Page: There are various ways to allow registration, but the best way is to facilitate registration through social media; email option also one of the options.


  • Booking Interface: One of the most important screens which facilitates passenger to enter travel data and book a cab.


  • Fare Calculator: This feature allows an application to calculate the estimated cost of the ride before booking a ride.


  • Reviews and Rating: Feedback from real-time users is very important; hence an app should have a feedback system where the user can leave feedback about the vehicle, the driver and the trip.


  • Contact Details: Another important feature which facilitates passenger and driver to communicate directly.


  • Payment: There should be an in-app facility for payment. Also, the user should receive a bill or quote for every trip. Allowing saving card details for one-click checkout is common and one should include it in order to build an impactful app.


  • Push Notifications: Updating passenger with the booking progress and other important information related to their ride is important.


  • Ride History: Showing details of the earlier rides and receipts and facilitating to re-booking the same ride.


Features of Driver App


There are some features that will be common for both passengers and drivers; such features include login, support, push notifications, and messaging. Apart from common features, here is a list of unique features for driver application:


    • Profile and Status: Before allowing any driver to enroll on the app, proper verification is very important. Drivers should need to submit their tax number and license at the time of registration. The status functionality should assist them in adjusting their schedule and availability.


    • Order Alert: Along with push notification, the driver should receive notification on the new booking, route details, payment, etc. There should be a facility to accept and decline the ride requests.


    • Navigation: This feature will suggest the best route to reach the passenger and onwards.

    • Reports: Driver should able to get a quick glance on trip earnings, stats, and payroll.


The above are common features, here are some additional and high in demand features to consider while creating a taxi booking app:


    • Bill Splitting: This feature allows passengers to split the bill and pay only their share of the bill. In the recent time, Uber has introduced this feature of splitting the ride fare with friends.


    • Updating Pick or Drop Location: With this feature, the passenger can update details; accordingly, the fare will also change. Uber already have this feature.


    • Voice Commands: Nowadays, almost every app support voice command so why not cab booking app? The fact is that many users look for this feature.


    • Waitlist: Another important feature for any taxi booking app, especially during peak hours. This feature allows users to add themselves on a waiting list rather than searching for a ride on a regular interval.


    • Option to Select Driver: People who use cab on a daily basis, they might have a driver preference and this feature can help them to travel with their preferred driver.


    Admin Panel


    The admin panel is the most important part of any mobile application. This helps to manage, store, and review all the in-app activity. The admin panel should give you a quick overview of all the progressions; recommend the best navigation for trips and drivers; manage payroll and revenue and collect information on your clientele for further development. Though the taxi booking app can survive without admin panel initially; as your customer base will increase it may become quite a hassle. Hence, you should invest in the admin panel.


    If you are planning to Uber Clone App, these are the three segments with their important features. Incorporate all these features to build an effective application.


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05 Feb

Building an app like Uber and its feature

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Once the taxi service was royalty, Uber made it need by making it affordable. Not only did uber disturbed the traditional taxi service, but also hinder the way people carry out their business. Today, Uber is on the most demand service model which can be applied to almost all the niches of the industries. It is not overemphasizing to say that the demand for demand solutions is increasing with the every passing day. People improve their power of the imagination and conceptualize a fairly unseen niche with an on-demand solution.
Create An App Like Uber

Uber taxi app started its journey with an IOS app. Originally uber could only book the rides for their customer, but with time passes uber started given luxury cab services with the launch of uber black. Uber black allowed the user to choose their ride as per their preference from a wide range of luxury cars. However, it is only managed to please the upper class. Then UberX came with a promise to charge right and became a default cab hailing service for most of the people. But uber more plans to enhance the customer experience and this came in the form of user pool.


Components of the system like Uber app – An app is not merely a client app with a convenient interface to book a ride it is a system of communication between administrator, driver or passenger of the service which consists of 3 elements.

  • App for customer
  • App for a driver
  • App for admin



App for customer – The fundamental goal of the app is to serve the customer to book a taxi ride and pay for it from the mobile app, for providing customers with truly convenient and functional service, then the customer part of the taxi app must have the next functions which is given below.


  • Registration via email, social media or the phone number
  • Managing order function: to specify the pickup and dop address
  • Track the driver’s location in real time
  • Price for a ride before placing an order
  • Integrated payment system
  • Push/SMS notification
  • Review and feedback
  • History of orders



App for driver

  • App for the taxi driver should include next features like
  • Registration/login and the status updating
  • Accept and deny passengers orders
  • See the location of the customer, destination point and the route visualization on the map
  • Order history
  • Push notification
  • Cost of the ride
  • Customers feedback
  • Support



App for Admin – Administrative panel is nothing but a controlling tool. In this admin panel can see all the vital statics of the performance such as drivers performance and incomes, information about the customers their complaints. With this tool, admin can also add or delete drivers from the system or their accounts set suspended or terminated.



The architecture of the system – To develop a fully functional taxi app system, you will need a back end part. Which are nothing but a server and its application, which will help you to collect the data, receive it from app and process it and send it back to the mobile apps. The speed of the service will depend on how fast the server process the data. The faster the service is, the better to provide the good speed of the work.


  • Registration/login and the status updating
  • Accept or deny passenger orders
  • Customer’s location his destination point and the route visualization on the map
  • Order history
  • Push notification
  • Cost of the ride
  • Customer’s feedback
  • Support


App development process – Developing an app is a long and complicated process which includes multiple stages which are given below. The first stage is Ideas validation and creation. After developing a design or idea then UX/UI phase comes with all the apps functional planned. At this phase, it’s essential to get defined with all the platforms to develop the app for. There are three options for making a cross-platform app fitting to both Android and IOS and then for making the work of app faster and more correct it always recommended to develop the app separately for each platform then quality assurance come for searching for the bugs and fixing them.


Cost of the app like Uber – There won’t be any specific answer to this question of fixed priced and the required amount of time. There is a verity of factors such as the amount of work, the number of specialists hired, their speed of action, hourly rates of the specialist. Nevertheless, it is possible to approximately count the work volume in hours and having divided the work into sections.

  • Design approx. 50 hours
  • Development of the mobile app on each of the platform approx. 350 hours per platform
  • Developing of application programming interface approx. 80hours
  • Admin panel development approx. 180 hours


When above mentioned measured taking into the account it can be resumed the development of mobile app on one platform which can take up to 660 hrs. The average hourly rate for developers is $40, and the currency would cost $26,400 to develop an app on one platform. If we sum all the above costs, then it will be 1320 hours and $52,800 to develop a taxi app on both platforms.

Have a look at one of our client’s review, which is based on our performance is given below:


Customer Review


Technologies for Uber – Apps which tries to repeat the success of apps like uber or to gain the same popularity and some revenue must integrate a stack of technologies without these uber technologies the work of the application would be hardly imaginable.

  • Maps and Geolocation – Ability to locate the customer or driver, where allows the service to be fast and reliable. Setting the route and counting the distance of the ride would be for the users who are impossible to see without maps.

  • Push notification helps the customer to give timely information for making the customer come to cabs on time additionally the driver will know about the new orders.

  • App payments- Opportunity to make cashless payments right from the booking cab is one of the top specialty provided in taxi apps. The number of methods should be available for cashless payments such as credit/debits cards, wallets, PayPal, etc.



Design – The success of mobile app majorly depends upon the convenience of the user interface for the customers. It should be easy to understand, and the best way for the app to be comfortable and intuitive in usage. Different platforms apps such as Android and IOS differ substantially in design. The app should be designed for both platforms such as IOS and Andriod. This given rule is called a nativeness it also it is followed by the app developer of taxi service such as Uber.



Analytics – For operating the business successfully, you should have access to the feedback option. It will help the operator to know about what people like and what they dislike and many more. All these you get directly from customers by including an option of leaving feedback to an app, there also another platform of getting feedback which is an analytic system, with the help of this we can get the customer reviews and their feedback which can help us to improve the app.

So, for wrapping up, you need to be very careful on what features you are selecting for your app, not to make it look like feature stuffed app, try to be as useful as for your end users.

Another aspect for creating your taxi-hailing app is the cost, which depends upon the create an app like uber. While there numerous in app development market to claim to be the pioneers in the industry well, not everybody has got that hands-on experience on-demand solution.

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01 Feb

5 essential mobility practices to follow in 2019

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Enterprise Mobility has always been a significant account for different directions when it comes to developing a business after some current sessions. With the increasing demands of employees and customers, the growth potential of mobile and the growing competition has made the initiative of enterprise mobile these days highly significant. Therefore, one organization should give top priority to mobile; otherwise, they could lose their market share.


Mobile App Development USA


Companies are exploring different ways to emerge in the interbitt mobility game. They are looking forward with the help of mobile device management, mobile enterprise service, human resources mobility initiative, combination or rapid change. In essence, enterprise mobility is in practice to discuss and business owners look forward for mobile application development for their business.


Let’s talk deeply about enterprise mobility and what trends of enterprise mobility businesses should follow in 2019.


Enterprise Mobility: In Nutshell – Enterprise Mobility defines the operation of its business by various companies, to develop and distribute business services through mobile-based solutions, and also explains the mobile products that are launched explicitly for customers.


Enterprise mobility usually refers to things like mobile apps, which are employees or business-focused, quick strategies, client-centric mobile applications, change management and DevOps, and other initiatives taken for digital changes.


Let’s take a look at what one organization can do to improve its enterprise mobility management.


1. Consider the various options for mobile app development:- According to studies, some people prefer a hybrid approach to the development of mobile apps, in which web technologies like HTML5 are used to develop applications that are eventually placed in a container that will give you access to basic device features. Some prefer the basic app development on the iOS and Android mobile platforms while others prefer web development languages.


These days, html5 is getting more support. Supporting and creating mobile apps on different platforms may be more costly to you. And this is a big problem for an organization that creates apps that will be using other partners, suppliers or external contractors.


The native script is one of the technologies that are highly in trend and is an open source system, which, according to some experts, may have a future for mobile app development, which believes that this framework provides more flexibility than Apache Cordova, which is just hybrid app development.


Android and iOS app developers can develop native applications using native scripts, and they do not even need to write the original code. They can use online known resources like JavaScript and HTML5 for their mobile projects. There are many benefits to using a single language, but it only lets you work or integrate with the basic capabilities of the device.


2. Keep your organization data and apps safe:– Since the use of mobile applications and devices in organizations is increasing every day, it also increases privacy and security risks. For example, by using personalized gadgets to access company data from anywhere or at any time, your network can be accessed via virus attacks, data leaks, and illegal access. Many organizations rely on mobile security policies that adjoin solutions to control the exploits made by jail-broken devices. Known threats identify many of these solutions; they are unable to find stranger OS, network and app exposure.


3. Keep users in mind when designing mobile apps:– If you do not design an app properly and users do not want to use it anyway, then all your efforts and skills will be in vain. An organization should recognize the issues of its employees and create a mobile app that will reduce their problems.


To rise above the barriers that an app can embrace immediately, be sure to interact with promising users and understand how they are going to use your app. For example, you might need to design an offline application, if sales reps sometimes work in places with no authentic network connections.


4. Create safe user credentials: Usernames, such as usernames and passwords, must be made with the best care and safety. Credentials which are sufficient for some types of apps, may not be suitable for other types of apps, which require more security.


For example, a small number of stars, while the game scoreboard or leaderboard can have accurate authentication for users, they will not be enough for a social networking app.


5. Follow new tech trends: Continuous development of new technologies can ease mobile device security. Specifically, focuses on protecting at Android OS level for work solutions. It can keep individual and professional ambient apart by supplying secure containers or profiles on Android gadget’s trendy generation. Whereby it is capable of managing enterprise-level controls, while users control only their personal information.


Also, this work solution protects the app from enterprise data and user’s actions that are carried out outside of their profile, such as ordering something from unknown sites, side-loading web applications, or other activities that are not possibly safe.


Summing Up:


It proved that enterprise mobility solutions are essential if they developed, followed and applied significantly. Therefore, businesses must look towards the trends and contract with best mobile application Development Company in USA and across the globe ultimately leading to better ROI.


Keep the above points in mind, execute mobility and handle it efficiently. To find out which of the practices as mentioned above can benefit from your business model, contact our specialists or drop us a mail at


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28 Jan

Steps to measure ROI for app development

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If you want to learn how business works first, you should understand the terms which are related to business. Among all these, the one which is majorly used is return of investment (ROI) which is a method of determining the efficiency of an investment.  It is a key metric used to rank the attractiveness of the number of different types of investment alternatives and is expresses as a percentage. So, when a business spends USD 1000 per month on an advertising campaign also generates USD 2000 in return directly from the campaign, you get ROI by dividing 2000 by 1000 which is equal to 2.

App Development Companies

Which shows that every single dollar spends on the campaign, the business earned 2 dollars. ROI calculation helps you understand what and all is working for you and what is against your business. Hence you can invest in areas where you can earn and generate more revenue.


ROI in App development – Remember of the last few times you purchased in-store or online? Most of us use our phones to pay for the purchase. The convenience of such purchase offer has attracted many people to online purchase which is in the result of boosting mobile commerce. As per the recent research, mobile commerce will reach USD 25 billion in 2020. Well, this trend helps the organization to realize the importance of mobile and their work applications. There are certain obvious advantages found in mobile app Development Company for business.


ROI in different types of apps and their steps involved in measuring for an app are given following: –


ROI in the development of hybrid as well as paid apps – Pay per download model works as the fastest way to obtain an immediate ROI for your app development. However, a given method is not received well by the users as they are not ready to pay an initial cost which they have not tested. Customers usually keep high expectation of such apps which are often not met hence resulting customers unsatisfied most of the times.


Not all the app is designed to make money directly. There is another way to monetize the apps rather than making customers pay for the first time. Different types of business models used for application, by following two among them have gained popularity among paid for apps.


  • Setting the nominal price for downloading the app



In these types of the cases, the price for the downloading the app is usually kept very nominal so that the purchase for the customers is not very high such type of application development usually obtains a satisfactory ROI in the long run.


  • Setting a high price for downloading the app



In these types of the cases, the price for the downloading the app is usually high for the app because they are sure that product will get sold. It applies in such cases where the ROI for the app is guaranteed other it can backfire.


ROI in hybrid app development – The hybrid app gives more possibilities for monetization hence they are found in ample amount in the market. Such apps focus on obtaining benefits after downloaded. ROI for these achieved from advertising, in-app purchase, subscription, and payments.


ROI in mobile app development – ROI accomplished in different ways in app development. Some companies even sell user information to third parties to generate revenue. Others analyse user behaviour and patterns within the industry. As long as the app providing the service which is useful to the customers, the app is a bond to obtain a good ROI.


Steps for measuring ROI for mobile apps


Objectives –The most vital step of all to know what you want to achieve from an app. It should start before the designing of the screens and before writing the code. Every mobile campaign can be measured by one of the two intended outcomes.


  • Analyze your customer interaction: Focus on user acquisition and retention rate.
  • Analyze your workplace efficiency: Focus on sales and marketing, assets management.


The mobile app developer should be clear about the business objectives of all stages of app development. Without proper implementation of this step, you may not be able to utilize your funds in the app development process.



App development cost -This step is essential because you need to ensure that you keep within the confines of the budget and do not consume may excessive resources in the app development process. Managing an account of the development cost is necessary because you need it to measure it against the key performance indicators as discussed.



Development costs generally include below costs


  • Implementation
  • Hardware
  • Support and integration


We should also keep in our mind that as soon as the app is developed, there will need of a maintenance team which will add to the long term development.


Each app is a measurable KPI – Key performance indicators are business keys used to evaluate the factors which are essential for the success of an organization. Which is also different from one organization to another some may consider the net revenue as a KPI, while others might consider customer loyalty metric rate as a key performance indicator.


For a workplace efficiency, metrics will give you an idea about the performance of your app and its impact on your sales, to evaluate the maintenance costs and equipment uptime. These metrics will help your campaign efforts from multiple angles and help you maximize your results in a way you like.


Well, the bottom line is the market shifts towards a digital world too many businesses have come to a cutting edge to invest in mobile app development companies. Understanding and calculating the ROI of your app do not only increase the results also help to grow your business in the right direction.


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21 Jan

Why hiring a Magento developer is good option for developing robust ecommerce website?

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Magento has evolved into the prominent e-commerce platform for businesses as well as for Magento developer because of its flexibility, development architecture and scalability and other security feature. It is entirely customizable also allowing developers to personalize an online store according to the customer’s requirement which helps to lead better user experience and ensure customers to revisit the website. Official websites of Magento states that it nearly host about 25000 websites. Other survey shows that Magneto’s downloads have scaled up incredibly.

Magento Development Services


Magento e-commerce development platform has a large number of features like add on features which are helpful to build right into its framework which also offers sites that can help to create active online stores by the help latest techniques.

• It help to enhance the visibility and boost online sales
• Customer involvement by offering seamless UX
• Customer shopping experience in real time


When it comes to Magento development, you will see developers to create great websites or remarkable online store for your businesses. Below given pointers will help you pick the properly skilled developers for your website.


Factors to consider while hiring certified Magento developer:


• Know your requirements – Before you start inquiring for Magento developers you should do some homework like to jot down your requirement, functionality needs for your Magento store and how they might profit your business. The best way speak with Magento Development Companies and explain the requirements to the experts who will help your category of website.


• Search certifies Magento developers – While hiring the Magento developer few things to keep in mind such as he must have cleared all the Magento certification exams like front end developer certified, social learning certified, Magento certified developer, modification kit and developer plus. These certifications will not only help to scale up the developer but also make them more proficient.


When hiring Magento certifies developer while creating your website they should know more than how to code, the best practice is of building a site and in the process, help you save the costs as well as time.


• Experience – Before appointing any Magento development company, check all the previous experience of the company which they have worked on, an experienced or skilled Magento developer is capable of handling all the issues and technical challenges which are faced by developers or clients during the development process. They will thoroughly understand your needs and can complete the projects in given time-frame without any delay.


• Portfolio – Check the portfolio of the development company you are deciding to select just by looking at their portfolio; one should get an idea about their skills and their developers working style. You can also get to know about the projects delivered by the company and their commitment towards the work. You can also refer to testimonials of the clients which can help you decide the company’s capability of executing and delivering the projects to client’s satisfaction or not.


• Online reviews – Now in this internet era, online reviews play’s a significant role. There are many platforms where companies are audited such as yelp, clutch. Co where you will get to read their reviews and their rating from those who developed their website with those companies. It can help you choose the best Magento development company.


• Costing – Well, everyone knows that the costing play’s an essential factor as far hiring of the Magento developers are concerned. Maximum clients will look for the developers who will agree to work on their project without misbalancing the finance. Therefore, it’s good to negotiate every detail for the project cost while interacting with the developer for the first time, while doing so do not compromise on the quality of the work because it will have an impact on the long term period of the business.


• Communication – Assure that the company has a proper communication path with you. From the starting of the project till the completion phase, one needs to be in constant touch with Magento development team. The project manager who is handling your Magento store should be capable of understanding your needs also listens to your suggestions for making improvements. The company should be following best communication channels for continuous flow.


• Post-deployment support – Post-deployment support is vital to ensure you the proper functioning of your online Magento store after making it live. Keep note of one thing that your customer should not get affected because of any technical and functional issue — post-deployment support help to improve the performance of any Magento site.




In this highly competitive tech industry, Magento is the key to e-commerce business success. It is to be the most popular, robust and easily accessible option in internet technology, where choosing a Magento e-commerce solution for your Magento project is a challenging task. Your project plays a crucial role where costing limitation and quality of work matters. Magento developer offers detailed technical support and expertise to transform your e-commerce idea into an online running business. If you want your store to offer a great shopping experience, then you should consider all the given factors while choosing a Magento development company.


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14 Jan

Importance of having a mobile friendly website

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Online or a prospective customer are continually moving to mobile. Mobile friendly websites have become compulsory, it is no longer considered to be an option in this era. Mobile friendly sites provide better browsing experience for a visitor. Additionally, visitors can spend more time browsing the internet on smartphones rather traditional desktops. Even health-related searches have become the most popular searches conducted online, which is essential that dentists have a mobile-friendly web page.

Best Mobile App Development Company

Mobile friendly website?

Mobile friendly sites are the websites which are designed to display site content on a device such as smartphones and tablets which is optimized for mobile display because it makes more accessible for a mobile user to read or navigate the website which they choose to visit. Sites those are mobile friendly should consider below-given factors.

• Content should fit the page
• Easy navigation
• Screen touch-friendly buttons
• Fast download speed


In this technology driven era, mobile is used as the easiest access for online information mainly when visitors are on the go if your site is not mobile friendly then your visitors will soon get frustrated which will lead them a path to go elsewhere for business.


Here the important point to note is mobile devices overshoot the number of searches comparatively on desktops as 60 percent of internet traffic which comes from smartphones in comparison to desktop users. As a whole having a mobile-friendly website always lead to having greater audience also help to create a larger customer base.


SEO Friendly

It is not only just mobile friendly sites are essential for the mobile user, but Google also plays a vital role, when things come for the proficiency of business. Having an excellent mobile-friendly site is vital for organic search. If Google considers your mobile site as unfriendly, then it can cause your website to lower search ranking on Google. This plays an essential part because the lower your business ranks are than less likely mobile users will see your business on a given page which will affect your traffic as well as online presence.


Branding and Engagement

Mobile users who believe, a website which offers outstanding mobile experience are more likely to return for future business. Hence mobile app development companies should made Mobile friendly websites so that the end-user flawlessly fulfill their needs with excellent functionality, consistency also they can gain the trust by them.


Responsive page design

If you have redesigned your web page in a past couple of years, then your developer might have made a responsive design. Responsive design help to auto resizes the display of your sites on whichever screen it’s being used, because a majority of market traffic comes from the mobile and that they cannot possibly convey an optimal user experience just using a responsive version of their website, so they develop a mobile application.


Mobile friendly content

Content plays a significant role in mobile as compare to desktop due to limited space available on mobile. While writing content for your mobile user seeks for the brief, purposeful and readable. Also, header and callouts help your reader to navigate the information from your site.



So, in conclusion, websites those are mobile friendly plays an important role. If you have not updated your website as mobile-friendly till now then I would strongly suggest you to do it soon, or if you have not by Google yet then it could be only a matter of time for developing an excellent mobile-friendly website, you should rely on best mobile app development company.


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08 Jan

Biometric Revolutionizing & Molding the Future of Mobile Banking

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Biometrics is nothing but a measuring physical characteristic to verify one’s identity, was once a form of cutting-edge technology seen only in futurism movies now it is becoming a large part of our everyday life. Whenever we get a new passport, a photo and signature need to be taken on documents, or a fingerprint is to be scanned to unlock smartphone devices. The use of biometric technology is growing exponentially of user authentication in industries such as mobile app development companies, government, retail, and now financial services.

Mobile App Development Companies in USA


Biometric technology gave an added layer of security beyond the simple password, characteristics of a person, including voice, handwriting, fingerprints, face, retina or an iris of the eye. Where biometrics still has its faults banker are increasing their user experience for the mobile banking of their users.


An Overview of Biometric


As millions of customers moved onto digital platforms for their banking needs, fraud has become a major concern for financial services. According to the study by Grand View Research, the global biometric authentication market is expected to grow significantly over the next five years. Biometrics of market size is expected to reach $24.59 billion in the next six years, and we will see a lot of growth in the banking sector. Here are some of the major market trends we will continue to see during the growth period which will impact the adoption of biometric technology in the banking industry.


Passwords are no more definitive


When many banks are ensuring that their customer data is safe, or secure still customers will be a risk of fraud. Such companies as Microsoft and Intel are beginning to recognize the pressing need for vital security and building biometric authentication systems into their future products.


Biometric single sign-on is a password management technology that protects data from unofficial clients. These type of forward-thinking companies are giving way for banks to enter the biometric space for mobile banking.


Fingerprint Sensor


According to the research reports, over 30% mobile app development companies, will be using biometric authentication as a security system in a year. A growing number should be considered as an opportunity by the banks instead of a barrier. If mobiles can have this technology as a security measure, why can’t banks?


Security and Convenience


There are distinctive methods of biometric confirmation which foundations can embrace, for example, unique mark, voice, retina, heartbeat, facial acknowledgment, and so forth. HSBC as of late presented unique mark and contact Id sign-in to its portable keeping money application with numerous different banks to pursue. This takes out the torments of recalling passwords and enduring the feared record bolt after an excessive number of secret word endeavors also with this innovation, clients are given more prominent accommodation and security.


Acts as a Boon


Where their biometric authentication provides many benefits, there are still many questioners unwilling to adopt this new technology. Which is because of the face-threatening remark such as storage or privacy concerns, like any safety process. After releasing the Apple iPhone 5S with the fingerprint sensor, consumers have become comfortable with biometric authentication, also the fingerprints now have become a mainstream alternative to PINs or passwords.


Biometric Modality


Biometric identification can be obtained on mobile devices either through its built-in biometric sensors or attaching portable biometric hardware to it via a USB cable or through a wi-fi connection. Here are given following biometric authentication methods that banks are already taking advantages.


Iris Scanning


It contains more than 200 unique points of data which are saved in the institution’s database. Iris scanning is the most reliable way of authenticating identity.


Voice Scanning


Voice identification is the best if we compared with another when it come for authentication mode. HSBC has introduced to voice identification mobile apps and ATMs to allow complete there transactions without asking their password or cards.


Facial Scanning


Numerous mobile app development companies in Chicago have followed a methodology for their business for the security purpose which helps to authenticate their users at ATMs, as well as online or mobile banking. It is a type of authentication which is relying on the user like positioning or lighting of the face also help to make low effective security option.


Fingerprint Scanning


Fingerprint scanning is the one which is accessible for authentication of mobile devices worldwide.


Vein Pattern Scanning


Vein pattern scanning is depending on the pattern of your veins in the palm, fingers, and eye to verify users. The vein patterns of each person are as unique as their fingerprints, which is not as easy to replicate. Now in the present financial sector, people are aware of the security which never gives assurance with any reliable method still have to choose vindication to protect their clients as well as themselves.




Biometric technology has taken a definite step in our lives it has expanded the security of our data, made each transition secure also has increased the velocity of a process in many supplications of our daily lives. In future we may see helping people for their medical health and following accordingly with that we may see where PINs no longer used for ATMs because of the biometric scanners.

Biometrics, a form of measuring physical characteristics to verify one’s identity, was once a form of cutting-edge technology seen only in futurism movies now it is becoming a large part of our everyday life. Whenever we get a new passport, a photo and signature need to be taken on documents, or a fingerprint is to be scanned to unlock smartphone devices. The use of biometric technology is growing exponentially of user authentication in industries such as mobile app development companies, government, retail, and now financial services.


The emergence of biometric solutions provides an added layer of security beyond the simple password, characteristics of a person, including voice, handwriting, fingerprints, face, retina or an iris of the eye, or a combination of these identifiers. While biometrics still has its faults, many banks are turning to this technology to enhance their user experience for mobile banking by offering users more security and convenience.


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24 Dec

Crucial tips to initiate your apps for this Holiday season

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The Christmas bells are already beginning with the enchant the ears with its pleasant and heartwarming sound. People are purchasing the gifts and decorative items from the streets and markets to decorate their homes, and children are excited and waiting for Santa Claus to come. And it’s just a week when we say goodbye to 2018 and will welcome 2019 with positivity, hopes, and aspirations.



So, just when various people are planning for a memorable vacation this Christmas with their friends and family the app developers require preparing a base to serve consumer need.


If you check the statistics, then you must see that mobile commerce has crossed the mark of $800 billion in sales during the holiday season. Well, these figures are highly motivating and if you are looking to developing an app or owe an app, then reap maximum benefits from it.


Here is one can give a new look to their apps for a holiday makeover:


1. Unique design for the apps:


Well, a design of the holiday app is one of the crucial factors for the customer in your application. This just means you are required to process a list of crucial tourist destination that will be suggested to a targeted audience.


You can also give inclusion of main hotels and places based on accommodations, to upload beautiful pictures of popular attractions, restaurants, shopping malls, etc. Moreover, one can also give information about the travelers what activates one can look upon while traveling.


2. Features as per festive season:


The app developers are more or less familiar with the fact that it has the features that make you app always in a spotlight of users. So, when one is getting the apps ready for a festive season, be very sure about adding interesting and crucial features that are good for the specific period.


Moreover, you can also add a page where visitors can initiate their Christmas and New Year shopping, and they do not need to visit other website or app for sure. Moreover, it will be interesting if one can provide a suggestion to select their destinations, type of holidays and facilities, etc.


3. In-depth research of customer’s demand:


The grand Christmas holidays come every year, and after 365days we welcome it with full enthusiasm. It is crucial to inspect user demand and trends that are going on in the market.


So, it is crucial for app developers to keep updated with the current going demands that are in the mind of users for which it is required extensive research for being evident. So, offering what people are searching for is to prove highly beneficial.


Let’s just understand with an example:


You are highly aware with the fact that at the time of Christmas and New Year eve, various events get organized like concerts, dance, carnivals, fests, and drinks, etc. where people visit to enjoy.


4. Captivate customer by contests:


As it is a fun time, you can boost the pedal to increase the excitement and enthusiasm of the customer by initiating the exciting contests and competitors for end users.


Like you can keep contest of photography where one can ask the users or tourists to update the best photo click at the time of vacations. So, you can ask the end user about what they like at the time of the holiday. The best one can win the contest.


5. Discount coupons and offers:


One of the other techniques one can apply for making the app ready for the holiday goers is launching the great offers and discount coupons that will help in moving and attracting the customers. You can also avail special coupons for rebates on room tariffs or discount on lunch and dinner of specific restaurants.


What one can do more in such regards is that you can offer free passes to specific events where the end user can buy the ticket to look upon and participate. Value-added coupons should be given high priority and more preference in comparison to coupons.


6. Push notifications to attract customers:


It is great that you are sending emails and offering rewards, discount coupons so that more people can visit the app. But in the latest scenarios, push notification is one of the crucial tools for boosting sales and promotion.


It is with the help of push notification that only you can inform a customer about great contests and coupons etc.

Summing Up:

Let the Christmas enlighten the lives of people, and one can play an essential role in enhancing the enjoyment of the people with the worthy holiday apps. The fun, excitements, and enthusiasm have started, and an app can double the spirit of vacation.


So, it is high time to prepare as one can face high challenges from competitors. Be in touch with reliable and best app development companies in USA and across the globe for developing high-value holiday and Christmas focusing apps.


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