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22 Apr

Empower Your Mobile App Development with Rolling Wave Planning

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Have you decided to build a mobile app for your business? The decision you have taken is certainly admirable as mobile apps have become backbones for many businesses across the world. They offer the convenience of access on-demand to products and services, thus their consumer-base is increasing rapidly. Considering this current scenario, mobile app development can surely help you add extra value to your business and drive more sales.

Mobile App Development Company

When it comes to developing and launching a successful mobile app, product development planning plays a key role. Rolling wave planning works as a wonder in this regards. Let’s discover exactly what it is and why it is important in mobile app development.


What is Rolling Wave Planning?

It is a process of planning a project in waves (steps). It enables you to plan your project as it unfolds. Here you need to plan iteratively similar to techniques used in SCRUM and other agile product development methodologies.


Rolling wave planning helps you reach the position where you can make informed and actionable product decisions based on the knowledge you gain as your product evolves. It is used to do detail planning for near-term activities and high-level planning for activities which need to be performed in far away future. As the project move forward, the requirements become more clear, so you can make a more detailed planning.


Let’s check out the importance of rolling wave planning in mobile app development.


Helping in making better product decisions

As you kick start your project, you can devise the right way where your project needs to be directed with the help of rolling wave planning. It helps you acquire essential knowledge to analyze, understand and act in the right direction.


Rather having the requirements document, you get the concrete version of your product that enables you to take decisions near to the precision. As you come to know the appearance and functionality of your mobile app through a demonstrable version, it put you in the position to make a better product decision.


Reduce Downtime

Downtime comprises elements which are considered as waste in product development. These elements including waiting, not using resources, overproduction etc. Rolling wave planning helps you get rid of this wasting and minimize downtime.


While you are delaying product decisions, you don’t develop unnecessary features and functionality until you reach the position where you can make the better decisions. As you understand what it necessary to acquire better result, you are able to minimize downtime.


Minimize Risk

Time-sensitive detailed upfront planning put you in front of the product that changes with its development. The assumption you make at the initial phase of the product development often disproved as you get access to the more information. You find features which are inappropriate, objectives that need to be shifted and things that need to be altered.


When such scenario occurs, your budget might feel the heat. You need to invest your time and resources to devise a detailed plan and rework on it that eventually make it challenging for your team to readjust with the changes. Rolling wave planning enables you to adjust your deliverable as your product evolves without making costly changes. You have a flexible team at your disposal during your entire mobile app development process.


You gain the competence to pivot

When you embrace rolling wave planning, you gain the ability to pivot when required. In case you need to adjust your criteria for a minimum viable product or minimal marketable features, you can easily accomplish this as you carry forward your development process without wasting resources and time on re-planning. You can see and evaluate every advancement while identifying required changes. If you want to pivot, you can make it occur in the next sprint by planning the steps. This helps you avoid expensive changes as well as time and resources in case you need to plan again from the beginning.


Like any other product development, rolling wave planning is the vital part of mobile app development. It provides you with many advantages such as flexibility, more efficiency, and less risk. Ultimately, you deliver the best product. You must incorporate it in your app development process and if your team is using agile methodologies then it must practice it.


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17 Apr

Making a Move to the New Mobile App Development Partner

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Are you unhappy with your existing digital partner? Looking for a new mobile app development company to successfully build and launch your on-going project? We have helped many of our clients to bring their innovative ideas into business boosting mobile apps. Leveraging our unmatched experience in mobile app development, we can help you achieve your mission without any hassle.

Mobile app development companies

In this article, you will discover how to shift to the new app development firm without putting your product on the risk.


Define what compel you to make this shift?


Here are some most common reasons that inspire business owners to switch to the another mobile app development firm.


1. The performance of the current vendor – If your current service provider fails to satisfy your unique requirements or enable to offer services as per your expectations, you most probably think about the transition.


2. Unable to scale with your business – Your existing vendor unable to scale with your requirements, thus you are not able to keep your business up with the market.


3. The vendor has changed his business model – In this scenario, you might not find the business model of your vendor a right fit for your business model.


4. You need onshore or offshore vendor – Both of this kind of vendors have their unique characteristics. Either you need a local vendor or offshore vendor.


5. You are looking for a better alternative – In case you have done a value assessment of your current vendor and you find that you can get the best alternative in your current budget.


No matter what is the reason, you look for the alternative because your current vendor no longer remains the right fit for your business.


So, how can you move successfully to your current mobile app development company to the new one?


The complexity of moving to the new app development firm depends on your relationship with your existing partner.


Let’s check out two different scenarios –


1. You have a good relationship with your current service provider.

In this scenario, the reason behind transition is transparent and known to you and the vendor. Here, you confront the fewer obstacles as you have the healthy relationship with your digital partner.


Here, your vendor knows why you are shifting to the another mobile app development firm, thus help you carry out a smooth transition by providing your new vendor with all the essential documentations and code.


2. Your relationship with the vendor is bad!

This is a challenging scenario. Here, you need to perform transition carefully. If your vendor might come to know about your intentions, it might harm your product development process. Make sure not to inform your vendor about your plans until you accomplish the process of transition.


Find out which of the above-mentioned scenario suits to you and accordingly take the further steps. Now, let’s see the actual process of transition.


FRD (Functional requirement document) and wireframe

When your new vendor starts working on your project, he begins with creating FRD and wireframe. If your bonding with your previous vendor is good, then he can bridge the gap by providing these documents to the new app development firm. If it will not happen, then your new vendor will take your help to understand your business and its requirements.


Code and automated test script

Your new vendor can go through each part of your app by performing automated testing. It also helps in understanding your code and add value to your project as well as facilitate instant expansion when you want to add new features to your app. At this stage, error fixation and issue related to the legacy system are taken into the consideration.


Development process

This is a crucial step in mobile app development in which your new vendor start setting up the development process and establishing the infrastructure to launch it. It helps to identify when your app is released.


This process can help you to address all the fundamental aspects of your project instantly, which in turn reduce risk involve in transition. Switching to the new mobile app development company can be a challenging stuff in case your current vendor is not ready to co-operate. But with proper planning, you can ease the transition process.


Panacea Infotech is a leading mobile app development firm having strong app development portfolio can help you make a successful transition. Whether you are thinking about switching or building a brand-new app, feel free to contact our experts for a healthy discussion.

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10 Apr

One Stop Beginner Guide – Mobile App Marketing & its killer Strategy

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So, you want to get unlocks the secrets of “how to do mobile app marketing & how to build killer strategy for getting more downloads?”. I think, these questions are teasing you everytime and might be you want to prove yourself as a good performer in your team.


Here, I am going to share fantastic mobile app marketing tips and its killer strategy which are recently using in different mobile app development companies. After reading this you will feel more confident. Let’s begin it.


Mobile App Development


Ranking an app in different app stores is a challenge for app marketers these days. Because millions of similar apps available across ios, windows phone, android and other app store. Due to this reason, marketing begins before app gets launch and after it’s launched. Both time marketers build their best strategies for organic and paid app marketing channels. So that, they can drive more business leads for their organizations. Before going into deeper lets cover the fundamental part of it.

What do you mean by Mobile App Marketing?

It is a complex process that takes lots of time and efforts of marketer for doing marketing. It aims to land more revenue and user engagement from the target audience who have already downloaded or want to buy something that you are providing to them.


After understanding the meaning of it. Now you need to learn when, where and how to start doing app marketing for your company? Every mobile app before it goes live in the app store, we have to define who are the target audience, where are they now and how they will find this app.

Want to understand in more simple way? Here it is-

Mobile App Development Companies

There are some steps that you need to follow before it gets launch-


1. Important & Relevant Keyword Research: In the app world, keywords play a vital role because it describes your app functionality and features. For instance, if we want to search any app like “Hill Climb Racing 2” then we can search it like “top racing game” or we can search like “ editor choice racing game”. So, enlist those keywords which can defines your app easily. There are different tools available which are recommended by Neil Patel for your App Store Optimization tool & its competitors Both tools helps you to find which keyword is mostly used by your competitors. Also, you can get which keyword often searched within the app stores.


2. App Name: Every product has assigned with some specific name for defining their characteristics. So, you need to choose a unique name & memorable. But it also contains keywords in the name of the app. So that, it can come in the search result. Including the best competitive keywords in the app name will drives more searches, reviews and downloads.


3. Eye catchy Icon: I think everyone is first interact with an icon of the app before that he/she clicks on more details of the app. It means, your mobile app icon design matter. First and foremost, your icons reflect the purpose of your app. This is a key element of your app which drive more attention of app seekers.


4. List out Competitors: After completing the task of arranging and collecting your keywords. Now, you can start with research on Competitor keywords. First, start searching using your target keywords in the app store. Make a List of those top 4 or 5 competitors who are initially ranked in the search result. Specially, select only those who are closely related to your app without using any filter. Somehow they are ranking because their products and services are relevant to search query. After that, make a list of your competitors features sets and also what other keywords they are focusing to get ranked into search result?One more tip you can use it, If your competitors got 4.5 or closest star with thousand downloads then you have to go with them. It will help you more in planning better strategies.


5. Choose the Best Category: It’s an amazing thing that you can rank in the Top Charts, only if your category is relevant for Application. However, your app can face difficulties getting ranked high in the social category (against apps like Facebook, twitter, instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest or other) than the lifestyle category (against app like Horoscope, cooking recipes). Popular category’s brand app are available more now and it’s tough to beat them, but if you did it, then you will definitely earn tons of downloads.


Most discussion points are about to understand both pros and cons of selecting any category. We have to think about the risk factor before launching it.


6. Upload Featured Images: Like everyone saying that an image can give more easily explanation better then your wordings. It is easy to grasp within the fraction of second of interaction. Whatever you want to deliver to your target user its will consume instantly. Make sure your screenshot is able to describe your most important app features along with functionality.


Now, you know more about the Mobile App Marketing. Let’s get learn more about how you are going to promote it after your app release.

There are list of tips & Tricks that you can do in effective-


1. Build Promo Site: Before your mobile app gets live you need to build a site for it. So, you can drive more attentions and engagement for your app. It will help you to increase post plan traffic for it. You can Refer Google Primer for building your promotional web page.


2. Email Marketing: If you have already collected enough emails id then start promoting to them who eagerly wants to know when will your app going to launch. Also, you can do in providing updates regarding recent new updates within the app. Your updates should contain the information related to version, features, errors removed, & upcoming features.


3. Content Creation & Promotions: Start writing interesting and engaging content that will drive potential users to your website. BufferApp can help you in sharing on different social media sites.


4. Press Release: According to Neil Patel, he said “ he said “ Press release is the best way to give boost your startup business and it will help you to reach more journalists.


5. List out App Review sites: Start submitting your mobile app information on different & popular app reviews site. You can use AppBrain , AppStoreApps, ZDNet, BusinessInsider and TechCrunch. Then can generate lots of buzz for your app if they approved your app details.


6. Register for Awards: Here a few sites available Kiip Build Fund or The Mobileys. If you got selected as a Winner then you will automatically attract promotors.


7. Create Featured Promotional Video: Create Amazing creative videos which can easily engage your target users while they are watching it. It should include start from who can use it, how to use it and how it is useful for your target user?.


8. Share Image On Pinterest: Share your top app featured images on pinboard and drive more followers, likes and shares. Here, you can share & promote your different types of informative images like infographics, visual content, blog promotion with their images.


9. Mouth to Mouth Promotion (Recommendation): If your mobile app got likes by your target audience in the social group then it will become a part of the discussion and recommendation. It is kind of indirect marketing of your app which will help you to get a promotion in your local region.


10. Create Social Group on Social Sites: By creating social group on the basis of common interest for your app’s niche. It will give you a chance to get live review & feedback from your target user. It gives you a chance to know where you need improvement in app functionality or also get unique ideas for further upgradations.


11. Optimize App Signature: It’s all about your app and why the user wants to make an action to download it. Optimize whenever it requires to update it.


12. Paid Campaign: You can get more downloads by promoting your app on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. But you have to focus on demographics part. Choose the best age group, locations, use proper CTA button (Install App), set duration of the campaign. Save your time and money by optimizing your paid campaign weekly basis.


13. Ask for Reviews & Ratting in Apps: Might be you observe it, If you have installed any app, then it will automatically show you a popup where they are asking for ratting us or encourage us like this type of statement.


14. Pre-launch Request Installation: If you are using paid campaign for building an awareness among potential user then you can tell them for making a pro-launching request. So they can notify you in the future for installation.


You can build an app for starting your business but it’s harder to build and promote it. As increasing in the demand of mobile apps, difficult to market on different marketing channels. We need to understand first the requirement of mobile app as per the end users. After that, we have to find out the ways of marketing of it. Because it will drive more business opportunities for you. For making your app successful, you need to do market research, understand demand, fix the timeline of release date, and most important things LUCK to beat the competitors if they are available in the market.


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06 Apr

Amazing Benefits Of Magento Development for eCommerce Businesses

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The competition in the eCommerce world is getting wild. As a result, retailers and business owners are taking all efforts to find solutions that help them meet their customers’ needs properly and maintain their success. Magento development provides merchants with the opportunity to establish superior quality e-stores that run according to their needs and deliver unmatched user experience.


Magento Development Company


If you are planning to build a powerful eCommerce website or want to make your existing online store better, then Magento software is an ideal choice that can help you achieve your mission. Today’s developers are leveraging this solution to effective eCommerce sites that deliver a great result. In this article, we have outlined some key benefits of Magento that surely help you realize its value and inspire you to embrace it for your eCommerce development endeavour.

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31 Mar

Major Mobile App Budgeting Mistakes That You Must Avoid

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The growing number of mobile internet users has given rise to the demand of mobile app development. Business from small to large seem realized the value of letting customers get what they want on the go. This not only helps organizations establish a strong connect with the customers but also stay competitive in the market. The benefits of having a mobile app are enormous, but everyone not able to reap them completely due to some common budgeting mistakes. Let’s discover those mistakes here so you will ensure to avoid them when launching your business mobile app.

Mobile App Development Companies
Not planning budget for app marketing

While paying attention to the app development process, most of the business owners forget to focus on app marketing. This is why they fail to capture customers’ attention towards their app. App marketing is as important as building a well-polished app. Setting up the budget for app marketing help you aware people about usability and benefits of your app which in turn help you achieve more downloads and revenue.


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24 Mar

Top 6 Must-Haves for a Successful Mobile App

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The app revolution seems rapidly growing with no sign of ending soon. Businesses across the world have realized the value of mobile app development in terms of serving customers and gaining a competitive edge. A good mobile app interacts effectively with end-users and helps achieve business goals. But what makes it the best from the rest? If you are planning to develop a mobile app for your business then you need to know the aspects that help you produce a successful mobile app. Let’s check out them here.

 Mobile App Development Company
1. Define the Purpose

You must be clear with the purpose that your app is going to serve. You should know what exactly you want to achieve with your app before beginning the app development. Whether it is a portal for your end-users to shop on their smartphones or it is for providing extra information to your customers. Think about how your app will work and how it will benefit your audience. Until your app has a real purpose, it will not be getting downloaded by people. Why would anyone download your app, it if doesn’t add any value to their life? Ensure your end-users will get something when they download your app.


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22 Mar

Key Challenges in Customer-Facing Enterprise App Development

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In the world of the internet and mobile, customer-facing enterprise mobile apps work as a wonder for small to large businesses across the world. Thus, the mobile app development is in a great demand. However, the competition and evolving technology have made it challenging for app developers to build the app that meets both business and customers requirements. They have to overcome certain hurdles in order to become successful. These obstacles are related to the whole development procedure – From choosing right developers to implement practical development methods, to incorporate best functionalities/features to the end-product.

Mobile App Development Companies

Working with the finest talents

Finding right people who can build your app is a crucial step in mobile app development. After all, you need an app that helps you interact effectively with your customers and help achieve your business goals. This can be achieved only if you have the right talent to build your app.


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11 Mar

How to Recognize Whether Your Business App Needs a Major Update?

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Consumers are on the mobile. Thus, mobile app development
has become a necessity for many companies to drive more traffic and sales. The apps those are updated regularly, certainly keep up your business with the current time and deliver quality user-experience.

Mobile App Development

The majority of mobile apps focus on minor updates such as bug fixation, feature addition, and polishing. However, they rarely go through the major updates and fail to maintain their success for a longer time. Major updates have a drastic impact on the user experience of your mobile app. These updates can be anything like new UX design, feature or functionality change. But the question is how to recognize when your business app needs a major update?


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08 Mar

Interesting Facts that You Might Not Know About Google Algorithms?

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Google is always in the endeavor to delight its users by showing the right results for their search queries. In this regards, it has employed certain algorithms that ensure to return the results which are relevant, fresh and high quality.


Till date, some of the vital algorithms launched by Google includes Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird. Webmasters ensure to keep their eyes on these algorithms updates to understand the norms set by Google in order to deliver quality SEO services that boost the ranking of web pages.

SEO Services

Here we have outlined few interesting fact about Google’s algorithms that you might not know:


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03 Mar

Why Most Businesses Prefer to Embrace Custom Mobile App Instead Off-the-Shelf Product ?

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Considering the adoption of mobile across the world and incredible rise in the number of mobile internet users, it has become imperative for businesses to make mobility as a vital part of their business strategy. Today, from shopping to booking and learning to entertainment, people use mobile apps to perform these and more activities. Therefore, businesses those who use mobile apps for addressing their customers’ need certainly reaping its rewards in terms of greater customer reach, retention, loyalty and revenue.


custom mobile app development company


If you have realized the importance of mobile apps and planning to invest in mobile app development, then this article will help you get started with the right approach.

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