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  • 16th October 2017

6 Ecommerce Application Development Tips to Increase Sales of Your Online Business

eCommerce Application Development Services


No matter how much your budget is, there are always strategies to boost up sales and scale your business. However one of the trickiest aspects is increasing your sales when you are dealing with a tight budget. Whatever the consequences are, it could be challenging to while holding your marketing and advertising bucks under control.

eCommerce Application Development Services

The ecommerce development services are at an all-time high with sales growing exponentially year-by-year. As ecommerce popularity grew rapidly, so does the competition. The market share is highly fragmented and each online business is fighting off a thousand others for grabbing the valuable attention of customers.


In such a case, digital marketers have to think of inventive ideas and tactics to escalate conversion and grow their online sales. But most of the times, companies never know what strategies and methods are going to work best for them. It applies even to 100% working strategies because there is always room for improvement. So the bottom line is the only way to find out what works and what does not for your e-commerce business. Thus here few important tips to increase your online sales-

1. Secured Website and Payment System

Cyber-security is becoming a daunting and very real problem. When numerous massive incidents of data and security breach occur each year, you must deal with security website carefully. Customers are naturally somewhat unwillingly to provide their personal details such as credit card/debit card information etc. for online payment. Make sure that your site is secure, patched for any potential risks and it should display confirmation of the secure transaction to the customer. Use security symbols/badges in high-traffic touch-points of your e-commerce application development and checkout areas to give your customers the confidence to shop.


Customers feel more confident and trusting when you offer different options for payment. For instance, some prefer PayPal, while some use credit/debit card whereas some only use the cash-on-delivery service.

2. Talk to Your Current Customers

Your current customers are one of your great resources to increase your business revenue. It is much easier to up sell clients who are already familiar with your work. Because they know the quality of your product and services and have already incorporated aspects of your services into their business.


If you have built a good relationship with your clients, and they consider you a trusted partner, then they are likely willing to share current challenges they are facing. By listening, you can easily analyze how you might be able to help them address these challenges by offering new or alternative products. This approach allows you to continue to be a good partner while also increasing your revenue.

3. Provide Detailed Descriptions

It is most common and true that some users have fear of online shopping as they have a tendency of “what you see is not what you get.” For example, with clothing especially it is difficult to decide. Despite sizing charts and other tools, there is always the uncertainty of fit. Deciding the style, material, and fit based on photos involves a leap of faith.


Thus, you require providing precise and helpful product descriptions and as many photographs as possible with a 360-degree view. Size guide, reviews, and fit surveys (where customers can rate the accuracy of sizing) increase the confidence of customers in shopping with your company. There are many helpful guides and tutorials available on how to write accurate product descriptions that sell.

4. Use Social Media for Marketing Your Services

If you have a small number of followers on Facebook or Twitter, using social media to promote your product and services is an amazing method to increase customer awareness. Customer testimonials, as mentioned above are perfect for posting to social media feeds, and can spark interest in your offerings.


Additionally, do not just view social media as a marketing tool, but as an open line of communication. Use it to disseminate interesting industry information, re-tweet or re-post articles of particular significance or further illustrate how your business works, perhaps with behind-the-scenes photos or videos. Social media is first and foremost social; use it as a personal touch point to your audience.

5. Bundle Your Product and Services

Many small businesses have found success by selling bundled products and services as a package rather than individual offerings. Customers equate a bundle of services with savings, even if the savings are nominal, making it a much easier sell for you. If possible, try to keep your bundles somewhat flexible; a potential customer may reject a bundle because he or she feels that only three of the six services apply to his or her business. If you can stay flexible enough to swap out different products or services to align with multiple needs, you’ll find success.

6. Product Review and Ratings

Product descriptions are a good job of showing facts and figures. Skeptical buyers often turn to user reviews and product star ratings to judge the authenticity of your brand and its goods. But it is important to keep it authentic. Genuine reviews can seem counter-intuitive especially when some honest feedback is bound to be negative. However, customers are possible to trust your website and services when they see authentic reviews. This ensures the customers that you value customers opinions whether they are good, bad or ugly and that you are willing to put customers interest first.


There are many other proven ways to increase customer confidence and in turn the rate of conversion. Panacea Infotech provides extensive e-commerce website development services that help you improve the rate of conversion and strengthen your brand.


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